Saturday, January 19, 2008

Housekeeping: social bookmarks and making it all work on Blogger

Did some housekeeping on the blog.
Added multiple social bookmarks to the blog, digg, reddit, technorati, slashdot and delicious. Finally made it work...

The clicking on a button from the main blog page or a specific blog post subpage works the same - submits the blog post's webpage with its own title already put in.

I have to give credit where credit is due.
Check this out - for the advanced blogger user

This shows the simplest way to digg it on your site. If everything else fails, just do that.

If you wish to add the 'digg it' and 'reddit' buttons to your blog, read this Brian Cantin post and follow his directions. The steps are:

Click Edit HTML, put the check in Expand Widget Templates (otherwise you will not be able to SEE the code you need - it will only have the main html web page code), and finally put your stuff in.

Instead of the place Brian picks for the button, you can place them after the <p><data:post.body/></p> line, of course, and they do not have to float right.

For reddit, place the reddit code from the woork blog post right after your digg it button code.

Still having trouble? Or want to do more to make your blog more cool?

Check my html code and see how it works (remember to put them in the template after you expand the widgets check is placed - also remember that I incorporated the title to fill in automatically to your social bookmark submission):

Click on the image to see the code in all its glory.

Keep everything else as is in the code I put in for you!

Hope that helps you save some time when you blog while adding those social bookmarks all bloggers love and crave.
Good luck!

Bonus material:
Hope I helped you blogger guys out. I owe a big thanks to Brian Cantin from briancantin.blogspot and Antonio Lupetti from for showing me the light. Big ups for for showing me the more advanced stuff.

Incidentally, I discovered that the post with highest number of reddit votes was the post on Clint Curtis, the whistleblower on Diebold

Which is just as well, as that is a story ignored by the media and a story that you, as an American, should know about.

Cheers to all the bloggers out there!

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mike said...

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Unknown said...

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Shahid said...

Yep u r right. Cheers

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