Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I have had enough of Miss Sarah Palin

I have said it before and I will say it again:


This woman is trailer trash gold, and in my opinion she is very fit to accurately represent America and Americans to the world.

One of the biggest misconceptions that Europeans have about the Yoo Ess of Ey is that America is the land of Sex and the City, and Law and Order with intelligent and caring public servants, and Dynasty and JR Ewing, well spoken, good looking, intelligent, erudite people.

Not so.

America is the land of Married with Children."

You really ought to read my article on Miss Palin here, as I spotlight the facts of Palin's political career - her attempts to ban books from a local library, and then firing of the librarian who refused her (royal? royal bitch?) command, the so called "troopergate", in which she has made strenuous efforts to fire and punish a policeman who just happens to be the ex husband of her sister, and then Palin firing the Public Safety Commissioner, Mr. Walt Monegan, who dared (like the librarian before) to defy her bitchiness.

Behavior like that should disqualify one from being a town rat exterminator, never mind the office of the Vice President.

On top of her vengeful nature, on top of her abuse of power in every position she was elected into, there is the fact that Miss Palin is undoubtedly a M O R O N.

Katie Curic interview (who herself is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but she is a genius next to this idiot).

Question 1: What newspapers and magazines did you regularly read before you were tapped for this to stay informed and to understand the world.

Palin's answer is... mindblowing.

When Katie presses our future VP, as to what specific newspapers she reads, the answer is... "all of them".

Yes, our future VP reads ALL the newspapers and magazines of the world, starting with AL Arabiya and finishing with Zenit.

As I rewatch the clip, I am struck by two things.

One, her royal bitchiness has this look and behaviour of "a deer caught in the headlights", or perhaps a "moose in a headlights". She is clearly uncomfortable, her voice is shrill and breaking, and she is defeated by one of the simplest questions that any potential employer may ask any job applicant, starting with a McDonald's job all the way to... well, the Vice President of the USofA.

Second, she is extremely defensive, to the point that the question "What newspapers and magazines do you read" is a question implying her white trash roots.

And, come to think of it - it is!

But, answering the question in this way: first, " I read all of them!", and then turning defensive and explaining that "Alaska is not a foreign country" and implying that yes, they really do get newspapers and magazines there also!, is the worst way she could have answered this question.

Roll with the punches, you stupid, stupid woman - you could have answered with specifics (I read NYTimes and the Wall Street Journal would be perfectly acceptable and innocent answers) or go on the offensive and say "That is a silly question, don't you think so, to ask someone in my position?"

But answering stupidly, idiotically, "I read all of them!" and then becoming defensive about Alaska proves to me that this was THE right question to ask after all!

It proves to me that indeed her bitchiness does not read magazines and newspapers - or, perhaps, does not read anything at all ever.

Second, it proves to me that yes, indeed, Alaska is the armpit of America, the cesspool of white trash central (hey, I didn't say it here - Palin implied it with her defensive answer!).

And, being the grammar stickler that I am (thought I would use a different word there, didn't yah, so then all the idiots would be able to spout that AG has admitted to being a... well, you know), lets analyze the last sentence that her royalness uttered.

Alaska can be a microcosm of America, or it can be like the rest of America, but it cannot, just cannot be "like a microcosm" - learn the English language, Miss Palin - as a politician, this is your primary tool and weapon in your arsenal and you are bringing a dull spoon to a gun fight.

You are a politician running for a very high position, and the press is there to ask you questions - no matter how inane or silly or offensive, you are a politician whose job it is to read the situation and say something diplomatic.


When you become the VP (shudder), when you are on a diplomatic trip to a foreign country, they WILL make fun of your white trash background, and judging by this interview, you WON'T be able to handle the situation diplomatically.

Hell, you Miss Palin probably won't even recognize that they ARE making fun of you.

Like most Americans with limited education and "Heartland" background, unless someone calls you an idiot to your face you won't realize what's going on.

Subtlety, thy name is not Palin.

Second question: What happens when democracy does not lead to results that are in USA's favor - case in point, Hamas being elected in Gaza.

Palin has no clue what Hamas is, but she does say that Ahmadinejad spews "evil" against our bestest, greatest ally, Israel (some tangent there, huh?).

