Saturday, November 1, 2014

Joke of the day and Fred's column and the answer to everything - again

NSA is the only US Government agency that actually listens to the citizens.


Fred has a good column in which he notices things as they are... kinda.

Black Power; Fred's blog

The theme is the power of blacks in national discourse, on TV, in what the laws are and how they are enforced... the conclusion is that they, the blacks, rule.

But after writing this:

It is curious that blacks, the least educated thirteen percent of the population, the least productive, most criminal, and most dependent on governmental charity, should dominate national politics. Yet they do. Virtually everything revolves around what blacks want, demand, do, or can’t do. Their power seems without limit. 

Fred, ol' boy... if the blacks are least educated, least productive, most dependent on government free shit programmes, it is not THEIR power.

The non-functional retards, because that is what they are, DO NOT RULE by definition.

Somebody else has been pulling the strings; someone else rules...

There is also an invasion from the South; the numbers would alarm a Roman senator, quaestor, censor, general... and the Romans would take action to defend their nation state and their people.

The thing is, this is also happening in Europe.  Instead of only blacks spreading like a virus, it is also the maghreb, "the arab street"- the moslems, and you can bet the quarter in your wallet that these are not the university educated elites.

Were Europeans polled about the invasion of their homelands, the wholesale destruction of their culture and indeed their towns (?  Were we, the Americans?  Of all skin colors?

If you look somewhat closer, you notice that this whole thing stinks.  And how obvious it is.

Al Sharpton Must Be Crazy To Think Blacks Will Support Illegal Immigration;

Sharpton is not "crazy" - he is just a paid employee of the establishment and is doing what his boss(es) tell him to do; just like you do at your place of employment if you want to keep your position and benefits and not be fired.

Do you seriously think that black people want competition for low skilled jobs and social "gibs me dat" progammes?  In that case, YOU are crazy.

So, Fred, blacks rule in America, eh?  They are all powerful, hmm?  Perhaps it is another (very, very powerful) social/elite group which has taken over power and is bending this "powerful" nation to its whims to accomplish THEIR goals?

Again, the same thing is happening in Europe.

Just google europe no go white areas...

In Europe, it is not usually the blacks (although they are imported/allowed to come just as enthousiastically as the somalis are in Chicago; there are hordes of somalis in chicago and its suburbs) who are the invaders - it is the moslems.

Lets take a look at what is going on in both North America and Europe.

The elites which rule over us (but are not "of us"; i.e. they are NOT OUR PEOPLE and they do not take into considerations our interests) work assiduously to pump as many non-White people into successful 1st world (read - highly civilized) countries.

There are official Orwellian policies and punishments alongside social stigma promoted by state and propaganda is pumped 24/7 into your brain (mass media, boy scouts, your union, your neighbors' association, your TV commercials).

But why?

The answer is very simple.

Jews took over the Weimar republic, taking advantage of Germany's catastrophic situation and their incredible organization, togetherness, skill, drive and intelligence (yes, lets not kid ourselves, your average Jew is smarter, better educated, better motivated than your average fat Joe Schmoe American - I know, most of my Jewish friends are successful entrepreneurs, taking risks mitigated by their network of self-help of their religious/ethnic cousins).

It did not work out so well for everybody (you HAVE to read this article: Dirty Little Secrets Of WWII The Hidden, Awkward Origins Of World War 2 By Jason Collett, if you have not done so before.

If you have, it behooves you to re-read it again.

And again.

The whole hitler phenomena, alongside NSDAP and total dictatorship and total war happened because the German people NOTICED that their bankers, the bosses they worked for, the factories they worked in, their newspaper owners, newspaper editors who had the final say on what was printed in them, their radio broadcasting, their culture - theatres, cinemas, books, and the magazines which reviewed them and the publishers which chose what and who to print... and the brothels and red light districts also (it is an interesting phenomena that Jews are very much into the porn business, something which should be investigated further...).

ALL OF THEM WERE OWNED BY JEWS (virtually all, of course, not the total 100%).

