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Immigrant spies and other kinds - everybody does it

I hope that you have read the Dual Loyalty? The case for dual loyalty of the Jewish Diaspora article I wrote.

Hopefully, you have come away from reading it that it is perfectly natural (as in human nature natural) for immigrants or specific ethnic groups to feel patriotic feelings towards their old country, where their family roots are.

That explains the Jewish Diaspora (Jews who do not live in Israel) feelings, but I also argued that the Holocaust has radicalized Jews to be even more intensely patriotic and ready to help Israel than other ethnic/religious groups in America.

But the phenomenon of immigrants, even well established, 6th generation immigrants, having patriotic feelings for their country of familial roots is normal, sane and true for every racial/ethnic/country/religious group.

Which made it funny for me to be accused of anti-semitism and the usual "Nazi" views canard.

In this article I will use a great Asia Times article to prove that intelligence services of nations that have immigrant groups in the USA will try (and do) use those immigrants for spying/influence.

Following is parts of the article and my analysis of them.

The article is from Asia Times,
The age of the immigrant spy By Sreeram Chaulia

One March 25, Chinese-born engineer Chi Mak was sentenced to over 24 years in prison by a Californian court for plotting to obtain American naval submarine technology and illegally exporting it to China. The case offered a rare peek into the new multipolar world espionage system that is more complex than that of the bipolar Cold War-era.

China's choice of utilizing persons of Chinese origin residing in the United States, though not unique, is a sustained preference that is changing the rules of the market.
For nearly two decades, Beijing has mobilized the Chinese-American community to penetrate US military corporations that are working on government defense contracts. According to the US Central Intelligence Agency, Beijing recruits these agents by playing the "shared ancestry" card as an accompaniment to the usual monetary remuneration.

Attesting to this strategy, high-profile arrests of Chinese intelligence agents in the US are always characterized as "spy rings" that involved multiple coordinates. Chi Mak was arrested in 2005 along with four other family members who were acting as couriers or accomplices at different points of the information chain that allegedly traced its way from Los Angeles to China's Ministry of State Security and the People's Liberation Army (PLA).

Got that? The Chinese (communist) intelligence service is recruiting Chinese-Americans as spies, by using a "tug-on-the-heartstrings" approach of claiming "shared ancestry".

In February, the duo of Tai Shen Kuo and Yu Xin Kang was arrested in New Orleans, Louisiana, for purchasing classified data about US weapons systems being shipped to Taiwan. While Kuo apparently cultivated a relationship with a Pentagon official, Kang acted as a "cut out" or intermediary between Kuo and a Chinese government official.

Unrelated to Kuo and Kang's case is the arrest in February 2008 of Dongfan Chung, an ex-Boeing engineer accused of passing on details of antenna systems for space shuttles to the Chinese government. Chung's indictment claims that he had good relations with Mak's family and had been advised by his Chinese handlers to pass information through Mak in the 1980s.

As in the other cases, Chung was gathering low-grade intelligence that was not, in itself, of high value. John Pike, the director of, remarked on Chung's arrest to the Orange County Register, "Chinese do not hit home runs. Their theory is that if you do enough of it, eventually it will amount to something."
The concentric circle in which a Chinese American like Mak, residing in California, teams up with a fellow Chinese American like Chung, in Florida, and unknown others indicates that espionage has truly entered a multipolar era. Instead of the classical methods used by other great power intelligence services involving tight control over a few, deeply planted and valuable assets, Beijing employs an array of decentralized networks that thrive on the Chinese diaspora.

Now, of course this occurs with China.

What about other nations?

If China revolutionized the mass production and export of low-value added manufacturing goods, it has also invented a new brand of high-volume low-unit-value intelligence collection that might be copied by other emerging great powers.

In March 2008, Parthasarathy Sudarshan, an Indian-American owner of an electronics firm, was found guilty in a US court of conspiring to illegally export controlled microprocessors and electronic components to government entities in India developing ballistic missiles. Like the Chinese government in cases involving Chinese-American spies, the Indian government has firmly denied being connected with Sudarshan. However, the US Justice Department cited an unnamed Indian Embassy official in Washington DC as "co-conspirator A".

So India does it also.

And why not?

After all, this is a cheap way to recruit an agent in USA - simply give a patriotic speech, "your old country needs you and after all, you won't be harming America anyway", and off we go.

Military and economic secrets can be pried by these spies at little to no danger to the nation spying in the USA.

How about Israel?
It would make sense if they used low level spies in America also? Immigrant or Israeli born?

We come to this curious FOX "news" report, which has been deleted from the FOX website and archives:

Ahh, so Israel does it also.


Why would the Mossad be any different than the Chinese and Indian intelligence services?

