Sunday, May 4, 2008

Not news in America - American envoy assaulted in Israel

Source: Ha'aretz, dateline 02/05/2008:

It is interesting that we have all the news about Britney, Lindsay, and of course, the latest on what the publicity hound Rev. Wright has just said which can be replayed for hours and hours, analyzed, dissected and discussed endlessly by serious looking idiots errr... pundits.

So, lets see how the peace negotiations are going in Israel. We sent an envoy there don't you know (I bet you don't... sad, but realistic).

The American bodyguards of a Bush administration envoy who was dispatched to the region to monitor the implementation of the road map engaged in a violent confrontation with right-wing Israelis who sought to disturb a visit to Hebron on Friday, Israel Radio reported.

One of the rightists is reported to have driven his jeep into the convoy accompanying General William Fraser. Subsequently, one of the vehicles in the convoy heavily collided with the jeep, according to Israel Radio.

Re-read the last paragraph. A crazed settler drove a jeep into the American envoy's convoy, violently colliding with a car.

Now, a standard procedure in a situation like that is to:
1) avoid the incoming car and
2) open fire on it, to disable it

Because a speeding car which is driving straight towards you, in the Middle East, almost certainly can mean a suicide bomber.

Now, imagine for a second what would happen if an American envoy was in Hamas controlled territory, and a crazed Arab guy drove a jeep into one of the diplomatic convoy's cars.

The bodyguards would probably open fire immediately, killing the driver and making a shishka-bob out of the car, while the cars of the convoy themselves swerved and drove away at full speed - after all, who knows if there isn't a bomb in that car?

But most importantly, whatever would happen during the incident, you can be sure that the US TV "news" would be informing about this incident 24/7, the pundits would discuss the incident endlessly, while calling Hamas a terrorist organization that has no control over the territory it polices.

But the incident happened in Israel, and involved a bunch of Israeli settlers, so - no TV reports. No outrage. Nothing happened at all, according to the TV news - focus on Rev. Wright, that's what Americans need to see!

A fracas ensued between the guards and the rightists before the Americans decided to cut the visit short, Israel Radio reported.

A fracas? Does that mean that the settlers engaged the bodyguards in hand to hand combat or a shoving match? Why didn't the bodyguards use their guns and/or tasers?

And where the hell was the Israeli police/Army anyway?

Keep in mind, the incident was serious enough so that the American envoy cut his mission to Israel and run back to the USA.

So what will happen now?
Well, the incident will NOT be reported on American TV "news", instead we will get the smiling mug of Rev. Wright - again, for 20th night in a row.

Israel will get its $5+ billion "aid" money this year, as it gets it every single year.

And, while before, in the days of the Liberty Incident, Israel at least apologized to America when it did an outrage towards this country, these days don't expect this. Israel will simply ignore this and pretend nothing happened - it's not like our president or our Congress people will ask Israel about this incident, much less nicely ask Israel to explain things, or perhaps ask it to apologize for assaulting an American envoy...

No, the last one is pure science fiction - which American politician would even dare to utter under his breath something along the lines of "Perhaps we should ask Israel to explain the incident which just happened, when the American peace envoy was attacked by Israeli citizens. We need answers, and we need an official apology from Israel for this disgraceful behaviour!".

Well, any politician who would say something like that would be labeled by the TV pundits an anti-semite, as clearly going overboard, overreacting and criticizing our greatest friend and ally in the world, and the AIPAC and the rest of the pro-Israel Lobby in the USA would mark him and give moneys to his opponent during his next election.

I wonder how the professional pro-Israel apologists will try to spin this one, as they bury the story in digital media.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, but the reactions to this Israeli terrorist attack on an American peace delegation is swift, as evidenced by this story:

Schwarzenegger to authorize release of 30 Israeli prisoners

Attorney says leaders of California's Jewish community behind governor's decision to allow prisoners to serve remainder of their sentences in Israel

Itamar Eichner 05.03.08, 18:38 / Israel News

Ahead of Israel's 60th Anniversary celebrations, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is expected authorized the release of some 30 Israelis from the state's prisons, thus allowing them to serve the remainder of their sentences in Israel, Yedioth Ahronoth reported Friday.

California's overcrowded prison system was cited as the official reason for the release of the prisoners. The state's prisons currently house 170,000 inmates, about 77,000 more than they can actually hold. The gesture marks a shift in the policy of the state's parole board, which has rejected numerous pleas by Israeli prisoners for an early release.