A small minority successfully hijacked a whole country, a whole nation state, a WHOLE PEOPLE and...


... To the detriment of us all, with millions of White Europeans maimed or dead...

Being more intelligent than the idiots that they happened to live amongst, Jews again succeeded in taking over the countries where they COULD take over (no, not China).

That is why the same patterns are happening in Europe (now in Eastern Europe, also!) and North America.

Because when there is a homogenous population outsiders, invaders - THE ENEMY - is noticed when they are overwhelmingly present in top elite positions ruling and shaping the country.

Germans noticed that Brulensteins and Golds and Bernstains and Shmuelsons were in all the top positions in newspapers, factories, banks, with no sign of any Meyer or Hirsch or Schneider... but lots of  Meyers and Hirschs and Schneiders were working for them, for a pittance, and literally starving and freezing...

While the Brulensteins and Golds and Bernstains and Shmuelsons lived in stupendous palaces or at the very least very expensive upper middle class homes.

They stuck out like sore thumbs.

Because in a homogenous society, it is very easy to notice THE OTHER.

Jews, unlike us Europeans, are not idiots and they learn from their mistakes.  They do not watch or (old true gods forbid!) pay into modern panem et circes of "entertainment", porn and/or professional sports, where a White woman with a black detective arrest a White man pervert EVERY EPISODE, where a coked out of her mind blonde is bullied and mentally abused by her Jewish master, where black retards run or kick a ball on a painted grass field...

But I digress...

The solution to their conundrum was obviously not to assimilate and become just like us.  They did not survive as an elite culture, able to thrive in ANY country they chose to locate in...

For a time, until the population has had enough - this has happened time after time after time, country after country, from ancient times.  If you read the bible (yes, I know it is jewish propaganda, and you should read it with this viewpoint), one of the first "stories" is the Jews exile from Ancient Egypt...

Of course they were innocent lambs persecuted because, well, RACISM, duh!

And the same story was repeated roughly a hundred or so odd times.

Google Jews thrown out country and see for yourself.

When there is a pattern of them being thrown out of every country they settled in, by different cultures, religions and peoples, well, perhaps there was something more to the story than RACISM and anti-semitism (which is an even worse racism, because it is against the Jews, and so deserves its own word, unlike, say, the hatred of Congolese or Indonesians).

And this puts the whole bible exodus story in a different light, eh, my dear idiot christian believer?

The solution to their conundrum was to make the places themselves, where they chose to settle and rule, more fitting to themselves.  More given to their purpose.

And so, most Jews I know in America have changed their names as they were granted citizenship status.  (Interestingly, whole hordes of somalis, pakistanis, jews have no problems legally immigrating to this country, people from Eastern Europe like the Poles (my people) are not allowed to (legally) and all kinds of obstructions placed to prevent them from doing so).

Russian Jews changed their last names, a Bulgarian guy I know also did so, and another, and another...

So a Bernstein becomes a Mr. Smith.  Mr. Johnson.  Mr. Bern.  And so on and so on...
Interestingly in Medieval Europe Jews who left the shtetl changed their names to be like the nobility (von Bern, for example).  Like a chameleon which can adapt...  they DO adapt.

But that is not enough.  That will  not do.

And so since Ancient Egypt all the way to the Weimar Republic, despite this (to them) natural behaviour, they still found themselves in trouble.  Persecutions, pogroms, people just not liking them.

Because racism, of course.

All one hundred (and some odd fifty times?).

So the idea they hit upon is destroying the homogenous societies and making them into heterogeneous ones.  Not one people - multiple PEOPLES, plural, as many as possible, with conditions being created to make them hate each other, or at the least fight for jobs, professional organizations, political positions, and the like.

If you look at what's going on GLOBALLY under this prism, things that did not make sense suddenly DO make sense.

Why do Jews work so hard to import hordes of moslems into France? Into the UK? Sweden?

moslems HATE jews, and there are real crimes committed by moslems against jews in Europe (actual "anti-semitism", if you will).

But yet Jewish leadership, elites and organizations do everything in their power to import the moslems wholesale into White countries.

