Thursday, October 16, 2008

Obama will not win. Why? Rednecks.

The real America

Do you think that America is what you see in the big cities, with educated, centrist elite who are smart, erudite and surf the web for news?

Who read the blogs and sneer at FOX "news"?

Who can tell bullshit from the propaganda from the truth?

No, my friends.

America, the MAJORITY of America, is 'Married... with Children' land.


Look, it's one of them foreign reporting crews actually showing the REAL America.

Ignorant and proud of it.

Patriotic, which translated means lets bomb the shit out of them Arabs and gooks and hajis (the word should be jingoistic, come to think of it).

Feeling the holy spirit, which translated means that they are brainwashed morons.

Against murdering unborn children, which means that they want those children to grow up to become soldiers and kill Arabs and hajis and gooks... or come home in a casket, or without a leg... an arm... an eye.

And because the American democracy is decided by a few swing states (remember - in our version of - haha - "democracy" - a 51% vote in a state means that ALL of the state's candidates vote for the winner).

Here's the breakdown, from - look up the electoral count - how much each state is worth in a presidential race.

So, while some of the big ones, like Illinois, will vote Obama, the race will be decided in places like Pennsylvania, Ohio (where this video was filmed), Virginia (which WILL vote for McCain).

You see - due to the quirk of the American election system - it is not the educated population who decide who the leader of the world (no, really, this is de facto true) should be.

It is the rednecks - as profiled by the BBC:

During this US election cycle we are hearing a lot from the pundits and candidates about "heartland voters," and "white working class voters."

On the other hand, I can quite imagine their concern, given what's at stake in the upcoming election. We represent at least a third of all voters and no US president has ever been elected without our support.

"We represent at least a third of all voters".

No, he is not exaggerating.

Contrary to the stereotype, we are not all tobacco chewing, guffawing Southerners, but are scattered from coast to coast. Over 50% of us live in the "cultural south", which is to say places with white Southern Scots-Irish values - redneck values.

They include western Pennsylvania, central Missouri and southern Illinois, upstate Michigan and Minnesota, eastern Connecticut, northern New Hampshire…

So when you look at what pundits call the red state heartland, you are looking at the Republic of Redneckia.

We come in one size: extra large. We are sometimes insolent and often quick to fight. We love competitive spectacle such as NASCAR and paintball, and believe gun ownership is the eleventh commandment.

We fry things nobody ever considered friable - things like cupcakes, banana sandwiches and batter dipped artificial cheese…even pickles.

I can confirm the extra large part. I live in a small town now, and the rednecks here are ALL, without fail, men and women, sporting triplets pregnancy bellies.

No, I am not exaggerating.

These people are huge.

They are triple the weight of an average European (UK fatsos excluded, as they admire America so much they adopted the junk food culture totally).

And most of all we are defiant and suspicious of authority, and people who are "uppity" (sophisticated) and "slick" (people who use words with more than three syllables). Two should be enough for anybody.

This is a key quote from the article.

This is why Palin's homely speech (American moron speech) is a hit with these guys and gals - they can't stand somebody who is edumacated and too smarty, too uppity.

Smart kids were beat up at school for being different and fake and fags.

Intelligence, erudition, manners - that is anathema to these... people.

A college educated person is someone to be suspicious of. After all, surely they are godless and want to kill babies. Librul elite! is a warning cry for the rest of the herd to close ranks.

If you have not seen the movie Idiocracy, I heartily recommend you buy it, rent it, steal it - and watch it.

You will understand when you see it, that America is doomed (seriously, you HAVE to see that movie).

And that is one of the reasons that, mystifying as it is to the outside world, John McCain's choice of the moose-shooting Alaskan woman with the pregnant unmarried teen daughter appeals to many redneck and working class Americans.

You might think that this is a joke, but it is not.

I talked to a bartender girl (who is below 21, by the way) some time ago.

The local scoop is, half of the local high school graduating class was knocked up and spitting babies like no tomorrow.

Half of all the senior graduating girls.

Of the WHOLE local high school class.


We all understand that there is a political class which dominates in America, and that Sarah Palin for damned sure is not one of them. And the more she is attacked by liberal Democratic elements (translation: elite highly-educated big city people) the more America's working mooks will come to her defence.

Again, being stupid is OK - that is why Palin is "one of us".

Calling somebody stupid, as in "My god, you cannot be this moronic, this much of an idiot, and seriously think you are qualified for the position of the vice fucking president of the Yoo Ess Ey?!" is bad.

After all, in a crowd of inbred retards, you cannot call someone "an inbred retard".

Because the crowd around you at a bar might take an umbrage.

Her daughter had a baby out of wedlock? Big deal. What family has not?

