Sunday, December 15, 2013

President obama at Mr. mandela's funeral and my general musings

A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is said.

Mandela mourners fight over food, 2 by Lwazi Raul.

Mbombela - Mourners fought for food and hurled insults outside the Mbombela Stadium on Tuesday where thousands gathered to watch a live broadcast of late President Nelson Mandela's memorial service.
They were heard complaining that they had to get up early to catch buses at 06:00 that ferried them to the stadium free of charge.
“We were told to wake up early to catch a bus to the stadium to mourn our father Nelson Mandela but now they refuse us the food," one mourner said.

Packs of food flew through the air as people grabbed it out of each other's hands.
Sbusiso Zitha told African Eye News Service complained about how the caterers behaved.
“We stood here long and are so hungry. It is better that we force our way to the food," he said.
Others said they would not eat food if they had to take it by force.
AENS was unable to get through the crowd to get comment from the harassed caterers.
The shoving was so intense that one of the vans was nearly pushed over. - African Eye News Service
The whole mandela funeral and the general South Africa situation is fascinating to me, because I see the near future of how this planet will be in a few decades.

A lofty elite, forced to attend an obligatory PR function, do not care one whit about decorum and their boorish behaviour, while not even deigning to look over the ruled - the masses of 3rd world, starving, unemployed, uneducated, utterly useless "Camp of the Saints" hordes.

And the masses, ferried by buses and promises of food, provide the background for the robust, ever present PR machine churning out the one and only allowed narrative of the events.

And of course, the dearth of White people - who were, or are in the process of, being ethnically cleansed by murder, commitment of outrages and legalized racism that turns them into 2nd class citizens.

As an example, the "Affirmative Action" law is, if you think about it, turning White Americans into 2nd class citizens in the country that their predecessors have built from nothing.

Well, 3rd class citizens - there are the elites (jews/lackeys), the non-whites, and then last, the Whites, with no special laws to protect them, with commercials on TV always making them into buffoons (and the black man is always a brain surgeon/rocket scientist, while the White wife/girlfriend of the White male buffoon is making flirtatious gestures toward the alpha black male), with TV shows for children having majority non-White characters.

This is the future, people.

The very near future.


Anonymous said...

Yes, and you forgot to mention the utter ineptitude of said elite - illustrated by the useless sign-langauge/psychotic they hired for the function.

Peter said...

Commercials are even worse than might initially be perceived due to the fact that people go to the refrigerator or otherwise lose focus during commercial breaks. If a person were to actually sit through them and study them as though doing research then a different, more malignant, picture emerges. Besides selling things it becomes very clear that the advertising industry is also involved in the big brainwash. They are actively involved in trying to manipulate public perceptions in ways that go beyond just selling a particular product or service. The industry is very subversive.

AmericanGoy said...

Peter - you are not the first to notice this fact. In fact, it is so "in your face" with the well defined roles (in both movies and commercials) of black alpha-male, rocket scientist, genius hacker, and a White beta-male, doofus, idiot, comic relief.

Even as far back as "Die Hard", the film was about German criminals, but the hacker in their group was... black.

"They are actively involved in trying to manipulate public perceptions in ways that go beyond just selling a particular product or service. The industry is very subversive."


I cringe every time I hear about business in America and Western Europe being characterized about "it's all about the bottom line".


Affirmative action is not.

The commercials showing White men as doofuses are not.

Placing the "magic negro" in almost every movie is not.

We can go further.

We have Al Sharpton demonstrating in Arizona calling for the mexican amnesty.

We have AFL/CIO, a massive union officially representing its American workers' interests, calling for mexican amnesty. ( ).

This goes beyond the TV/movie paradigm - EVERYTHING is and IS MADE TO BE and MUST BE part of the NARRATIVE.

Massive immigration in America is touted by true-believers as being what America is all about, the "bring me your huddled masses".

By the rest of citizens, as a cheap ploy to bring in more cheap workers to replace American workers.

In France, in UK, rest of Western Europe, it was at first "humanitarian concerns" that allowed hordes of 3rd world losers to invade their nations.

Now it is "we need them to prop up the social system, because the native White populations are not having enough children" meme.

The reasons change, but the goal is the same - the obliteration of European culture, nations, peoples.

It is easier to rule when the masses are divided into enemy camps, fighting for scraps and not having time/energy/power to question the elite at the top.

AmericanGoy said...


That was covered elsewhere and there is not much there.

Typical african organization and result.

0ccidentalist said...

The most annoying advertisements have to be the Allstate ads. The white man is always stupid, socipoathic, reckless, and repulsive. The only time he ever sounds bright is when he regurgitates the wisdom of their black spokesman -- in the unmistakable voice of their black spokesman.

Marxists will tell you the name of the game is profit-seeking, and that is the be-all and end-all of everything that drives propaganda and policy formation.

But, the anti-white propaganda embedded in these ads has nothing to with making an effective sales pitch. If anything it repels many of the customers Allstate seeks to attract. Take a look at PBS or NPR too: once pledge time comes along the "Afro-pop" gets replaced by classical music and we see Rick Steves showing us European cities populated by white people and the architectural wonders of European civilization. Once the pledge drive ends its more Afro-pop & multiculturalism.

Also take a look at who the biggest donor to the GOP is. Does anyone really think Sheldon Adelson is contributing because it will enhance the profitability of his casinos? He's contributing because he is concerned about Jews whom he has never met who reside half-way around the world. He contributes to the GOP because he cares more about these Jews than he does for America's citizens.

"Corporatism" may be part of what drives policy formation, but it doesn't explain the Israel lobby or the anti-white agenda.