Tuesday, December 11, 2012

We are all born equal

Lately, on reddit, I have gotten into several arguments on this topic.

Simply put, we are (of course, duh!) NOT all born equal.

Some are born blind, or sick, or weak, some are born with different body types, there are diseases which are very predominant and occur often in some races while the same disease is nonexistent in other races.  Some are born with big dicks, some with smaller ones, some are born with excess testosterone, making them prone to violence and "acting first, thinking later" than others, some are born smarter than others.

It is the last two, and especially the last one, that science has trouble researching - hell, acknowledging.

Yes, they are outliers, and there are some extremely smart black people, and some very stupid White people.

But, being a normal Joe Schmoe, it is easy to see differences between races and that we are NOT created equal.

Compared to Einstein, or Skladowska, or Plato, I... I am not that smart.

Compared to me, an average negro is... not that smart.

How about some proof?

Race differences in average IQ are largely genetic

Full text of the article follows:

A 60-page review of the scientific evidence, some based on state-of-the-art magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of brain size, has concluded that race differences in average IQ are largely genetic.

The lead article in the June 2005 issue of Psychology, Public Policy and Law, a journal of the American Psychological Association, examined 10 categories of research evidence from around the world to contrast "a hereditarian model (50% genetic-50% cultural) and a culture-only model (0% genetic-100% cultural)."
The paper, "Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability," by J. Philippe Rushton of the University of Western Ontario and Arthur R. Jensen of the University of California at Berkeley, appeared with a positive commentary by Linda Gottfredson of the University of Delaware, three critical ones (by Robert Sternberg of Yale University, Richard Nisbett of the University of Michigan, and Lisa Suzuki & Joshua Aronson of New York University), and the authors' reply.
"Neither the existence nor the size of race differences in IQ are a matter of dispute, only their cause," write the authors. The Black-White difference has been found consistently from the time of the massive World War I Army testing of 90 years ago to a massive study of over 6 million corporate, military, and higher-education test-takers in 2001.
"Race differences show up by 3 years of age, even after matching on maternal education and other variables," said Rushton. "Therefore they cannot be due to poor education since this has not yet begun to exert an effect. That's why Jensen and I looked at the genetic hypothesis in detail. We examined 10 categories of evidence."
  1. The Worldwide Pattern of IQ Scores. East Asians average higher on IQ tests than Whites, both in the U. S. and in Asia, even though IQ tests were developed for use in the Euro-American culture. Around the world, the average IQ for East Asians centers around 106; for Whites, about 100; and for Blacks about 85 in the U.S. and 70 in sub-Saharan Africa.
  2. Race Differences are Most Pronounced on Tests that Best Measure the General Intelligence Factor (g). Black-White differences, for example, are larger on the Backward Digit Span test than on the less g loaded Forward Digit Span test.
  3. The Gene-Environment Architecture of IQ is the Same in all Races, and Race Differences are Most Pronounced on More Heritable Abilities. Studies of Black, White, and East Asian twins, for example, show the heritability of IQ is 50% or higher in all races.
  4. Brain Size Differences. Studies using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) find a correlation of brain size with IQ of about 0.40. Larger brains contain more neurons and synapses and process information faster. Race differences in brain size are present at birth. By adulthood, East Asians average 1 cubic inch more cranial capacity than Whites who average 5 cubic inches more than Blacks.
  5. Trans-Racial Adoption Studies. Race differences in IQ remain following adoption by White middle class parents. East Asians grow to average higher IQs than Whites while Blacks score lower. The Minnesota Trans-Racial Adoption Study followed children to age 17 and found race differences were even greater than at age 7: White children, 106; Mixed-Race children, 99; and Black children, 89.
  6. Racial Admixture Studies. Black children with lighter skin, for example, average higher IQ scores. In South Africa, the IQ of the mixed-race "Colored" population averages 85, intermediate to the African 70 and White 100.
  7. IQ Scores of Blacks and Whites Regress toward the Averages of Their Race. Parents pass on only some exceptional genes to offspring so parents with very high IQs tend to have more average children. Black and White children with parents of IQ 115 move to different averages--Blacks toward 85 and Whites to 100.
  8. Race Differences in Other "Life-History" Traits. East Asians and Blacks consistently fall at two ends of a continuum with Whites intermediate on 60 measures of maturation, personality, reproduction, and social organization. For example, Black children sit, crawl, walk, and put on their clothes earlier than Whites or East Asians.
  9. Race Differences and the Out-of-Africa theory of Human Origins. East Asian-White-Black differences fit the theory that modern humans arose in Africa about 100,000 years ago and expanded northward. During prolonged winters there was evolutionary selection for higher IQ created by problems of raising children, gathering and storing food, gaining shelter, and making clothes.
  10. Do Culture-Only Theories Explain the Data? Culture-only theories do not explain the highly consistent pattern of race differences in IQ, especially the East Asian data. No interventions such as ending segregation, introducing school busing, or "Head Start" programs have reduced the gaps as culture-only theory would predict.
In their article, Rushton and Jensen also address some of the policy issues that stem from their conclusions. Their main recommendation is that people be treated as individuals, not as members of groups. They emphasized that their paper pertains only to average differences. They also called for the need to accurately inform the public about the true nature of individual and group differences, genetics and evolutionary biology.
Rushton and Jensen are well-known for research on racial differences in intelligence. Jensen hypothesized a genetic basis for Black-White IQ differences in his 1969 Harvard Educational Review article. His later books Bias in Mental Tests (1980) and The g Factor (1998), as well as Rushton's (1995) Race, Evolution, and Behavior, show that tests are not biased against English speaking minorities and that Black-White-East Asian differences in brain size and IQ belong in an evolutionary framework.
Being a normal Joe Schmoe, it is easy to see differences between races and that we are NOT created equal.

And our leaders, our politicians, our school superintendents should clearly acknowledge the differences and treat different races differently.

Just like doctors, who already acknowledge racial and genetic differences, treat different races differently (different  tests for different diseases are ordered for blacks, Whites, Asians, jews, etc to test for more common diseases for a given race).

I am not saying lock all black people in a ghetto. 

I am saying that the first step is ACKNOWLEDGING differences and go on from there, in our schools, in our workplaces, in our daily life (but especially in our schools - not ALL people, black, White or Asian SHOULD be on a college track, and trying to make it so that inner city black kids of drug dealers and drug users are on the same college track as, say, Asian kids, is insane).


Anonymous said...

The War against black people, has caused this speculation about low IQ The slavery, mis education, perertration of drugs in our communities to make us docile. Given a level playing field the world would be in a better place. With the contributions of black people allowed to reach their full potential. Many great thing were done by black civilizations that white people refuse to acknowledge because of their racist and genocidal ways. The bible is full of examples of the genocidal.tribal God. That now controls the Jewish, Muslim and Christian empires. The same God. Who demanded genocidal rampages in the bible.
The people who destroy black contributions so they can attribute it to Romans and Greeks. Until the color of a mans' skin is of no more significance than the color of his eyes, there will always be wars

Unknown said...

Oh not that dumb study.