Now, hopefully, after reading this article and my Dual Loyalty article, you will come to the conclusion that (surprise?) Jewish Americans are no different than Indian or Chinese Americans, and they DO have patriotic feelings towards their old country and are just as vulnerable to foreign (from their "old" countries) intelligence agencies recruitments.

Of course I do not mean ALL American Jews and ALL Chinese-Americans and Indian-Americans are out there spying on America. I mean some, perhaps one in one thousand, or one in ten thousand, or perhaps a different ratio.

(I feel very stupid writing the above common sense clarification, but of course the usual pro-Israel megaphone brigade would jump into this and use that asinine argument and claim me as a racist, anti-semite etc.)

The big beef I personally have with Israel is that country's powerful pro-Israel (and by definition, anti-American) lobby in Washington literally shaping USA foreign policy.

Now, I have the same issue and the same problem with the Saudi Arabian, Palestinian, French and any other country's lobby in America.

None of them, however, have the power to SHAPE US foreign policy.

None of those other nation's lobbies can boast somebody like Richard Perle (hopefully you know this by reading my Dual Loyalty article already) who wrote a policy paper for Israel in 1996, and then ridiculously, insanity, was given a position in the United States of America government allowing him (and others, pro-Israel activists) to put the plan for "making Israel more secure" in motion and effect it using American military and money.

See (again, please) the Clean Break policy paper here and the Wikipedia article on it here.

Simply put, while there are many foreign country lobbies in the USA, none of them are as powerful and have such a calamitous effect on American foreign policy (including the Iraq War 2, as "taking out Iraq" and then Iraq was a KEY point of the 1996 Perle et al policy paper entitled "Clean Break")...

Now, of course calling to attention the fact that foreign intelligence agencies use their ethnic/national/religious brethren in America to spy for them, and the fact that many foreign nations have professional lobbyists working for American aid and help is acceptable.

But saying that American Jews may be having the same patriotic feelings towards Israel like Chinese immigrants have for China and Indians for India, and stating the fact of Israeli (and Indian and Chinese and French) spying on America...

Well, that is uncalled for and anti-semitic.

I will now report myself to the relevant authorities, who will punish me for my nazi views and terrible anti-semitism...

Bonus Material:
I want to recommend a great book to you.
It is "Friendly Spies: How America's Allies Are Using Economic Espionage to Steal Our Secrets" by Peter Schweizer.

That book has chapters on South Korean CIA, French intelligence services and many, many others including (gasp! shock!) Israel.

Here is the link to Amazon.

The point I want to make (and hammer into your head again and again) is that everybody does it - the point with the Israeli lobby is that it has become so powerful that (I believe) Israeli agents of influence are placed in VERY high positions of the American government.

Do me a favor - google the following names:
Richard Perle
Paul Wolfowitz
Douglas Feith

And this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Comic Relief:
Barry Rubin, letter (source is here):
One of the greatest myths emerging from this war was that it was launched by a 'neo-conservative' cabal in the U.S. government.

The irony is that it is so easily demonstrable not to be true, yet this idea has gained enormous currency among anti-war groups, Middle East experts, and no doubt a large portion of the general public.

Other than challenging this claim in the name of historical accuracy or just plain truth, there are two particular reasons why this myth must be questioned.

First, 'neo-conservative' is a codeword for Jewish. As antisemites did with big business moguls in the nineteenth century and Communist leaders in the twentieth, the trick here is to take all those involved in some aspect of public life and single out those who are Jewish. The implication made is that this is a Jewish-led movement conducted not in the interests of all the, in this case, American people, but to the benefit of Jews, and in this case Israel.

"One of the greatest myths emerging from this war was that it was launched by a 'neo-conservative' cabal in the U.S. government.", "First, 'neo-conservative' is a codeword for Jewish. As antisemites did with big business moguls in the nineteenth century and Communist leaders in the twentieth, the trick here is to take all those involved in some aspect of public life and single out those who are Jewish"

Of course, Jews had absolutely no role in communism (see here), also please remember that "Of the nine members of the Central Committee of the Bolshevik party in April 1917, three were of Jewish decent (Kamenev, Zinoviev and Sverdlov). Of the twelve committee members (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Sverdlov, Yakovleva, Oppokov, Zinoviev, Kamenev) who, during a historic meeting on October 10, 1917, agreed for the necessity of armed revolution (leading to the October Revolution), six were Jewish (Zinoviev, Kamenev, Trotsky, Uritsky, Sverdlov, and Sokolnikov, although Kamenev and Zinoviev opposed the revolution)"

"Out of Lenin's 15 Peoples' Commissars (Narkoms) in 1919, six were Jewish (Trotsky, Uritsky, Isaac Steinberg, I. A. Teodorovich, Semyon Dimanstein and Sokolnikov)."

No, Jews had absolutely, positively, no role in early communism, and the fact that a certain Mr. Trotsky was born Lev Davidovich Bronstein (and of course was Jewish) and became the first head of the Red Army in Russia is just a coincidence.

