Monday, February 24, 2014

leftist conservative on isteve sez:

this entire ukrainian crisis is primarily about separatism.

The ukrainian speaking half of Ukraine wants its own nation, to be separate from the russian speaking half of ukraine.

CorpGovMedia is not focusing on this issue of separatism. However National Security Advisor Susan Rice has said that ukraine does not have to split up.

What a surprise. CorpGovMedia is mostly hiding the fact that crisis is about secession, and when the elites finally do admit that fact, they come down on the side against separatism.

The elites always want to keep nations as large as possible.


I have been saying this for years, and no one listens me. But I will say it again: the elites want as many factions in every nation as possible. Factions kill democracy. The elites want little democracy. The people want lots of democracy. The people want to be with other people like themselves. That is the cradle of democracy--sameness. Homogeneity.

Lack of sameness, heterogeneity, lowers democracy.

The elite want to control the governments. So they like heterogeneity. You may have noticed that here in the USA the elite love multiculturalism and cram it down young white throats in school with an avid ferocity.

The people want to control the gov't. The elite want that control.

The interests of the people and of the elite are opposed.

The elite use factions to keep the people from controlling the gov't.

The elite use factions this way and have been doing so for centuries.

The elite of america over 200 years ago discarded the highly democratic articles of confederation and replaced them with the undemocratic constitution.
The constitution created factions by enlarging the political districts. The rebels in ukraine want to decrease the size of political districts.

The elite everywhere want to keep the ukrainian political districts large. They know that with large political districts they have better control of the gov't and can thus increase corporate profits.

The elite are doing the same thing --faction creation-- in western europe using the EU to create factions and steal democracy.
Enlargement of political districts creates factions-- heterogeneity-- and lowers democracy, allowing increased elite control of the gov't.
Emphasis in bold text is mine.

Another one, on the expansion of NATO HQ in Brussels:

another quasi-governmental organization that enlarges political districts, thus increasing the number of factions therein, thus causing a loss of democracy because enlarged, faction-ridden political entities by their very nature tend to have less well-defined sets of interests as expressed by the populace. Restated, the more diverse the populace within any given organizational entity, then the less well defined the shared, common interests of the population.

When the common interests of the populace are less well defined, the populace is less able to control and hold accountable their elected and non-elected representatives. Therefore, because the representatives are held less accountable in such enlarged, faction-ridden districts, these representatives are thus able to more easily sell out to corporations and rich donors and investors.

The majority faction in such enlarged, faction ridden districts are less able to control it, and the elites thus have more control.

At one end of the spectrum we have the USA, the former soviet union, china, the EU, Nato, the UN. These enlarged political districts/nations/quasi-governmental entities are used by the elites to thwart democracy.

At the other end of the spectrum we have such nations as Iceland. Consider Iceland. Among the western nations you might consider it the best example of democracy available.

What are the outcomes?

Gubbler of the Society of Reformed Chechenistics sez:

Some speak of 'dark nationalism' in Europe, but nationalism is what has defended and saved Europe. Most of the problems were caused by imperialism than by nationalism. If anything, nationalism fought against imperialism.

The real problem of Nazism wasn't nationalism. It was imperialism. It tried to take over non-German lands. Same thing with Sovietism. It ruled over non-Russian lands.
And where were the hot spots prior to WWI? Balkans, and why? Imperialism. It was the clash of Russian imperialism and Austrian imperialism. And Brits sided with the French because Brit imperialism felt threatened by the potential rise of German imperialism as Germans began to work on building a navy of their own.

It was nationalism that kept Poland alive even as it was wiped off the map by Prussian, Austrian, and Russian invasions.
It was nationalism that kept the dream of a free Greece alive during Ottoman rule.

It was nationalism that kept Lithuania, Poland, Estonia, and etc spiritually free even under communist domination of USSR.

Besides, US supported Albanian nationalism in Kosovo and Kurdish nationalism in northern Iraq after the invasion. And US also supported Kuwaiti nationalism against Iraqi imperialism. No talk of 'dark nationalism' there.

Imperialism is aggressive outside the borders. Nationalism is defensive within borders. If Nazis had remained truly nationalist and remained within their borders, there would have been no trouble.

So, we need to allow the nationalist energies to work themselves out in Ukraine, which is a imperialist creation--like former Yugoslavia--than a viable nation. It's essentially two nations within one nation. It's best off breaking in two.

Of course, Jews don't like goy nationalism even when it's not imperialist. If anything, Jews prefer goy imperialism(as long as it's not overtly anti-Jewish)over goy nationalism. Goy imperialism leads to diversity, and that makes Jews one of the many peoples. But goy nationalism--even when defensive and non-aggressive against other nations--emphasizes unity of the homogeneous gentile community and that means Jews are made to feel as the Other.

Jews feel safer in a diverse world where goyim are divided. So, Jews hate all nationalism except for the Jewish kind in Israel.
Jews are especially allergic to European/Western nationalism since Jewish power and wealth are concentrated in those areas.
Jews care less about nationalism in Asia, Africa, and Arab world since Jewish wealth is not invested there. If anything, Jews love to stoke nationalist, sectarian, and ethnic tensions in the Middle East to make Muslim fight Muslim.


0ccidentalist said...

Great post. I might add that Albanian nationalism is even being stoked in Macedonia (or the FYROM for depending on one's preference).

Btw, notice how the Muslim Tatar minority in Ukraine is now openly opposed to the Russian community in eastern Ukraine. The Anglo-American Zionists have so many dirty little fingers in so many other people's pies!

AmericanGoy said...

Thanks, but credit goes to a poster on isteve.

Right now am in lazy mode, and just fish the pearls from the general pablum of idiocy.

Reading "Operation Snow" and it's making me think that I should focus on WW2, specifically causes and the real story, because while Suvorov, Solonin and others have opened a window a bit, the story of "the good war" where America was attacked unprovoked (!!!) is still the bullshit story of the century.