She does not answer the question, but instead goes to her neocon points of "Israel good, Iran bad!" (I blogged about her meeting with AIPAC which happened immediately after she was nominated for VP by the Republican campaign).

She does not even answer the question at all - she goes totally on a tangent.

She is like a trained monkey who was drilled by her handlers: "See, if they ask anything about the Middle East, you have to say that Israel is best and good and heavenly, while Iran is bad and Ahmadinejad is Hitler like"... and so when this moron heard a question about something something something Middle East, she spouted off "Israel, good!", "Iran, bad!", "democracy, yey!" even though, ironically, the question stated as fact that democracy may indeed be detrimental to the American interests if extremists are elected.

This woman is a moron.

The Young Turks guy nails it exactly.

This woman is a clueless moron.

This woman is a functional illiterate.

This woman will represent the "Heartland", hillbilly and suburban areas of Yoo Ess of Ey very, very well to the world.


Should I buy the ticket back to Europe now?

Because if I wait till after the election, the price of air travel will probably skyrocket.

Hell, one more, to prove my point.
Watch it here:

Again, she is answering in her robotic (moronic), taught the rote memorization way, like a trained seal clapping, like a circus bear riding a bicycle, the words and phrases that she was taught to repeat by her trainers ("Good answer, Miss Palin - please eat that cookie now!").

When the question is repeated, she repeats her answer word for fucking word.

No initiative.

No clue.

No charisma.

No intelligence.

No homo sapien characteristics, like initiative, intelligence, wisdom.

Just a well drilled, trained circus animal cartoon character.

I have had enough of her.

Rethink the first question and the way she answered it.
Get it?
Think on it for a second more.

It should be obvious to you that her handlers, her trainers, forced her to memorize answers to difficult subjects, and they did it in a way that would cover a lot of ground.

Take that Hamas and is supporting democracy the best option for America, when people we (as in US government) don't like win. It is so fucking obvious that she was told "OK, when they mention the Middle East, just turn it and say that Israel is good and Iran is bad".

They probably tried to work with her some more, to narrow down her answers on specifics, but gave up on this clearly retarded woman and just said "Fuck it! when they mention Middle East at all, just say Israel good, Iran bad, got it, you idiot?"

Understand the answer to the first question then?

Of course you do.

She was not taught by her trainers to answer such a simple, lead in, softball question, equivalent to something like "What is your name?", because they figured that any human being who is sane and not retarded could handle such a question.

They were wrong.

All we can do now is laugh through our tears.


The Duncan said...

Man I agree with you. But you know, I didn't read the whole thing. That was the longest piece I've ever read that was written by someone who has "had enough" of the subject. LOL

AmericanGoy said...

"Man I agree with you."
Well of course, logic will through.

"But you know, I didn't read the whole thing."
When I become dictator of Yoo Ess of Ey (I cannot lose - Brawndo will sponsor me), that kinda thing will become illegal.

Anonymous said...

What Does Gov. Palin Have in Her Right Ear?

Posted by willyloman on October 3, 2008

by Scott Creighton

What was that running down into Sarah Palin’s right ear during the debate?

This photo was taken straight from CNN’s video on their breaking news website. It’s a screen-shot from their video of the debate.

There were very few moments where Palin’s right side was in view of the camera, but actually it can be seen from the straight on views as well. Here is the original screen-shot I took.

Even without zooming, you can clearly see something attached to her glasses and running into her right ear. At first I thought this might be a hearing aid of some sort, so I looked up other pictures of her to see if I could find one of her wearing a hearing aid. I couldn’t.

By all accounts, Sarah Palin surprised allot of people as she held her own in this debate. Is this why?

I have not touched up this shot at all. If anyone knows where I can find a picture of Gov. Palin wearing a hearing aid in the past, please let me know.

But this certainly looks like someone was whispering in Sarah’s ear during the debate.

Another question this brings up is why wouldn’t Biden say something about this? Is the election such a sham these days that he would sit by and say nothing?

And who will open up the bidding to be the first to nuke Iran?

"I promise to nuke Iran within my first month of taking office"

"I promise to nuke Iran within my first week"

"I promise to nuke Iran my FIRST day in office"

SOLD, to Caribou Barbie

Who'd ever thought the Republicans could find someone that makes Bush look like a Rhodes scholar?