Mine has not, bud.

My family, the atheist, non god believing, not church going, has never had an abortion (we use condoms, you see), and has never had a baby out of wedlock (those condoms again).

Meanwhile, you fill your women with more than the holy spirit it seems, when you people get drunk and out of your mind Friday night and howl at the moon (yes, I have seen that too - there is not much to do in a small town on a weekend night, except drink and fuck).

She is a Christian fundamentalist who believes God spat on his beefy paws and made the world in seven days? So do at least 150 million other Americans.

This is another key quote.

You see, 150 million Americans are certifiably INSANE.

Bat shit crazy.

Living in a delusion.

And yes, they really believe that dinosaurs walked the Earth with humans, as it was written in the bible and as it is shown in the Creation Museum - aka crazy land (you HAVE TO click this link).

Finally, the BBC article concludes with this:

Ultimately, the Scots Irish have had more of an effect on the American ethos than any other immigrant group. Here are a few you will recognize:

Belief that no law is above God's law, not even the US Constitution.

Hyper patriotism. A fighting defence of native land, home and heart, even when it is not actually threatened: ie, Iraq, Panama, Grenada, Somalia, Cuba, Nicaragua, Vietnam, Haiti and dozens more with righteous operations titles such as Enduring Freedom, Restore Hope, and Just Cause.

A love of guns and tremendous respect for the warrior ideal. Along with this comes a strong sense of fealty and loyalty. Fealty to wartime leaders, whether it be FDR or George Bush.

Personal pride in equality. No man, however rich or powerful, is better than me.

Perseverance and belief in hard work. If a man or a family is poor, it is because they did not work hard enough. God rewards those who work hard enough. So does the American system.

The only free country in the world is the United States, and the only reason we ever go to war is to protect that freedom.

I buy that.

I think that he nailed it.

The last two reasons though are such complete and utter bullshit but... that is what redneckians believe.

Add to that a Diebold "miracle" in several key states, mix with some voter purging which is going on...

NYTimes: Ruling May Impede Thousands of Ohio Voters

More than 200,000 registered Ohio voters may be blocked from casting regular ballots on Election Day because of a federal appeals court decision on Tuesday requiring the disclosure of lists of voters whose names did not match those on government databases, state election officials and voting experts said.

200,000 voters purged in Ohio, the land of the holy spirit who hates them negro eyerab terrarists.


Pennsylvania is among the states where voters’ named are purged for lists for no other reason than not voting for several consecutive elections.

Did you catch that?

Let me repeat - in Pennsylvania, voters are purged because they have not voted in previous elections.

So much for the get out and vote campaigns, eh?

DETROIT, Michigan, Oct 14 (IPS) - A federal judge ruled Monday that the current practices to purge the voter rolls in Michigan are illegal and ordered Republican Secretary of State Terry Lynn Land to immediately stop the cancellation of registered voters whose voter identification cards are returned as undeliverable in the mail.

The purging of registered voters, many of whom lost their homes to bank foreclosure, in the state of Michigan prompted the federal lawsuit by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), United States Student Association Foundation and the Advancement Project, and resulted in calls in Congress for a Justice Department investigation.

In Michigan, if you have had your home foreclosed, and your mail is being returned to sender, you were denied the right to vote (were, thank you the great spaghetti monster!).

See the pattern?

These are all important swing states, all states that both candidates MUST win to have a chance at becoming a president.


They have this country by the balls.


Am not a big fan of Obama - but if we must (and we will) have someone who will send more aid to Israel, prostrate himself before AIPAC functionaries and ask what more we can do for their true country, bomb Iran and further destroy the country - I want that president to at least be intelligent enough to hold a conversation with.

On various topics.


International situation.

Whether Sarkozy is a neocon (he is).

Why Canada's 60% population voted for liberal parties and yet Conservatives won the election (Canada's election process is even more fucked up than ours).

Discuss the "bailout" of the stockmarket and what it means, and how it is going to play out.

But these are not topics that rednecks are comfortable with.

NASCAR, baseball, football, "Palin is hot!", "Obama is a terrorist moslem!" are hot topics of conversation right now.

Who would have thought that after 8 years of bush, after 4 of bush sr, after reagan... I now fear for the future of my country more than ever.


Anonymous said...

So if white people in the heartland are so stupid why does Iowa consistently turn out the highest median SAT scores of any state in the country? It's not white people in the heartland who are the albatross around this country's neck.

Whites are, however, the group that has suffered most from the system of racial spoils created through affirmative action, relaxed lending standards to minorities, and 'diversity' initiatives intended to plunder the productive white middle class.