It is true that Stalin killed off a great many Jews in leadership positions in the Soviet Union - in fact, this was one of the main reasons for the purge of the higher Party leadership - Stalin saw a danger to himself in a well organized, Jewish communist bloc in the communist party... but that is modern history which you won't hear in any American school nor read anywhere else, but which I will leave off as it is not 100% pertinent here).

Of course, it is true that the neocon political movement was not predominantly Jewish led, and it is certainly not true that its aims are mostly to the benefit of Israel and the detriment of America.

"The implication made is that this is a Jewish-led movement conducted not in the interests of all the, in this case, American people, but to the benefit of Jews, and in this case Israel."
Yes, because the Iraq War 2 and the subsequent occupation is such a great benefit to the USA. Similarly, Israel and AIPAC pushing American politicians to attack and (what I like to call) de-fang (read - obliterate the danger to Israel) Iran is for the benefit of USA, and has nothing to do with the Perle and company paper entitled 'Clean Break'...

Extra Special Bonus Material:
Huffington Post: Jewish Neocons Are Dead Wrong, Not Disloyal by Dan Fleshler - article can be read here:
There are few Americans whose ideas offend me more than Douglas Feith, the former undersecretary of defense who played a major role in planning and promoting the invasion of Iraq. I joined demonstrations to try to stop that invasion and am appalled that the preemptive war fetishists now have their sites set on Iran. But I believe Feith, Cheney aide David Wurmser and other Jewish war planners have gotten a raw deal from those who accuse them of putting Israel's interests ahead of America's.

The dual loyalty accusation has become conventional wisdom in the anti-Israel neighborhoods of the blogosphere and has been given academic respectability by John Mearsheimer and Steven Walt.

The pro-Israel lobby officials and agents of influence putting the interests of Israel above that of the USA?

Perish the thought.

I wonder why only the blogosphere (of the most vile racist and anti-semitic kind, natch!) has the balls to call a spade a spade?

Oh, and for the record - the Mearshimer and Walt study The Israel Lobby does not go far enough - it does not take into account the personalities like Perle, who were caught by the FBI wiretap passing classified secrets to Israeli embassy in USA, who wrote the "Clean Break" policy paper on the need to "take out" Iraq (and then Iran... and then Syria) to "make Israel safe" and then were planted in American government positions high enough to actually realize that ambitious plan.

But by all means, Mr. Dan Fleshler, feel free to disagree with me - the neocons, highly educated, highly effective government employees, able to find extremely high paying jobs whether in Israeli government or as employees of Israel, as business leaders or as members of (professional propaganda organizations also called) "think tanks", are just stupid, dumb and as your article's title states: "Jewish Neocons Are Dead Wrong, Not Disloyal"...

Yes, these guys are just dumb... so dumb...

(do me a favor and read the readers' comments to the Dan Fleshler article, where they (as American patriots SHOULD) laugh in his face for his "supposed" naivete.

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Anonymous said...

American Goy,

The whole problem with "DIVERSITY!!!!" is that the people never got to vote for it. They would not have voted for it.

Of course Chinese-American males, oft-shunned by women here and scientifically-oriented loners, are going to feel a camaraderie with the "homeland". Hell they are lucky to have a homeland. The way things are going in Europe, whites will have no "homeland" in 100 years. I expect, especially amongst males who are a minority in this culture (and who are socially a "minority" on "the scene") to identify with "back home" where they are the majority and can be "loud and proud" as a black gang-banger in Detroit.

The elite of this nation may think they are making the US a "showplace" of diversity so other nations on this earth follow suit, but what they might find is that in 40 years, they will have wrecked the place with balkanization, while competing nations like China, India, Indonesia, Russia, Japan, and the Arabain nations still march to the beat of one drummer and are unifed and are culturally heterogeneous.

Our ARROGANCE in thinking we will always have a military advantage is stultifying. What they hell are we going to do when many other nations have extensive navies (China is building one now) and can buy plentiful nukes with evasive defensive systems to bypass/overwhelm any "missile defense shield"? We are making a bet, on behalf of our own elite, that we can get the world to be conformative to our wishes and no challengers to us will arise. I think we might be very dissapointed in 40 years at the results of that bet. The only people buying into "globalization" are Europe and America, who are both watching their native stock shrink in numbers.

A few neo-con intellectuals can do more harm to this nation with an idiot president like Bush on the throne that four or five nuclear bombs could do. Ive long known many Jews are much more patriotic to Israel than to America. I also know there are some out there on the far Likudnik right and rapture reverend territory who dream of Israel owning the "royal mandate" of all the land to the Euphrates, southern Syria and down in Egypt to the Nile. Think there would be some contention over that? Yeah me too. I hate to say it, because Im an old school conservative, but Obammy would be a much better choice than "whack Iran" McCain. The neo-cons simply have to be put out of power at all costs.

