Wednesday, January 28, 2009

CBS runs an (shock!) impartial documentary on Israel

CBS did an incredible thing.

They run a segment, on their show '60 Minutes', that profiled the situation in Israel and were (more than is allowed on American TV) impartial.

CBS webpage with this story is here.

This has never, as far as I know, happened in America, on network TV.


This is big.

Of course, there is now a backlash, led by the usual low moral standards, ethically challenged creatures.

Via one of my favorite blogs, the great Phillip Weiss highlights the same ol' usual.

Lets go to the site and see what's happening there.

In the January 25th episode of CBS's 60 Minutes, correspondent Bob Simon teamed up with Palestinian politician and partisan Mustafa Barghouti in a segment entitled "Is Peace Out of Reach," to promote the Palestinian view of the Arab-Israeli conflict, which heaps blame on Israel and exculpates the Palestinians for lack of peace. He ignores the Palestinians' responsibility for their own situation and reduces everything to a two-dimensional, villain-and-victim scenario, with Israel cast in the role of villain and Palestinians in the part of victim.

Sounds about right - Israel stole land by ethnically cleansing (by mass murder and forced evictions of whole towns) it and populating it with Jewish settlers.

Facts have a liberal anti-Israel bias.

To support this one-sided and extremely distorted view, CBS gives a welcoming platform to Palestinians and other harsh critics of Israel.

Re-read that sentence please.

Think on it a bit.

Giving a voice to Palestinians promotes a one sided and distorted view.

Giving a voice to Palestinians on American mainstream TV is very, very bad.

Pardon me, Mr. American traitor who loves Israel more than his own country, but when I watch an indepth news story about a conflict I want to see both sides of a conflict.

And then be allowed to make my own mind.

Aye, but therein lies the rub...

On the webpage, then we hit the section called

There are three points, laying step by step action that is expected of the members of
a) E-mailing:

b) Calling Senior Producer Robert Anderson: (212) 975-6977

c) Submitting a complaint online by clicking here: and selecting 60 Minutes from the drop down menu.

Then the article goes in depth telling the israelunitycoalition people exactly what to say, and how to say it.

Because, you know, they need to stay on message, and speak the same talking points. No individuality allowed.

Then there is a list of advertisers, whom members of Israel uber alles fightin keyboard commandoes brigade are urged to call and whine.

Why don't YOU go to that webpage?

Feel free to call Senior Producer Robert Anderson @ (212) 975-6977 and tell him exactly what YOU think?

Email 60 minutes at and speak your mind.

Bonus Material - my letter, for whatever it's worth

My email to CBS:
Bravo! Thank you for Bob Simon's Israel story.

About time that the mainstream American TV joined the rest of the world (yes, ALL of it - we are the only ones in the whole community of nations) who look upon the actions of Israel with at the least a distaste.

Apartheid is not too strong a word to use, and President Carter was virtually shut out from the Democratic party for speaking truth to power.

When watching an in depth news segment about a conflict, I want to hear BOTH sides of the issue and then make up MY OWN MIND.

If you cave in to these people, the pro Israel no matter what crowd (the very definition of treason), you will continue the (not so proud) very American tradition in self censorship, and bowing down to a whisper from CAMERA, AIPAC or any other entity.

Thank You, CBS.

Stay strong!


Frank Hope said...

I'm sure CBS knows what it's doing. After all CBS CEO Leslie Moonves is "so Jewish his great uncle was the first prime minister of Israel", Ben Gurion. Still it is heartening to see the Israel-Palestine situation portrayed in such an impartial way on network TV - on 60 Minutes no less.

The one thing I did notice that was sort of counter to the whole anti-establishment viewpoint however was the painting of Livni as the "good guy" in the piece. You know things are bad when the leader of Kadima is considered a "moderate". This is the party that was formed by Sharon after all. And Livni played a huge part in the assault on Gaza. She hoped to get political advantage by bathing in Palestinian blood, but Netanyahu has her beat on that one.

I guess its too much to ask, but the logical conclusion that 60 Minutes should have come to is not that the solution is to kick the settlers off the West Bank - which isn't going to happen anyway - but to create a one-state solution.

Presenting Livni as the defender of the 2-state solution willing to forcibly remove the settlers is just a way to further the myth that Israel is interested in peace. Livni and the woman settler in the piece actually agree. Only the woman settler is uncommonly honest in stating that the purpose of the settlements is specifically to force all Palestinians out. Compare her statements with this statement by Sharon, "Everybody has to move, run and grab as many (Judean) hilltops as they can to enlarge the (Jewish) settlements because everything we take now will stay ours... Everything we don't grab will go to them."

When Livni says she will remove the settlers, she is only referring to a handful of "illegal" settlers - that is, settlements that are not government approved. At the same time she will increase the size of the "legal" settlements. This is exactly what Sharon did.

In actuality all the settlements on occupied territory are illegal according to the Geneva convention, but the Israeli government likes to draw distinctions to confuse the goyim.

Frank Hope

Greg Bacon said...

I saw that program and watched it wide-eyed, as I couldn't believe that an American MSM outlet was trying to present the Palestinian ethnic cleansing by Israel in some kind of balanced light.

I bet 60 Minutes catches all sorts of hell, from death threats to advertisers pulling their ads to punish CBS for having the audacity to try and present both sides of a story.

Those damned "anti-Semities," you just can't trust those GOY with anything.

Better send an "aL Qaeda" hijacked airliner into the CBS building, flown by "Moshe" Mohammed and "Bennie" aL karan to teach those GOYIM another lesson.

A. Peasant said...

As Frank said, I thought CBS fluffed Tzipi, which of course is total BS. She is every bit the fanatical, murderous shrew that she ever was. Moderate my ass. But other than that, it was pretty satisfying to see the Israeli soldiers hiding in the house, afraid of the cameras.

Anonymous said...

A. Peasant:

Israeli soldiers are p****s, what can they say?

Frank Hope said...

I just read this quote from the "heroine" of the CBS story.

Livni said, “I will advance only an agreement that represents our interests. Maintaining maximum settlers and places that we hold dear such as Jerusalem—not a single refugee will enter.”

That's a little different from the story she told to CBS don't you think? But it all depends on the audience she is talking to. When she talks to the goyim she pretends to be the adversary of the illegal settlers. I wonder if CBS will follow up on their story with an update of Livni's comments? Don't 60 Minutes producers know how to use the internet?

Also in the same article from Democracy Now!:

"In meetings with US envoy George Mitchell, both Olmert and Abbas confirmed the Israeli offer would remove just 60,000 settlers of the 290,000 in the West Bank. The remaining 230,000 settlers would stay in the large settlement blocs that nearly cut the West Bank in half. Not a single Palestinian refugee would be granted the right to return to their former home in Israel."

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