Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two disgusting things - unrelated

Thing One.

Reuters: Polish, Ukrainian, Baltic leaders to visit Georgia.

Leaders of Poland, Ukraine and the three Baltic states plan to leave for the Georgian capital Tbilisi on Tuesday to express their solidarity with President Mikheil Saakashvili, Lithuania said on Monday.

The office of Lithuanian President Valdas Adamkus said in a statement that he, Polish President Lech Kaczynski, Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko, as well as the prime minister of Latvia and Estonia were to go to Tbilisi tomorrow.

"The leaders of the five states are going to express their support to Georgia, which is being occupied by Russian troops, and its people, and for the lawfully elected president Mikheil Saakashvili," the Lithuania president's office said in a statement.

Please, please, please - I cannot take this bullshit.

Yes, the Soviet Union was bad, much MUCH worse than Nazi Germany under Stalin, and it has made millions of victims - dead, tortured, imprisoned, sent to Siberia, Kolyma, etc.

But that was then.

Soviet Union is no more.

This is now.

On the first day of the Olympics, Georgia started bombing villages, towns, the capital city of Ossetia - bombing civilians - with artillery and 'Grad' rockets (think modern Katyushas - they are terrifying).

The Georgian army then moved in to occupy Ossetia, but they hit a snag - you see, Russia responded with it's military might and sent the Georgian armny running back to their country.

Russia did not stop at the border but moved deep into Georgia proper - they taught Georgia a lesson.

The response of the USA and the West, the so called "Western world"?

It was fantastic.

On TV, the politicians labeled Russia the aggressor in this conflict, and issued stern warnings to Russia that it better cease it's aggression against the poor, defenceless, terrified Georgia.

And now the USA's lap dogs, its bitches (it pains me to say it - I was born in Eastern Europe) are made to obey their master's command and they just became a part of the propaganda too.

Re-read what the Lithuanian president has said:
""The leaders of the five states are going to express their support to Georgia, which is being occupied by Russian troops, and its people, and for the lawfully elected president Mikheil Saakashvili," the Lithuania president's office said in a statement."

The lawfully elected president Mikheil Saakashvili has just a few days ago made a decision to bombard Ossetian civilian targets with artillery, 'Grad' rockets and airplanes.

And, not to make a too fine a point of it, Hitler was also lawfully elected, by a clear majority of the German people, and yet not many presidents made trips to Berlin in 1945 and made statements like we wish to express their support to Georgia, which is being occupied by Russian troops, and its people, and for the lawfully elected president Adolf Hitler.

I am ashamed of the Polish, Lithuanian, Ukrainian, Estonian and Latvian presidents.

They (naturally) have aligned themselves (and their people) with Western interests, which in today's world means neocon and PNAC interests, which really boil down to one superpower in the world - the USA - and all means and ways to keep it that way.

This means natural resources - well, oil, but there was (and is) big plays and grabs for even water in Latin America (please read - or re-read - my article on compassionate capitalism here to fully grasp what was and is happening around the world).

Anyway, the yapping little dogs, Poland, Lithuania, and the three Baltic states, wag their tails, slober all over USA's hand (which does NOT give much in way of payment - if you consider old hand me down F-16's from the early 1980's a payment - to me they are more of a liability, designed to force Poland to buy expensive spare parts - but I digress).

The bitches were told to go bark and they do, baring their little teeth, showing the world that yes, those countries mean something on the world stage - to the amusement of all the rest of Europe and the fury of the Russians.

Thing Two.
Off Associated Press: Most companies in US avoid federal income taxes .

Two-thirds of U.S. corporations paid no federal income taxes between 1998 and 2005, according to a new report from Congress.

The study by the Government Accountability Office, expected to be released Tuesday, said about 68 percent of foreign companies doing business in the U.S. avoided corporate taxes over the same period.

"It's shameful that so many corporations make big profits and pay nothing to support our country," said Sen. Byron Dorgan, D-N.D., who asked for the GAO study with Sen. Carl Levin, D-Mich.

Super, Senator.

Here is what you will do about it - nothing and like it.

Who do you think pays your slush fund and pays for those hookers and all that cocaine?

What's that?
Senator Levin is respected and you seriously doubt that he would be involved in sordid affairs like that?

Well, there are always exceptions to the rule...

More than 38,000 foreign corporations had no tax liability in 2005 and 1.2 million U.S. companies paid no income tax, the GAO said. Combined, the companies had $2.5 trillion in sales. About 25 percent of the U.S. corporations not paying corporate taxes were considered large corporations, meaning they had at least $250 million in assets or $50 million in receipts.

Isn't it swell that the lobbyists succeeded in making the legal fiction (read bullshit) that corporation is a person too?

Dorgan and Levin have complained about companies abusing transfer prices - amounts charged on transactions between companies in a group, such as a parent and subsidiary. In some cases, multinational companies can manipulate transfer prices to shift income from higher to lower tax jurisdictions, cutting their tax liabilities. The GAO did not suggest which companies might be doing this.

"It's time for the big corporations to pay their fair share," Dorgan said.

Yeah, and pigs will fly tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

You should know that The Russian Federation under Plutin has taken up the old habits of the Soviet Union. The reason why other Eastern European and other European states are condemning the Russians is because they are scared shitless and for very good reasons. In recent years Russia has started to show more and more military power, which it hasn't done since the 1980s. Suddenly there are conflicts in the Barents sea due to increase amount of war ships with nuclear capabilities threatening Norway over its territories. Russia has also started to increase the amount of Russians on Spitsbergen, also under Norway. Just some of the few examples. Russia claimed to attack in order to protect its interests in South Ossetia, but has bombed Georgian villages far outside the zone and on top attack other regions of Georgia, and now they are holding a military base as hostage. So there is no surprise that old Soviet states, now turned independent as well as states having territorial disputes with Russia, and states that feel threatened by Plutin's disregard for the world community or any international law before declaring war condemn the behavior of the Russians... they don't want their territories taken or to be threatened as well. The actions of Russia remind us of the old Soviet Union, no matter how bad the Georgian rockets were.

Anonymous said...

to author:
you know a shit about things what happened and is happening at the moment other there and in Europe afterall.
So do not try to show yourself as super well informed about everything is hapening.
You just look stupid

AmericanGoy said...

"you know a shit about things what happened and is happening at the moment other there and in Europe afterall."

should be

you know shit about things what happened and are happening at the moment over there in Europe.

Anyway, I do not claim to know it all - like I said before, I am just a guy with an internet connection who uses google a lot.

If you disagree with something I wrote, be more specific please and cite sources.


Anonymous said...

I agree completely, american goy, with your evaluation of the current events in the Caucasus.

Meanwhile, I must say that you are wrong about the Soviet Union, though.