Monday, February 18, 2013

Chicago Tribune publishes new revelations about the Liberty Incident

New revelations in attack on American spy ship; Chicago Tribune December 2, 2013

Includes this following tidbit, which is amazing that it was allowed to be printed at all.

There are also apparent omissions in the inquiry's report. It does not include, for example, the testimony of a young lieutenant, Lloyd Painter, who was serving as officer of the deck when the attack began. Painter said he testified that an Israeli torpedo boat "methodically machine-gunned one of our life rafts" that had been put over the side by crewmen preparing to abandon ship.

Painter, who spent 32 years as a Secret Service agent after leaving the Navy, charged that his testimony about the life rafts was purposely omitted.
 I am shocked.

Not that anybody will pay attention or notice this article - hell, I still haven't seen Chelyabinsk meteor footage on American "news" (haha) TV.

I did see the meteor footage on France24, but it was shown in a very small, 1/4 screen size  window, with the France24 logo apparently being more important than the meteor hitting the Earth and injuring, oh, about one thousand (1,000) people.

Nothing to see here, move along, move along.


Anonymous said...

Wow! A US newspapers still mentioning the USS Liberty incident?

The attack and cover-up was ordered by LBJ, the reason was to America nuke Cairo in retaliation but one radio operator of the Liberty was able to call for rescue even with the israelis shooting at him.

JFK was TOTALLY AGAINST israel nuclear weapons, he also didn't trust LBJ... Connect the dot AG.

Anonymous said...

That story is from 2007-but it's still a good one.