Wednesday, March 12, 2008

al Kaida indoctrinates kids - shocking video

A bunch of kids dressed in typical Afghan clothes and wearing bandanas with Islamist slogans on them. There is a bound captive on the ground. The child being filmed talks to the camera then waits for a signal from somebody outside the camera pan; an adult out of frame. The child takes a knife and starts sawing the captive's neck. Blood spurts out; the captive twitches, the children (and the adults out of camera pan) all shout "Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!"

The boy is small, the captive adult, and so he has considerable trouble sawing the head off. It takes him a good many hacks and much sawing to sever the head.

The child does not give up and works for a good few minutes to finally sever the head from the body; there is blood spurting everywhere.

Finally the head is severed; the movie is over.

Yes, it is real (as far as I can tell).
This is an al Kaida propaganda video.
Until experts take a look at this, I am accepting it as real.

Warning: site has the video which will probably make you throw up. Site also has sexual, naked porno advertisements. Not safe for work.

If you have a strong stomach, see this.
The video is here

Re-watching the video (yes, I have a strong stomach and am not shocked by much anymore), the captive is probably already dead as there is no screaming by him nor does he move much in response to the knife cutting across his throat.

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