Sunday, December 14, 2008

The ultimate Bugs Bunny

'Eh... What's up, doc?".

The words that always set me on edge and made me uncomfortable.

Bugs Bunny on TV, the ultimate wise cracking, shit ass grinning, unemployed bum, somehow fast talking his way out of every situation and winning in the end.

The message to kids watching this cartoon?

Smirk, be a wise-ass, crack a few jokes to demean your adversary and you will win the game of life. Become a hustler.

And it works, unfortunately.

The ultimate Bugs Bunny book: The 4-Hour work Week: Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, and Join the New Rich.

A friend of mine sent me this book, and reading it I visualized a Bugs Bunny, the ultimate jackass, the ultimate hustler, come to life.

I wonder if Tim Ferriss eats carrots and lounges against a wall?

The first few pages of the book alert you to the fact that you, YOU!, work too much.

That is actually the whole premise of the book.

What you need to do is work efficiently, which will allow you, YOU!, to work less hours for same pay, and free up your time for the pursuits which you want to pursue.

Say, like winning the Chinese kick boxing championship. Or paragliding. Or dancing in the tango championship in Argentina.

And how do you accomplish all that?

By channeling Bugs Bunny, while everyone around you (the stupid Americans) is Elmer Fudd, who are dumb enough to work the 9-5 lame jobs.

Unlike you.

'Cuz you are cool.

I laughed so hard reading this book (each page of text should have a "Eh... What's up doc?" somewhere on top, to really get into the spirit) that I just had to hit up the Amazon comments section.

My faith in humanity is now (somewhat) restored.

Have fun with these:

"Be advised that the author is a jerk. Yes, as he says, he did win "the gold medal at the Chinese Kickboxing National Championships." But he did it by exploiting two loopholes in the rules.

1. "Weigh-ins were on the day prior to competition." So under medical supervision he lost 28 pounds, qualifying to fight three levels below his actual weight. Then he "hyperhydrated back to 193 pounds" to beat those "poor little guys." If you were ever bullied by sixth graders when you were in the second grade, you've met his sort.

Since he knew almost nothing about kickboxing, even that would not have let him win, so he exploited another loophole.

2. By the rules, if his opponent "falls off the elevated platform three times in a single round," he wins on a technicality. So his sole technique for getting the prize was shoving guys weighing almost thirty pounds less than himself off the platform. No skill, no talent, and no long, arduous training. Guys who'd disciplined and sacrificed themselves for years to have a chance at winning that gold medal didn't just so this jerk could check off yet another box on his "How Great I Am" resume.

This book is misstitled. The subtitle should be: "Escape 9-5, Live Anywhere, Join the New Rich, and Become the World's Biggest Jerk." Don't buy it. He'll probably use your money to set a Guiness Book record for "The most kittens strangled in one minute."

--Michael W. Perry, Untangling Tolkien: A Chronology and Commentary for The Lord of the Rings"

"A punk know it all kid fails first grade because he refuses to learn the ABCs. He gets fired from his first job at an ice cream store because he's so much smarter than the owner. He get fired from several more jobs and realizes he's a sociopath and can't work with others. So he sets out on several get rich quick schemes and finally succeeds in concocting a nutritional supplement for narcissistic body builders looking for a short cut. It turns into a real business and he starts making a lot of money. But the Peter Principle sets in and he ends up in way over his head. He's a least smart enough to realize this and outsources every part of the business that require brains. Low (sic! Lo! - AG) and behold - now all he has to do is cash the checks - thus the 4 hour work week.

So now he sets out to become a jet setting, tango dancing, champion cage fighter. I'm not kidding! This is what he claims. Well, at least he admits that he won the cage fighting championship by cheating. And that is essentially the theme of this book - cheat and lie your way to doing nothing.

The book is just ridiculous - some examples: to test your confidence, lie down on the floor in a public place or cruise the mall and ask hot chicks for their phone numbers. If your married, just throw the numbers away. Ask your boss if you can start working from home. If you follow Tim's instructions and your boss refuses to let you work from home - just quit your job, you're meant to be an entrepreneur - brilliant! Hire a personal assistant from India even if you don't need one. Use your PA to apologize to your wife for you. What?

So all you have to do is follow his blueprint and you can make millions working four hours a week!"

Oh, and somehow this book got a lot of 5 star reviews.

And by a lot, I mean this has more traffic than most other books sold on Amazon.

Maybe I am wrong in how I live my life?

After all, most Americans are goyim - cattle - too stupid to realize that they are being exploited, swindled and too lazy to do anything about it?

Let me try this then: Eh... what's up...hmmm...

No, cannot do it.

I was raised differently, with morals and ethics.

Damn you, parents!

How can I compete in this country and achieve the 4-hour work week when I have the crutch of morals and ethics hanging around me.


Back to the 8-6 work day...


Anonymous said...

Great site, followed you here from Steve Sailer's.

One thing though, any chance of fewer posts per page? Youve got quite a big front page there, Ive got a clunky PC and it takes a while to fully load.

AmericanGoy said...

Yeah, the blog loads slow.

I might have to look into that.

It is a small time blog, nothing as big as Steve-o's.

Also, keep in mind that I am (in many ways) an unashamed, militant liberal, although I disdain such simple name calling and think a person should be judged on an issue by issue basis, as opposed to a blanket generalization.

Having said that, am (mostly) a lib :-)

Anonymous said...

What do you think of Madoff, Madoff’s niece, Shana Madoff, who worked as a compliance lawyer for his company, is married to Eric Swanson, a former SEC official who had been involved in the agency’s examinations of Madoff’s operations.

Madoff mentioned the marriage last year as he boasted about his close ties with regulators while speaking at a conference in New York. The Washington Post reviewed a digital video of the speech.

This is his exact quote “I’m very close with the regulators, so I’m not trying to say that they can’t, you know, that what they do is bad. As a matter of fact, my niece just married one,” Madoff said, adding in an apparent reference to Swanson, “Very nice attorney.”

As you see Goy it is all in the family!

Anonymous said...

This is nothing new...David DelDotto perfected it in the 80s and 90s...."be a multi millionaire "come to my free seminar" then he would go on to sell you $900.00 worth of his books and tapes on being a millionaire by buying pie in the sky............there have been many others some presently on TV using the same "There is a sucker born every minute" tactics......just look at how many people bought into "Flip That House" buying property at a huge price using no money down, interest only, ARM loans, from unscrupulous banks who did not even ask them if they had a job. These "fixer upper suckers" suckers thought that they could sell the homes before the mortgages re-set at the suckers rate...........Greed is so enticing. Religion does that too.....go to Heaven, all you have to do is join up, pay your tithing and God will be waiting for you with open arms.........

Now if I could just find someone to pay me for sleeping, I would be set for life.