Saturday, April 26, 2008

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Magic the Zionism card game - coming soon!

Source: here.
Look for the comment from edwinj85.

"I wish I had that damned holocaust card. The sexism and racial card are nothing compared to that one.

Policeman: Sir, why did you kick that baby in the head to death?

Angry Israeli: He was from palestine. They do the same to us!

Policeman: Then that makes you both wrong?

Angry Israeli: Holocaust card.

Policeman: Oh, snap. I better take my logic elsewhere. Althought I was born here I have german roots and I feel like an impotent weasel because I wasn't even born at the time to stop that evil happening. I am sorry. Nazi germany was the only country in the world that ever attempted genocide and the evilest place in the world so full of evil men. Nobody was ever evil before then.

Angry Israeli: Go kill yourself, send me some more oil and money too.

Policeman: Yes sir. salutes You people are so brave for bringing up something that you never lived through to use as an excuse to commit war crimes yourselves!

Seriously, who needs an army when you have the ultimate card?"

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Robert Lindsay said...

Trolling IRL.

Anonymous said...

Israel is like a spoiled brat that has been given everything by its parents and still it cries and screams for more.

The U.S. has given Israel thousands of tons of weapons, billions and billions of dollars and unlimited politcal backing at the UN and still, the brat cries out for more.

Calling a former president of ours a bigot because he uttered the VERBOTEN "P" word, peace, is no excuse for Israel to behave well, like it usually does when someone utters that word that sends Zionists everywhere into spasms, PEACE.

Thanks to the spoiled brat's lies and machinations by its intelligence services, we invaded Iraq, based on those lies fed to the U.S. by Israel.

5+ years later, and we're still bogged down in that quaqmire, fighting Israel's war.

The sacrifices of thousands and thousands of our troops and the burning of trillions of OUR dollars to try and placate the spoiled brat still hasn't shut him up.

Not until we invade Iran and set the world on fire will Israel be satisfied.....maybe.