Nations were generally "born" out of single ethnic groups in the past. Trying to force-mate peoples hoping for a world-government will just lead to unrest and unhappiness. The thing is, is that I know what the elites answer to this all will be: a police state. Thats how they plan to deal with ethnic tension. Im sorry, but I preferred the America of my youth in the seventies and early eighties to that. Diversity is unnatural and has to be enforced. Its not the state people elected to live in of their own accord.

Anonymous said...

To see a list of Israeli spy activities against the U.S., including industrial espionage, check out the following--hot links available at the http address listed below:

04/3/02 Bullock, ADL spy This shows just how deeply entrenched Israeli spies are in our society, and the degree to which they spy on just about every aspect of Americans' lives. Bullock even spied on Jews who did not agree with Israel's policies. And these are the guys the US Government is protecting when they classify the evidence that links Israeli spies who have already been arrested to the events of 9-11.

04/1/02 Story of one company that had inside access to every airport used by the 9-11 hijackers and Richard Reid the shoe bomber.

04/5/02 More on the Mossad

04/6/02 Israel tries to buy Pollard silence Pollard is a constant reminder that, yes indeed, Israel DOES spy on the United States

04/6/02 Israel granted Pollard citizenship while he was in jail for espionage for Israel

04/7/02 AfroCubaWeb's page on the Israeli Spy Ring.

04/13/02 Collection of links to stories about the Israel Spy Ring and why the mainstream media is so eager to make it go away.

04/16/02 ADL Spy Networks Exposed in San Francisco

04/23/02 Israeli spies exposed! "The nation's most prominent Jewish newspaper, the New York-based Forward, also has confirmed portions of the vast spying network -- although stating that the Israelis were monitoring Arabs in the United States" In our Federal Buildings???

04/26/02 ADL found guilty of spying by California Court ADL engaged in extensive domestic spying operations on vast number of individuals and institutions around the country.

05/1/02 ADL spied on US Citizens and stole FBI files!

04/4/02 RESPONSE FROM US SENATOR STABENOW TO INQUIRY ABOUT THE ISRAELI SPY RING Senator Stabenow received $20,000 from pro-Israeli lobbies during the 1999-2000 election cycle.

04/2/02 Congress Must Investigate Israeli Spies in America See how much CASH Congress gets from Israeli lobbies HERE. Of course, the Israeli lobbies get that cash from YOUR tax money sent to them by that same Congress every year, which makes this whole thing a kickback operation.

04/1/02 How the ADL ran a spy operation inside the San Francisco Police Department

04/1/02 Israel's Undercover Assassins

03/31/02 Overview of Israelis arrested for celebrating the collapse of the WTC. Search for "September 11, 2001". Note that some of the arrested men were confirmed Mossad.

03/31/02 Coded messages indicate Mole inside the White House on 9-11 If you were a foreign power staging a fake terror attack to blame on a third party, you would want to throw the leadership into confusion while it was happening, wouldn't you?

03/31/02 True scale of Pollard's spying

03/30/02 Administration makes first moves against Israeli spies. Attorney General John Ashcroft ordered the suppression of news coverage.

03/07/02 Huge collection of links on the Israeli spy ring. Why does the US Government continue to cover up their existence and classify the evidence that links the Israeli spies to 9-11?

04/4/02 Murder of Policewoman was Mossad operation blamed on the Libyans See Lavon affair. This type of operation is the stock in trade of the Mossad. Kill or bomb, then blame someone else to anger the world against them.

04/3/02 Part 2 of the story of the ADL's spy ring inside the San Francisco Police Department.

04/1/02 Part 1 of the story of the ADL's spy ring inside the San Francisco Police Department

04/3/02 Story of the Israeli Spy Ring on CounterSpin It's bad enough that the US Government supports the genocide of the Palestinians at the hands of the invading Israeli Army, but to classify the evidence that links the Israeli spies to 9-11 in order to keep it secret from the American people raises disturbing questions of just how much the US Government was complicit in those same activities.

This and more at What Really Happened

So, if one is Pro-American, does that automatically mean they are "Anti-Semitic?"

What's good for Israel is good for the USA, right?

And if you don't believe that, I'm gonna sic Alan Dershowitz on your racist ass.

Anonymous said...

As much as I would like to blame both Bush and Gore. The coming food crisis is largely a result of poor agricultural policy over the last 50 years that benefited the Industrial farm complex and the petrochemical complex. The profits enjoyed over the last 50 years in this country were the results of huge inefficiencies, government subsidies, and reckless disdain for our future.
Today, our qualifiers are depleted, our rich topsoils sits beneath the ocean floor because of over tilling. Today we must dump heavy synthetic fertilizers into the ground, and genetically modify plants to be drought tolerant.