Of course NOW you get it.

The lower class of people, us, the blacks, Whites, Asians, we will focus on each other and fight over admissions to universities, our neighborhoods... and everything is done to prevent different peoples living peacefully in their ethnic enclaves - governments in N. America and Europe have a slew of programmes to resettle different groups in populations centres of other groups.

Keep the conflict going in the lower levels of society.

Fight for the crumbs.

Us, the lower castes, the plebs, the cattle - the goyim.

That leaves the upper caste - and there is only one, regardless of the "frontmen" pushed in front of the cameras - to do as they please.

Meanwhile, we do not notice the fact that the Central Bank is ALWAYS staffed by Jews, run by Jews, and that it has always been so. It is acknowledged now that Jews own the media, with radio shows either being music which stupifies (rather, "music", with the lowest degenerate blacks and Whites promoted into being "superstars") or radio shows which discuss politics (and on today's NPR, we will discuss a great Jewish author, Welcome Mr. Shmuelson... Good to be here, Mr. Bernstein... Lets talk about White racism...).

As for that other stuff - voting, and foreign policy, hell, our rights as citizens and employees - well, we don't have neither the time nor the inclination to even spend one minute per day thinking about that.


It is hard to do so when Tyrone and Jose are shooting each other on your street while your home is invaded by Shaniqua and her boyfriend, LeThirdWerdTurd, and your daughter is groomed by the nice pakistani men to be a whore - and woe to you if you even try to say something about any of this...

Brilliant, terrifying, and effective.

It is so simple.

And so easy to spot if you spend even a moment of the day unplugging from TV "entertainment", and to do what Greek citizens did in Athens - get involved in YOUR COUNTRY.

Well, actually, is it NOT your country anymore... you have lost it... White European.


.... aaaand just to prove my theory (fact?), after the recent Senate election where the democrats lost control to republicans (yawn, as if any of this matters - circes)...

What is the main priority of the president? Jobs, security, economic well being.. in fact, ANYTHING that involves making the lives of us Americans better?


Top priority for our government: flooding the country with more Central and South Americans and africans

The top priority is immigration reform - which is basically opening the borders to Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and all other countries south of the border, with a sprinkling of somalis (How come there are so many in Chicago of all places, already? How the fuck did that happen?) and of course hordes of indian IT slaves working for minimum wage and a chance for a green card who somehow bring hordes of "indian babushkas" into this country

That is top priority folks!

And don't worry, the republicans are not better - they also energetically work to make this dream of our elites to completely destroy our livelihood, our wages, to take away from us even the shit "do you want fries with that?" jobs that are left in this country.

After all, both of the parties in our "democracy" sham are paid by the same people... In effect, being their employees (yes, it's that simple).

So what's the top priority of our rulers again? Anything concerning us, the citizens, our healthcare, well being,  jobs, pensions, retirement, security?


I rest my case.


AmericanGoy said...

Actually ole Fred is close, very close to the big bad truth.

Consider his column right underneath the one I put in the article...

Number 622, Glorifying Hitler:

"I then set out to see what manner of wights the conventioneers might be. I had learned that members of AmRen were opposed to massive immigration from the south, believed blacks and Hispanics to be of lower average intelligence that whites, were alarmed at high rates of crime by blacks and Hispanics, believed that American policies were a failure, opposed compulsory integration, and wanted to preserve white European culture.

Why these were described as extremist or ideas of the fringe eluded me. Huge numbers of Americans opposed immigration, large numbers all through society agreed quietly as to the intelligence of blacks, much of the population quite liked white European culture, few thought racial policy a rousing success, and it was obvious from housing patterns that people usually liked living among their own. While one might disagree with any or all of these ideas, they were in the main stream of American thought. They simply were not favored by the dominant elites."

Yes, Fred, think some more of this... our elites, or "our" elites?

0ccidentaist said...

Fred is a skilled writer with an uncanny knack for verbalizing the irony in what he sees. If only he had the analytical skill to try to make sense of it.

Anonymous said...


for many can see
few can understand