Monday, January 7, 2008

All the news that's safe to show you

This is a famous excerpt from the movie "The Corporation" which was a documentary film, and so no one has seen it.

Too bad.

This combines two of my main pet peeves in America: the food that we eat here and the TV "news", powerless by big lawyer firm pressure tactics, from doing an actual, honest to goodness news story. It has the usual villains here: Monsanto, the "we put poison in your food company", and Fox News, the...well, you know the drill.

This is a big issue here in the USA, because with the corporate "news" culture and the happy-go-lucky lawyers who live off the marrow of society by suing first and forcing the victims to pay off court costs (even if the case is lost the cost of a court case can be substantial), there is an undercurrent of "lets play it safe" in TV News in any topic other than politics.

Everybody should see this if you believe that we don't have a censorship in America, and that it only happens in communist or totalitarian societies.

Fox News whistle blowers

To sum up, you cannot show a TV news that is an expose or controversial. You cannot expose a private firm, such as a news channel, to be sued by another corporation. It is much better to play it safe and not rock the boat, as anybody who has ever worked for a big business corporation in its HQ office will tell you.

Once you watch the video, read up on how things in NBC are frighteningly similar:

Inside the NBC

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Anonymous said...

I enjoyed the article about NBC Nightline, but I had to take it with a grain of salt. After all, the guy did get let go from NBC, I wonder if he left with sour grapes.