Thursday, March 27, 2008

GLOBAL PATRIOT incident revisited

Short and sweet post.

One of the nightmare scenarios for the American empire has always been the closing of the Suez Canal. The Canal is a necessity to keep the global "free" market and allow military units movement around the world.

A blocking of the Suez Canal would be a disaster for the USA - both economically and militarily.

The easiest way to block off the Canal would be to sink a ship, preferably a large one, that would block the passage of the Canal.

Of course, with the USA being on the lookout for al Kaida terrorist operations, US ship crews are very wary of any small boats approaching their bows.

Having said that, I still find the whole incident hilarious - the name of the US ship, the casualness of blowing a small dinghy and its occupant away on the water, and then the cover up by claiming the use of "radio" (I doubt those things have naval radio sets....) and the claim of using "other means" without specifying them.

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