Btw, did you know that the average black person scores one standard deviation below the mean of white on every single standardized aptitude test that exists? Blacks consistently exhibit shorter time preferences and consistently display a more pronounced tendency toward pathological behavior in every country, in every culture, at every age - even among infants. In other words, they are a more hedonistic and impulsive group than whites.

Academic experts have yet to come up with a standardized intelligence or aptitude exam on which blacks are on par with whites and Asians. And we are to believe the problem is dumb white people who have not been sufficiently indoctrinated to embrace identity politics and racial set-asides? Come on.

Anonymous said...

Here's why Obama will win.

Farrakhan calls Obama the Messiah

Blacks vote for Obama because he is black

Obama's Rotten Acorn

Obam Youth Corps

Marxists have nothing in common with Obama

Whites are not that bigoted, but other minorities certainly are.

Anonymous said...

Another terrorist Weatherman endorses Obama

Aaron Klein at WorldNetDaily reports that yet another “former” terrorist is endorsing Obama. This time it’s Mark Rudd, one of the founders of the terrorist Weather Underground group:

Rudd worked to form the Weathermen as a radical alternative to the SDS and for white Americans to eject their “white skin privilege” and begin “armed struggle” against the U.S. government.

I think Aaron Klein meant to say “reject” white skin privilege. If you go to Rudd’s own bio page, that’s what he says - the Weather Underground was formed because of the need for white people to “reject their white skin privilege” and move beyond just opposing the Viet Nam war and begin an “armed struggle” against the white establishment for a full social revolution:

As he traveled the country, from the fall of 1968 to the summer of 1969, Mark met many other activists in SDS who were thinking along the same lines as he, that SDS could move from anti-war resistance to full-scale socialist revolution. By the spring of 1969, an informal national collective, with organizing centers in New York City, Michigan-Ohio, Chicago, and Seattle, had coalesced. This grouping advocated the development of a “revolutionary youth movement.” In their theory, SDS needed to move from a middle-class student base to a working-class youth base which would side with Third World people at home and around the world in their struggle against U.S. imperialism. White students would reject their “white skin privilege” and actually begin armed struggle against the U.S. government; this, in turn, would attract broad youth support as the struggle increased, following the Cuban model. This theory became fully articulated in a paper presented to the SDS National Convention in Chicago in June, 1969, authored by a collective of eleven, of which Mark was a member. Its title was “You Don’t Need a Weatherman to Know Which Way the Wind Blows,” from which Mark’s faction of SDS became known as “The Weathermen.”

Oh, and for the record, Mark Rudd’s father was an immigrant from Eastern Europe named Jacov Schmuel Rudnitsky.

Anonymous said...

Look at the t-shirt of your so-called "hillbilly":

"got root?"

Only a geek knowledgeable in UNIX/Linux system administration would think that's funny. The photo is humorous, but not in the way you intended. The joke is on you, dude.

Angry HillBilly

Anonymous said...

Oh brother. Obama and McCain... it doesn't matter. The ignorance is in not understanding the financial institutions and the CFR/NATO/UN globalist agenda.

Anonymous said...

I realize that Obama is just a shill for the establishment and that he is neither a Muslim nor a black nationalist.

But would people have a good reason to be concerned if Obama was a Muslim and a radical?


AmericanGoy said...


Got root.

Interesting concept but...

You do realize that a t-shirt is just a t-shirt, and he does not have to have an understanding of the corn shell or any kind of programming to wear it... cleared?

For racialist comments I recommend isteve, not my cup of tea to write things of that nature.

Anonymous said...

Brando...its got what plants crave, electrolytes!

Yeah american goy, thats where we're headed!!!!

Anonymous said...

These are just anti-white racialist comments. Most whites would never dare speak of blacks or Mexicans in such denigrating terms.

Apart from the color of the people you referring to, this post is no different in tone from sites like Detroit is Crap.

Speaking of fat people, have you ever walked into the barrio or the ghetto? You probably have but your indoctrination has taught you not to speak ill of such people. Dehumanizing "rednecks" is fair game though?


Good stuff, Goy. I 'stole' it and now its also on my blog:

Cheers & thanks,

The Saker

Anonymous said...


I could take a video camera to underclass black or hispanic enclaves and come back with things that would make your skin crawl as well as laugh and cry.

Anybody could go anywhere and find extreme examples of any culture that are ripe for parody. A Whit Stillman movie can do this for uber-educated Manhattanites that went to various prep schools.

