Sunday, May 4, 2014

Remember that tragic fire in which many people died in Odessa, Ukraine?

There was a quick snippet of info that circa 30+ people died tragically in a fire in Odessa.


Here's a typical sample of American media "informing" the American public about events:

CNN Police: Fire kills at least 31 in Odessa

Story ends in American media, moving on to cuddly animals in a zoo.

What our wonderful media is not telling us is...

That the Ukrainians were executing people - Russians and Ukrainians who were not "pro Maidan" enough, who tried to flee the building and save themselves from the flames.

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Peter said...

The media uniformly uses the term "insurgents" in referring to those getting killed. The coup regime is just called the government as though they are perfectly legitimate. The fact that they installed themselves through force is glossed over. The media all have their guideline sheet as to what terminology to use and what the talking points are. They've always been the propaganda arm of the government but nowadays it's gotten very blatant. The internet is the only place a person can get real information and that's why the government will surely start to put the squeeze on it so as to monopolize the flow of information. It'll be presented as being 'for the children', of course.