Sunday, March 31, 2013

500 niggers riot on Chicago's Magnificent Mile; more riots elsewhere in Chicago- hooray for warm weather

Or, They hate us, they really hate us, continuing and ever ongoing until the death of the oppressors (people like me).

This is a bit too much, even for the PC world we live in.

500 niggers rioted on March 30, at about 6PM onward, on Chicago's Michigan Avenue - which is the premiere street in Chicago downtown.  This is the street where the most posh, expensive stores and restaurants are located, where all the tourists come and is the representative street of my town.

CBS local:

The warmest day of the year so far brings hundreds of mischievous teens to Michigan Avenue. Police are calling it “mob action.”
CBS 2 is learning about multiple incidents in at least four different locations along the
Magnificent Mile and in the Gold Coast, yielding a slew of arrests.
Many innocent shoppers and tourists became caught in the middle of a very chaotic situation. Hundreds of teens littered Michigan Avenue and State Street near Chicago.
Things started turn bad around 6:00 p.m. Saturday, with teens purposely bumping into people, and causing fights among themselves.
Fifteen juveniles and two adults were arrested and charged with Reckless Conduct— a misdemeanor.
Community activist, Andrew Holmes witnessed some of the problems, while shopping with his family.
You had a group of teens, close to maybe 500. They assaulted a Chicago police officer that was mounted on a horse and all of a sudden they assaulted a citizen walking the streets, just a normal citizen shopping and enjoying the weather,” said Holmes.
Later that night, a man was attacked around 10:45 p.m. while walking near Chicago and Dearborn. Sources tell us he was jumped and punched in the face by a group of teens. He was taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
In a separate incident, a group of women say they were attacked by a mob of girls on the CTA Red Line. The women reported a robbery once they got off the train at the State and Monroe station. Eleven females were arrested—10 juveniles and one adult—and charged with battery. Two of the teens were charged with strong- armed robbery.

NBC Chicago:
The victim of a beating and attempted robbery by a group of teens Saturday is speaking out about his ordeal.
Chris Wilkowski says he had just finished up a day of shopping when he was sitting on his parked motor scooter on East Chicago Avenue, and suddenly hit in the face by a baseball and dragged onto the street.
"I was just trying to get away while fighting them back," Wilkowski says.
Wilkowski received some bruises and scrapes in the attack, but avoided serious injury.
"There was no questions being asked. I just heard 'grab his phone, get this, hit him,' so I just fought back. It was an instinct," Wilkowski said.
At least one teen has been charged in connection with his beating and more have been charged in other reported attacks.
The mob-style attacks -- referred to as "wilding" -- have been on the rise in the last few years downtown.
The niggers (excuse me, "youths") modus operandi is to take the public transportation "El" train from the south side (ghetto) into the Downtown area.  Then it is mob rule and very fluid - the "kids" coalesce and dissolve their groups depending on a given situation and police presence.

This is revolutionary violence -Carlos Marighella would be proud and would shed a manly, marxist tear from being overjoyed at this slow death of civilization.

Chicago Tribune:

Nearly 30 people were arrested downtown on Saturday night for disturbances that ranged from bumping into passersby on sidewalks to attacking passengers aboard a CTA train, authorities said, citing preliminary information.
Seventeen of the people in custody -- all but two younger than 18 -- were charged with misdemeanor reckless conduct, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Hector Alfaro. The two adults are Bobby K. Rhodes, 19, of the 1100 block of North Cambridge Avenue, and Marquell Hicks, 18, of the 3200 block  of West Diversey Avenue, police said.
Those arrests happened on the Magnificent Mile near North Michigan Avenue and East Huron Street between 7 p.m. and about 7:40 p.m., authorities said. The suspects were alleged to have bumped into other people on the sidewalks, blocked sidewalks and traffic on the street and started fights among themselves.
The incident started when a woman on the "L" asked one of the teens to put out a cigarette, authorities said, citing preliminary information. The group of teenagers then allegedly attacked that woman and another woman on the train before running onto the "L" platform with the purse belonging to one of the victims.
Officers arrested the teens as they attempted to leave the station, authorities said.
The 11 teens, all but one of whom are younger than 18, told police they had agreed on Twitter to meet downtown. It appeared that several of those arrested had not met in person before Saturday, authorities said.

Happy Easter!

So,  white christian people - what will you do?