Lemmee ask you 'sumthin' Goy, Do you think those two in that photograph are likely to break in anyone's house? Have a racially-motivated shakedown scam? File frivolous lawsuits hoping to get a jury of their peers to award them someone else's money? Do a bad job at their workplace and threaten lawsuits based on racial discrimination repeatedly, thus blackmailing their employer? Rape a young woman (statistics dont lie Goy), beat up a random stranger based on his race? For any reason? Regular white working stiffs generally behave. Those two in the photo are a dying breed, and even they know it. Their sons fight our wars. Keep that in mind. Those two are unlikely to be on public assistance even though one of them might need it.

The problem with America isn't working whites living in trailers or out in the sticks. Some of these get mislead by their religous leaders, but none of those leaders scream out "God damn America".

Those folks are starting to really dissappear Goy. Your grandchildren probably wont know many of them, and your great grandchildren may not know any of them. But they will know Miguel and Jerome and will fear them with reason.

BTW---On regional accents and why people have them. People emulate their leader's speech. In rural America, this is daddy. Daddy comes home tired and out of breath from working all day. His words are clipped, his vowels short. He speaks "tired" because he is tired. His daddy talked that way, and he emulated his daddy. Southern and Midwestern accents are the accents of people who have to communicate with other people when they are winded and exhausted. They dont "turn it off" when they are not tired. It gets ingrained. Mark Twain supposedly talked like a hick to sophisticated ears. Some famous lawyers had thick accents. Some famous presidents of the past (Andrew Jackson) reputably had some accent. Ralph Nader still has a bit of a Lebanese Accent. I dont dismiss the things he says because of that.

Anonymous said...

Your right, AG, Obama won't lose the election per se, but the Republicans will steal it for McCain.

Forget the polls showing Obama ahead with a winnable majority.

Already, stories are leaking out that Americans will tell a pollster that they're voting for Obama, but in the sanctity of the voting booth, racism will come out and they'll vote against Obama and for Johnny "Colonial Bread" McCain.

McCain and Palin are deftly playing to racism and its darkest moods in their sordid campaign against Obama.

You don't want one of them in office

You know what those people are like

When they're not picking your pocket, they'll be tossing watermelon rinds and chicken bones on the WH lawn.

VOTE McCain, I'll protect you from those dusky skinned hordes

P.S. I'm not an Obama fan, he lost me when he scooted over to AIPAC less than 24 hours after getting the nomination and pledging to do EVERYTHING for that nation of apartheid bigots.

AmericanGoy said...

Hmm, good comments one and all.

Well, re: racialist views tinted comments. I do not deal with race at all - and, of course, a "Jew" is not a race as there are Ethiopian Jews, Eastern European Jews, Italian Jews, German Jews, Arab Jews, etc etc etc.

I might do a racialist post later, but if you have not noticed my blogging passion is to take complicated topics, taboo topics and explain them in simple, easy to understand terms.

I am here to explain and expose the venality, the corruption, the treason of the American system - both the political branch and the finance part.

Thank You for reading and commenting, ESPECIALLY if you disagree with something I wrote.

Beatrice M said...

You bring up good points, and yet, I'm also reading about stories like these... and they give me hope.

Anonymous said...

Obama will win.....why? Money. He has more of it.

I really wish people would stop blamaing rednecks and fat people.

There are 201.5 million people eligible to vote. Of those, only 169 million are registerd. Of those registered, 42 are registered as independent, other minor parties, or "no party" (these are not the rednecks), 55 millions are registered Republican (these are not ALL rednecks), but there are 72 million registered democrats (definitely NOT red necks). Democrats for a long time have out numbered republican registered votes. So honestly, if John McCain wins (and this 6 foot 200 lb hunting, concealed firearm carrying, non-black hating just get rid of illegals, redneck would be more than happy with that) it is really the REGISTEREED DEMOCRATS FAULTS. So stop blaming Republicans for the economy, stop blaming Bush for your troubles, and start taking some personal responsiblity, because you outnumber Republicans! We're just following your lead.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was usually well written, decently thought out and pertained some sort of interesting statement. But this piece of garbage sets a new low, one I thought that you were above.

Anonymous said...

Stop bringing up Black people! Its rednecks who support War Of Terrorizing Brown people! Its rednecks who support Khazaristan!(israel)

I am sick of these White Supremacists who are funded by SPLC! I bet you rednecks did not know White Supremacy is funded by Southern Poverty Law. Got ya!

As for da jooz! They are behind drug cartels in South America! Peace and stop attacking my people! Atleast non-whites dont worship jews or willing to fight their wars! Whites are proud of both things!

Anonymous said...

Obama won.

The intelligent and intuitive side of human nature has won out for a change in this country.

In Ohio, in Florida, In Pennsylvania.

Maybe the U.S. has a chance not to go into the toilet.

Anonymous said...

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GB said...

He won, guess there are not as many rednecks as you think there are.