Sunday, March 2, 2008

Breaking: US Navy near Lebanon, Saudi nationals warned to leave that country

Apparently we need to do Israel's bidding again.

Saudis urged to leave Lebanon

Task force includes the USS Cole, which of course we all remember was the destroyer attacked by al Kaida in Yemen during Clinton's presidency.

It is a small force but includes an amphibious assault warship, which of course includes marines and Seals as its passengers.

This is of course propaganda, because Hezbollah has NOTHING to do with al Kaida and is more of a Syrian intelligence service creature exlusively fighting Israel.

At the least, with the USS Cole out there near Lebanon, we are sending a message of intimidation to Hezbollah. At the worst, the small task force has an amphibious assault warship, allowing helicopter assaults into Lebanon.

With Iraq and Afghanistan, we the USA are not crazy enough to start a new war.... are we?

I for one am optimistic that this is just a show of force, and is just designed to intimidate the militants from firing Kassam missiles into Israel and scare off the Baathist regime in Syria. Which again leads me to ponder how the big bad USA is just a delivery boy for that certain very small Middle Eastern country...

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Anonymous said...

Ships like the Cole are ALWAYS on patrol. The move to areas where they might be called into duty. It points more to the USA preparing for the possibility of having to evacuate US residents from the area. It doesn't point to the USA getting involved at all.

AmericanGoy said...

Fair point - hopefully you are right and this is simply an evacuation mission.