Will you turn the other cheek, as the fat pedophile priest living off your money teaches you, and follow your slave religion's tenets?


AmericanGoy said...

Solution - a very simple one.

Any "youths" caught by the police (very ineffective) dragnet wilding - cut off their parents or legal guardians LINK, EBT cards and welfare for a year or half a year.

Problem solved.

Peter said...

There's not a lot people can do without getting Zimmermaned. Of those arrested nothing much will happen, they'll be released to their legal guardian (notice I didn't say parents) and nothing further will come of it. It's hard to identify individuals in a mob who are all dressed alike and slug you from the side; it's all a blur. Getting arrested is for them a rite of passage and enhances their reputation.
Cut off their welfare? That would be a human rights violation calling for the UN to intervene.
By the way, black wilding has been going on here for a long time, at least back to the 50's that I know of. It just wasn't on Michigan Ave and was low tech; no cell phones to coordinate themselves with. It's just that it's gotten so blatant and massive that it can't be hushed up.

Mahkno's hat said...

why are you blaming only the blacks? Aren't the white youths who rioted just as guilty?

America has a long history of racial persecution of minorities. It looks like you have been fooled into thinking blacks represent a threat. Do some reading, America has criminalized being black. Don't fall for the racist propaganda your elites have used to divide you!

Anonymous said...

Mahkno&39;s hat,

There were no white youths involved in this particular "wilding" event.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully Rahm Emmanuel's political prospects will be tainted by the increasing problems in Chicago. One wonders if elder black leaders smile on this event in leiu of the school closings designed to keep black youth as far away from the miracle mile (Billy Joel's 1977 reference in "Its still Rock n'Roll"......ah childhood) as possible.I cannot stand the thought of Rahm running for president but I know he is the neocon dream candidate.

Anonymous said...

A nigger, according to, "a person of any race or origin regard as contemptible, inferior, ignorant, etc." OMG, sounds alot like the author of this article.

Anonymous said...

Politicians will nothing until a citizen pulls a gun and kills a few of these nigger bastards and then the city will celebrate. Then it becomes easier for another great citizen to pull a gun and kill more of these bastards.

lethal d said...

How about instead of cutting benefits we just plane CUT them.From ear to ear.If they know it is gonna happen to them it will be a well behaved bunch of niggers.

Anonymous said...

Regardless of the laws in Illinois, a person I know informed me they now carry a gun and will shoot any of these filthy beasts on site if they are assaulted.

Anonymous said...

These diggers should be shot on site. You want to act and behave like an animal?? Ok, you're going to be treated like one. Fuck these animals. Fuck with me and my family and ill stab and taze the shit out of you until you're dead. You fucking animals!!!!

Anonymous said...

A couple of Brazilian homies done gone and raped a white American girl in Rio, they hurt her boyfriend pretty bad too.

World wide y'all! We intanashinal n' sheeit!

Anonymous said...

What white youths? There were white victims, but none of the rioters were white. It isn't the media that criminalizes being black. It is the glorification of criminal behavior that occurs within certain segments of the black community that is to blame. The media simply reports it, as well as makes money from it, while much of the black community looks the other way.

Anonymous said...

Niggers are niggers....they can't be trained. Chicago is being taken over by chimps. I live here and it stinks. We pay fucking high taxes, don't use the schools, pay fucking more for everything while they give away to every lazy mother fucker....fre breakfast lunch and dinner in school, free food, and then they demand to go to the schools they want.....please niggers......

Anonymous said...

Wwhd? What would Hitker do? He would send in the SS, round them up, put them in trucks, take them into the forest and shoot every single one of these savage nigger beasts. Problem solved and it will never happen again.

Sean said...

I know this is an old post, but I can't help but get a chuckle from Mahkno's Hat's comment. It just reminds me so much of the people around me who are completely unaware (either by institution or by choice) of the colour divide that is present throughout the world. It's like a statement being made from someone who -quite literally- lives under a rock. I mean no disrespect to Mahkno's Hat, but I felt I just had to share how much that tickled me. I occasionally miss my own naivety in similar subjects of sociology (though that's not to say I'm not myself still naive in some regards).

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

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Kat said...

Tell the police to beat the crap out of them. Set an example if you don't expect more problems from them in the future. Vote for Trump and try to bring back segregation.

Unknown said...

STFU stupid nigger. You deluded primates with your impressively high self esteem would have been wiped out long ago were it not for the Sahara and Christianity.