Mordehai Tzivlin, a defense attorney for the Israeli prisoners abroad and their families, said leaders of California's Jewish community were behind Schwarzenegger's decision.

According to Israeli Foreign Ministry data, 40 Israelis are currently being held in Los Angeles prisons, while 15 more are serving time in San Francisco for various offenses, including murder, money laundering, drug-trafficking and fraud.

It is estimated that the list of prisoners slated for release will not include Israelis who were indicted for murder or those who hold American citizenship. Israelis imprisoned in California's federal prisons will also be excluded.
The transfer of the prisoners to Israel is scheduled to begin in the beginning of June and will be concluded within a few months. The International Division at the State Prosecutor's Office has already drafted a list of 31 prisoners Israel is requesting that Californian authorities release as part of the gesture.

Source: YNet News

Murderers, Rapists and Thieves, Oh My!!

Sounds like the Zionist owned and operated Israeli Occupation Force will have a batch of new candidates for their Officer Candidate Schools.

If you think they were a bunch of blood-thirsty SOB's when they had the law against them, just wait until they have the Laws of Israel backing them up. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee

But hey, this isn't to benefit Israel, noooooo, It's to help the overcrowded California prison system, which has 77,000 more prsioners than it was desgined for, so releasing those 30 Israeli murderers, rapists and thieves will go a long way to help that.

Look for petitions to appear in the US Congress to repeal Article II of the Constitution, the part that says US presidents shall be born in America, to help jump start Arnie's presidential ambitions.

The article says those indicted for murder would not be eligible, which means they are awaiting trial.

It didn't say that those indicted and convicted of murder wouldn't be let loose.

Anonymous said...

Follow the money...

Anonymous said...

isreal's influence in the USA should be constantly watched and criticised. No other nation in the world has such an influence in american foreign policy. the true crazy thing about the step child Isreal is, is that we not only arm it, but all of its surrounding Arab neighbors. The USA needs out of the business of nation building or nation coddiling like we do in Isreal.

Anonymous said...

Great post. You're absolutely right in your point and analysis. Still I'd like to point out that the jewish settlers on occupied land in Palestine is well known to be dead crazy fanatics and also the Israelis have trouble with them.

Still I think the questions about fundings from Usa should be discussed since Israel is a Apartheid state commiting war crimes. (Critizing Israels policy is not the same as agreeing with Hamas so don't start screaming. Please :)

regards the neutral

Anonymous said...

Greg, you obviously are assuming the drivers were Jewish; that was ignorant. And to the author have even read this page? If you had, you would know that anyone who is even thinking of going to Israel let alone a Government Convoy would be well aware of everything noted in this document. You are so quick to play the, "CUT AND RUN!?!?" card becuase Israel, a massive contributor to our: economic, technical and political interests had something fucked up occur in its boarders by unnamed attackers.

Why don't one of you pick up a book or just Google anything other than the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

Anonymous said...

Who cares as long as this asshole president is out of office and we pull out of this "war" soon.

See more war crimes here : Bush War Crimes

Anonymous said...

israel is a menace to the whole world and is certainly a clear and present danger to the the USA ... their vast spy network, their first-loyalty-to-israel agents all throughout American society, their looting of our Treasury, their use of our soldiers to fight their wars. Americans who love America must stop israel's attack upon us.

AmericanGoy said...

"Still I'd like to point out that the jewish settlers on occupied land in Palestine is well known to be dead crazy fanatics and also the Israelis have trouble with them."

Absolutely, agree 100%, Olmert right now has to pander to these crazies because otherwise his coalition government will collapse without their support.

It is a crazy situation.

Michael W. said...

to greg bacon

"Israeli terrorist attack"
You have a broad definition of a terrorist attack. Did anybody die? Did anybody even attempt to kill anyone?

Anonymous said...

there's also no reason for Israel to explain the actions of these settlers, who were not controlled by them. To equate the actions of a group of extremists with no connection to the Israeli government to Hamas-sponsored suicide bombers is absurd. One is is acting on their own beliefs; the other is acting with 'government' support.

KineticReaction said...

Here come the ridiculous supporters of Israel.

Anonymous said...

To say that the Israeli government has no control over the settlers is not true.

The Israeli government has promoted settlements, defends them and allows the settlers to arm themselves.

Settlements are part of the Israeli policy towards the west bank and Gaza.

Just look at Har Homa. That is an Israeli government sponsored settlement which was a direct violation of the OSLO Declaration of Principles.

