Saturday, February 9, 2008

State of the Blog

OK folks...
Real life business interferes with the blogging "business".

If you missed any of my "epic" posts, take a gander at the boxes to the right, under the headings:
My favorite posts
American Goy's Investigative Journalism Series
American Goy's Real History Series
American Goy's Contrarian View Series

The Journalism posts are about my investigations into all kinds of different subject matter. These are the serious posts, with many sources to back up my points.

The History posts are about actual history - stuff that is not taught in many history classes. From how WW2 really began to real Texas history, it's all there.

The Contrarian posts are about me being just that - a contrarian. These are my musings about how stuff in the USA (or if you prefer Yoo Ess of Ey) really works, which is usually counter to what the media, books and newspapers tell you is the case.

Feel free to opine and leave comments, especially if you disagree with anything I wrote.

I will probably be back in a few days - meanwhile, enjoy!

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