Friday, November 21, 2008

So parasites get tax money but people who make shit don't?

I am drunk (it's friday) but this needs to be said.


Sooner the better.

The financial parasites, the people who do not produce anything, the people who shuffle papers on their desks and files on their computer screens, get trillions in bailout taxpayer money.

The hedge funds, the so called banks, get trillions, with no oversight.

The automakers - GM, others - get nothing.



Now, think about this.

The Congress shits flew their private jets to listen in to the big 3 CEO's who also flew into Washington in their private jets.

On TV though, we do not hear about the Congress' private jets (paid by us, the taxpayers) - but we do hear about the automakers' CEO's private jets.

GM is not just producing cars - they are also a big time healthcare insurance.

For hundreds of thousands.

The point.


Fuck Wall Street and hedge funds and Paulson and Bernanke and Goldman Sachs parasites who do not add anything to the economy, our quality of life or production - they already have trillions.


But the GM (whose CEO's, the ruling caste of America, are admittedly assholes, out of touch morons - like 90% of CEO's in this conutry) - they produce.

2/3 of American economy is service.

This means McDonalds, Walmart, restaurant chains, and other assorted bullshit.

A country's economy cannot - CANNOT - exist on 2/3 service economy.

Because when everyone is working in service and no one is producing shit, there is no shit to buy, and no one to buy it who can afford it (other than Congress and the CEO's and corporate elite).

Fuck GM and the automakers' CEOs.

But we DO need to save the companies - the few companies who produce ANYTHING in America.

There are a few things going on here.

Republicans are wanting to bust the unions - once GM goes, once the automaker unions go - it's over... Children will be working and we will go back to 19th Century.

Now, the unions in GM and other automakers are parasites, out of touch and as much douchebags as the CEO's of said companies.

Fuck them.

But, restructure them and save the American companies.

Fire the CEO's (they will be on boards of other companies anyway - CEO's are a big fraternity, with similar mindset) - but save the companies.

The bailout - if you can call it that, because the auto producing companies want to REPAY the loans, unlike the parasite Wall Street scum - is only 25 billion.

Chump change - cmopared to 1.3 trillion for Wall Street already given.

Fuck the CEO's and fuck the unions - but save.




Otherwise we are in the shit.

Not just America - globally.

One more thing.

I was reading comments by Americans who were basically saying "fuck them, they make too much compared to me".

Guess what.

This reminds me of the Soviet Union kolkhoz (village), where the stupid, filth villagers, when seeing a richer villager who got richer by smarts, luck or a combination, did not try to raise to their level.

They did not think "Gee, I would love to be lucky / work harder to reach their level".

No, they collectively organized, got together, and did everything in their power to pull the lucky / smart / hard working villagers down to their level.

To make everyone equal.

To pull everyone to their shit.

Because if they were unlucky / lazy / uneducated enough to not make $25/hour (which is what the GM guys are making, not counting the benefits) then by god if I am making only $10/hour then fuck them.

Anytime you see a libertarian argument on the web, somebody saying "fuck those union guys", that is what it is.



America the socialist - not the libertarian at all.

Feel free to laugh at them and spit at them - they deserve it.

Not saving the automakers and all those jobs - no matter how shitty the cars, how idiotic the CEO's, how venal the unions - not spending $25 billion now....

Will cost us trillions in unemployment, in health costs, in the economy going down to below DJIA 6000.

America - world - you have been warned.

Like I said - I am a bit drunk and not holding out for anything.

I expect the idiots - the libertarians - to have responses like "omg free market rulez don't bail them out let them fail".


When did people become so stupid?

Why is the world tumbling down to hell and there is nothing I can do?

Am I the only seeing it?

Meanwhile, Goldman Sachs, investment "banks", banks are getting TRILLIONS...


Anonymous said...

Maybe your just one of the minority that hasn't been white washed by 'education'.

Anonymous said...

Drunk or not, great post.

iowa-girl-in-korea said...

Ah! Your drunk posts are the best cause they tell it like it is!

I totally agree that even though the car company kind of sucks, it still needs to be rescued or else.... Big trouble!

Anonymous said...

American Goy, I'm sure you've not forgotten that Hank Paulson was CEO of Goldman Sachs, and he's really more of a Democrat (please don't think I'm defending Repulsicans.)

Since banking is soooo heavy with Jewish people and Henry Ford was an anti-semite, is the reason that King Henry has no money for them because his Jewish buddies see an opportunity for paybacks for a longstanding grudge? (Knowing that GM's demise will kill the suppliers and thus Ford, also?)

Couldn't be, could it?

Anonymous said...

Post is right on the mark Goy. I agree with you 100%.

Robert Rubin just pretzel-wrecked Citigroup, and they are getting a 300 billion dollar bailout. I mean thats ONE TRILLION for paper pushers, but not 25 billion for carmakers? What a joke.

No country can be rich selling services and overpriced real-estate and insurance. Wall Street has been allowed to wreck America for "globalization", which the Trotskyite neo-con-slime loves.

Unknown said...

Sure, the point is - restructure it. But that's gonna be next to impossible, what with the wages, union contracts, health care liabilities and such. Nobody would want to cut jack, so they are all gonna go down eventually.

The Depressing Truth said...

Buy that Man another Drink!