Well, at least 13 other countries on the UN Security Council saw it that way but once again the lone US veto killed that resolution.

And we wonder why they hate us?

Just do some research on the number of times the US has vetoed UN Security Council resolutions critical of Israel.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone get shot? Any bombs? I guess those Isreali's are losing their touch. They could probably learn a thing from their brother's across the way about finishing the job.

Anonymous said...

your point is taken and 'could be' true ... however ... you only speak in hypotheticals ... which doesn't leave much room for debate.

guy said...

A few things:

1. as an Israeli i would've loved it if the American guards actually shot those settlers. Hebron settlers are the worse kind, and most times aren't different than any other terrorists.

2. the americans didn't shoot becaus Israel, the west bank and Gaza are still not Iraq, not matter how shitty things are. Yes- those settlers are pricks, but the past (and intelligence) shows that they don't use bombs, and don't commit suicide on the way.

3. shooting those pricks would mean international incident (foreign diplomats shooting a "civilian" in their "own" land...)- unlike shooting someone in Palestinian territories, which is a gray area that no one really sees as a 100% of a sovereign country.

4. the army & police are there- but they don't really know what to do- they prefer to avoid hitting "fellow" jews, and arresting those f**ks is a headache so...

5. all of this is backed up by a strong jewish-pro-israeli lobby in the states.

6.Yeah- the world is a twisted place, and the US is leading the stupidity (for example: you elected Bush, saw he's no good and REelected him?? biggest facepalm in history)

Anonymous said...

Maybe they weren't shot at because those crazies aren't actually crazy enough to blow themselves up for political reasons. It's a different region and therefore has different rules of engagement.

Anonymous said...

What a complete non-story.

Anonymous said...

This article is a complete non-story, these things happen all over the world, people protest and sometimes somebody does something stupid, like in this case. This does not make me an Israeli apologist, I think we should re-assess our relationship with Israel, its something I find a bit uncomfortable, mainly because as an atheist I don't believe all this nonsense about Jews needing a homeland etc.

Israel in the big scheme of things is just a tiny relatively meaningless speck on this planet, its like having a really embarrassing boyfriend who you really need to dump

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm going to have to third the complete non-story.

Anonymous said...

I think the Israelis and the Palestinians both share responsibility for the violence. But for anyone to suggest that Israel "purchased" much the land from the Palestinians, as flossdaily has stated, is patently absurd. Read any one of the numerous history books that cover the Six Day War in 1967 and you will see that over ten thousand Palestinians were forced form their homes by Israeli soldiers. The vast majority of land seized during that war is still occupied by Israel. Oh, and flossdaily, I'd appreciate you posting any information concerning a treaty where Israel offered Palestine 98% of its land back and half of Jerusalem.

Jeydon said...

Israel should probably consider apologizing for what happened because it did happen on their land, but they probably didn't because of everything they are already dealing with. Not only do they have to deal with the constant violence comming from the various terrorist organizations that offer peace to Isreal, then regroup and then start the violence again. This has been shown numerous times by nations and terrorist organizations both in the past, but as well, Israel has to deal with the two faced reaction to the conflicts in and around Israel, where our president is asking Israel, one of our strongest allies to give up its land to people of no real, or original nationality, but displaced people of war who were unwanted by their orriginal countries, but Israel is also recieving a huge amount of money and other support from our people. It is too clear who is at fault here, and only too right for the news in our country to not report every single 'hit and run accident' happening in foreign countries just because it may have happened to an envoy. I'm not saying the people envolved in the attack were right in doing so, just that reporting this in major news channels generally causes a negative stir among the news reviewers over nothing because they often have heavily biased opinions that can be hurtful to both our nation, the truth, and our country's reputation. If any one is stopping attacks against Israel because they could not control, and did not appoligize for some settlers attacking an envoy than give them thanks for saving those that have helped start our country, helped us win the revolutionary war, and those that always blessed us. Israel has given so many advancements to our country and the world, and people who are biased against them will do anything and try to bring anything out that can hurt Israel because they don't understand what Israel has done for us and are not thankful for what they do know Isreal has given us, and hate Israel because of their religious foundation. This article was a complete joke that was never funny, just a disgrace to our nation and Israel that accomplished nothing because it tried to expose our biased news companies in a way that was completely out of context to their true bias.

Anonymous said...

For a full insight into just how controlled we are by the Zionists go to www.youshouldknow.ucoz