Wednesday, December 26, 2007

American Goy on Why Iraqis fight Americans in Iraq

The president (the current, retarded one) has said this about why Islamists fight United States: "They hate us for our freedoms!"

That was an actual quote from the hiccup of history. What is interesting is that a multitude of Americans actually believe this statement.

So to those Americans who argue about why we must stay in Iraq to fight al Kaida, terrorism and possibly Barney the Dinosaur, I offer the following reason why they continue to fight our troops there.

It's because WE are in THEIR country!

I know I know. It is too simple. It must be the clash of civilization, the fact (snort!) that Islamists want American women to wear the burka (come to think of it, perhaps a good idea. Would cover the ugly fatties here... hmmm), that they want to establish a caliphate (Big word. Some Americans are impressed by words they do not understand. Like the words freedom, democracy, liberty for example), that they are simply eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil.


How about this scenario though.

President Bush approval rating is hovering at about 30% of our population. That, of course, is according to our wonderful non biased media, so that probably means that about 10% approve of GI Joe's pilot action figure job, and counted in that number are people in a coma, people who were lobotomized and kids in kindergarten home schooled by the previous two categories of people.

But, for the sake of argument, let's assume that the incredible number of 30% of USA citizens adore junior. That makes 70% who do not adore him. In fact, this 70% has feeling which range from mild dislike to frothing at the mouth hate.

Seeing this dissatisfaction, China invades the USA and liberates this country from Bush jr.

What would be your, Mr and Mrs American Joe/Jane Schmoe reaction to this? Especially if you are in the 70% of the population who thinks of our president as a lovable moron? Would you welcome the Chinese communists into your town, as they set up road blocks, drove around town in big armored cars and (accidentally of course) shot the hell out of every third car that drove too close to them? If the Chinese took over a prison, and took your son (suspected of anti Chinese behaviour - he must hate the Chinese for their freedoms!), and then lovingly used a cattle prod on his balls?

How would you feel Joe/Jane Schmoe American?

Even if you disliked the current president, perhaps you would thank the Chinese for their wonderful humanitarian action and then ask them POLITELY, to please fuck off from your town. And city. And country. After which chances are that either you would be taken to that local prison, so that some Chinese hillbillies would watch how you react to an electric current in your testicles (or vulva), OR that you would join the resistance.

Of course, Chinese president Huu would then say: "The ungrateful Americans, after we liberated their country from a tyrant, hate us for our freedoms!".

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Good analogy ;]