Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Obaminator

"The rhetoric is exquisite, the symbolism is beautiful, but he doesn't really have passion about any issue" - Philip Weiss.

Well perhaps one personal issue... something to do with becoming the president of some country or some such...

How far have we fallen in the Yoo Ess of Ey that a smooth talking politician is the toast of the town because... he is a good orator, a great demagogue, and can give great public speeches.

After bush jr. almost anybody would be a better president in comparison... and a better public speaker. I've seen better public speeches in a high school setting, the giggling and farting sound notwithstanding, than during the last years of bush jr's reign.

On the other hand the Obaminator was quite vocal about his anti Iraq war stance, and also seems to be disliked by the establishment AIPAC Israel first brigade, which gives me hope that perhaps, just perhaps, with him in charge we will not bomb Iran.

Barring a convenient 9/11 part 2 of course.

Time to rewatch the 24 show, with the black president in charge...

It's almost as if the script was pre written...

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i'm amused by how many people, who get their information exclusively from the television or other news sources rather than doing any research themselves, parrot the "obama has no stance" espoused in those mediums.

after spending about 2 minutes looking at obama's website, he appears to have a stance on most things. what's the problem? he's probably smart not to appear on television explaining his plans -- boring details no media would want to cover.

remember ross perot and his public service broadcasts on major television networks? the elaborate charts and so forth? he had to do that with his own money since the television would not (will not) air anything beyond sound bites.

the presidential election usually reduces to a popularity contest. GW basically won on a jock platform over "uncool" al gore :) obama's better off with the oratory in public.