Friday, August 5, 2016

What do I think of the EU?

EU is a clear step towards a one world, united behind one government.  Theoretically, it should be a good thing, right? Humanity united, world peace, all pulling together for the good of the human race.


Perhaps not.

The Independent, Monday 12 October 2015:

I was recently granted a rare glimpse behind the official façade of the EU when I met with its Trade Commissioner in her Brussels office. I was there to discuss the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP), the controversial treaty currently under negotiation between the EU and the USA.
As Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmström occupies a powerful position in the apparatus of the EU. She heads up the trade directorate of the European Commission, the post previously given to Peter Mandelson when he was forced to quit front line politics in the UK. This puts her in charge of trade and investment policy for all 28 EU member states, and it is her officials that are currently trying to finalise the TTIP deal with the USA.

In our meeting, I challenged Malmström over the huge opposition to TTIP across Europe. In the last year, a record three and a quarter million European citizens have signed the petition against it. Thousands of meetings and protests have been held across all 28 EU member states, including a spectacular 250,000-strong demonstration in Berlin this weekend.
When put to her, Malmström acknowledged that a trade deal has never inspired such passionate and widespread opposition. Yet when I asked the trade commissioner how she could continue her persistent promotion of the deal in the face of such massive public opposition, her response came back icy cold: I do not take my mandate from the European people.
Translation: I am not taking orders from (White) European peoples. Despite the organization being called "European Union", it does not represent the interests of Europeans (when I say Europeans, I always mean White Europeans, when I mention non-Whites, I will say a given country's citizens).

More, there is more to that seemingly simple statement. What the statement states unequivocally (i.e. without a doubt), is that she is taking orders from someone else, other than European peoples.

So who is giving her orders? Who is giving orders to the EU organization?


Ritual is a very important part of the human experience. Every organization has multiple rituals, whether unofficial or official, in which  members of that organization take part.  Every religion has a tremendous number of rituals. So do a country's governments. Even business organizations have (when they get big enough) a set of rituals (ever been to a quarterly business meeting? a business meeting with high ranking and lower ranking members? there you go - rituals).

Rituals provide the members of an organization with symbolic representation of what a given organization is all about. Easiest example - catholic mass.

So is EU any different?

Of course not.

Lets take a look at a recent ritual ceremony that EU has given us.

BBC: World's longest rail tunnel opens in Switzerland, 1 June 2016
The world's longest and deepest rail tunnel has been officially opened in Switzerland after nearly two decades of construction work.
The Gotthard tunnel is 57 km (35 miles) long and is designed to provide a high-speed rail link from Rotterdam in the Netherlands to Genoa in Italy.
Of course there was a ceremony to celebrate this occasion. Here it is:

Here are some pictures:

The beginning; these zombies, drones, lacking all humanity, march lockstep to begin the ceremony.

Right after the humans who lack all human emotions (note, none of them are smiling, they are compelled to march soullesslym like drones) there are rolled onto the scene people in undergarments.

We were told that they symbolized people who will travel through this tunnel on a train. But... why are they undressed? Why are they bending in supplication, like slaves?

Next up, we have a "dance", where same sex is... well, having sex. It is not woman with man, it is a woman with woman.  Note that whereas for normal people sex is a (usually) fun activity, with joy, smiles, mutual affection - here it is cold, impersonal, part of sex-magic ritual.

Sex here is a tool - part of the ritual.

Then... this shows up.
Whereas there were explanations of what the previous parts were alluding to (travellers on a train, etc) - this.... creature... Baphomet... well, it was not explained.  It just was put there. Note how the humans (humanity) reacts to the demon - they are down on the ground, grovelling, gripped in ecstasy, worshipping the demon.

 And of course next we have the satanic symbol we all can recognize easily (and the humanity worshipping the abomination, grovelling in ecstasy beneath the clearly evil, demonic face):

 Next up, this procession was shown:

 Do you see in this ceremony anything to do with the tunnel or trains or... anything sane?  Anything good? Anything joyous, smiles, happiness, human feelings, normal emotions?

Next up we have women who have placed horns on their heads (they are carrying horns in their hands, physically holding them on their hands - it takes effort to want to be like/worship evil):

An interesting detail: around this procession, there was a demonic creature running around madly to and fro and all around the march:

Waiting outside for the drones/enslaved humanity and demons was a guard of honor:

Again, no one smiles. There is no joy.

After the Baphomet and demons and their drone-humanity, there came a wave of both men and women dressed in underwear (almost naked). Pay particular attention to their faces - their expressions.  Do you see any joy? I see them being terrified at what they are about to do.

 Every government/organization has people who resist. Who do not follow the orders. In this ritual, these people are shown - hanging painfully from their ribs, suffering:

Outside, there was a giant TV screen. It showed an all-seeing eye (Have you watched Lord of the Rings?).  It also looked like a gateway, a portal, as you can see non-human beings being symbollized materializing/travelling into our Earth, our dimension.

A white veil was thrown over the very unhappy, unsmiling, not at all joyous group of (almost) naked men and women. Of course a black woman is the one in charge, throwing the veil over the (all White) enslaved European race. The black woman's face is one of determination, of being a leader.

The white veil symbolizes marriage between the demon(s) and the human (White) race.

The chief demon/satan was "dancing" demonically on the scene, now outside. On the screen was now shown his demonic face.

Also, note the Egyptian scarabs.  Egyptian people rejected monotheism, and destroyed every Akhenaton idolatry, monument and treasure they could find. The evil race did not at that time succeed at placing the false monotheistic religion upon us yet.

The screen then changed to another demon, this time with multiple eyes, wide open, intensely watching the proceedings. The humans taking part in this ritual prostrated themselves on the ground before their demonic master.

One of the women threw her veil over the demonic goat - the marriage is now complete.

Last, a clock was shown, which symbolized that the new worldS order was here to stay. Interestingly, many observers claim that the clock stopped for a moment every time it reached 9:11 (a human sacrifice ritual).

Used analysis and extrapolated more from:

So there you have it. Rituals are symbolic events staged to show, in symbolic terms, what a given organization is all about.  Any questions?


Anonymous said...

Satanic. Too many coincidences for it not to be. No U.S. media made mention of this dreadful spectacle either.

Anonymous said...

FYI: Check out this Sibel Edmonds video:

Vito said...

Dude this shit is boring.

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