Sunday, December 7, 2008

How do we know that the country is in trouble?

No, really.

That is not a facetious question.

Supposedly the powers that be will tell us, or do tell us.

The 'We are in a recession', 'We are going into inflation', 'No, you idiots, we are going into deflation' ad nauseum on TV and on National Public Radio.

Frankly, I couldn't care less whether we are in a recession, deflation or inflationary cycle. I guess I will when my money becomes monopoly money, but I digress.

Well, there is one staggering statistic which everyone seems to be missing here.

The unemployment rate, falsified by the American government (only the new applicants for unemployment are counted).


What is it, goy?

Why (ta da), here is the statistic that will make your miserable day even more gloomy, and make you utter a short yelp of (almost physical) pain:

One in ten Americans use food stamps to buy some (or all) of their food.

Food stamps are given by the government to the poor people to help them get by.

1 in 10.

Democracy Now.

Yahoo News

Market Watch

So, are we in an inflation, deflation, recession or going into those?

Why don't we ask those Americans with food stamps instead of money in their wallets?

All 31.6 million of them.

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