Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Daily Show and Colbert Report (read repore!) on top of it all - again!

Daily Show and Colbert report are simply brilliant tonight.

First, the Daily Show had Zogby on, as they recognize that the discrepancy between "actual" votes and exit polling needs to be talked about. And Jon literally made Zogby squirm with his questions.

This Jon Stewart interview of Zogby needs to be seen to be believed.

Next, Colbert Report just had Huckabee, who is very well crafting his message of a populist, people's candidate for republicans. And now Matt Taibi is on. The first question from Colbert is about exit polls being wrong... "People accuse bushes of fixing elections, why wouldn't the Clintons fix the elections?"
Matt Taibi: "The whole point of a pundit is not to be right, but to sound sure!"
Colbert: "Chris Matthews!"
MT: "Just what I was thinking!"



I am damn glad those shows are back on, they are sorely needed after all the CNN (da Situation Room!), MSNBC (Tucker!) and FOX "News" (ummm) crap that they force feed us the political junkies on cable.

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Anonymous said...

What do you think of the writers strike?

Doesnt it make them scabs?

SJ said...

Yeah I've started watching Tucker for the first time. Hilarious. Its like he thinks the louder or faster he talks, the better his "arguments" become.

Also, because of this writers' strike, I've developed an unhealthy addiction to reality tv...