Monday, March 30, 2009

AG's short news roundup: bombshell in Iraq plus other stories

News: Aren't you happy that the United States, in its moment of a greatest financial crisis since the 1930's Great Depression, has its fiscal priorities in order?

U.S. official: Obama won't cut military aid to Israel , Ha'aretz, dateline 11/03/2009:

U.S. President Barack Obama will not cut the billions of dollars in military aid promised to Israel, a senior U.S. administration official said Wednesday.

The $30 billion in aid promised to Israel over the next decade will not be harmed by the world financial crisis, the official told Israel Radio.

$30 billion is guaranteed for Israel, no matter what.

Israel is America's priority.

I wonder what is not a priority for this country's elite?

That's right - saving our manufacturing base.

News: Auto companies task force!

AT A GLANCE: US Government Moves To Overhaul GM, Chrysler , MARCH 30, 2009, Wall Street Journal:

The task force said it doesn't believe Chrysler can survive as a stand-alone company. The government said it would provide capital for 30 days to cut a workable agreement with Fiat SpA (F.MI), the Italian auto maker that has a tentative alliance with Chrysler.

Chrysler said Monday afternoon that it had reached the framework of an agreement with Fiat for a global alliance, but the two haven't yet reached a definitive pact. If the two reach an agreement, the government will consider investing up to $6 billion more in Chrysler. If the talks fail, the company would be allowed to collapse.

Catch the difference between the $30 billion free money gift given with no strings attached to Israel and the possible, if you kiss our asses and prostrate yourselves before us, your masters and overlords, $6 billion loan to Chrysler?

GM was hit on two fronts: first, its financial unit, GMAC, got fucked because all the banks in the craze of the fake, bubble market of a few years ago forced each bank to lend as much as possible (each loan, whether loaned to people who could pay you back or not) was guaranteed to show up as credit, gain, revenue on the ledger.

Second, GM's American workers are competing with third world shitholes where no laws exist protecting the workers, the environment or basic human dignity, and if you are a worker in such a country and get too "uppity" you will disappear... as a lesson to others.

Also, GM's (and other) autoworkers compete vs. Germany, Japan, France, first world nations, which have national healthcare - the American companies who (each year more and more) have to pay their employees health costs are fucked.

That is why Obama and the elites are trying to finagle a deal with the insurance companies to get some sort of a hybrid for-profit/government program.

Am not too optimistic on that, as the healthcare lobby (like any lobby, really) is too well entrenched and has too many (bribed, paid) supporters in Washington.

News: Iran in a power play in Iraq, asserts its control

Quick history lesson.
The moslem world is divided into two branches, the shia and the sunni.

They hate each other.

They also hate us, the USofA, chiefly for our slavish obedience to Israel (re-read the first story if in doubt).

During Saddam's reign, sunnis were in control and lording it over the shia. Iraq was a bulwark state vs the (perceived) threat of Iran, and was supported by the fellow Baathist parties (google it - can't be arsed to explain everything anymore) in Syria and Egypt, as well as Jordan.

So when we were manipulated by the pro-Israel Jewish neocons into invading and then occupying Iraq, to remove that country as a threat to Israel (google PNAC and "Clean Break" - I talked about these before many a time), we upset the order.

The shia are more numerous and they were kept in check only by sunni terror and dictatorship.

And now that the sunni terror was removed by the blundering US rule, the shia woke up.

In the beginning of our occupation, every day on the TV you could hear a lot about the "sunni triangle".

Remember that?

You do not hear those words anymore, hmm?

Wonder what happened?

In the beginning, the sunni were the ones shooting Americans and blowing our soldiers to kingdom come.

But a few years later, both sides had their "oh my gawd" or, in the internet cool kids language, a facepalm moment.

The sunnis realized that while they were wasting their soldiers, weapons and money on the very strong, well armed and ruthless American military, the shia cooperated with the USofA.

And the American elites and military leaders, always clueless, tactless and not understanding anything other than the concept of "freedom fries" and "powerpoint presentations", bought into it.

Why, since the sunnis were shooting them, let the other brown n*****s shoot them back for us.

And the sunnis lost power, and the shia gained political power, with the (extremely) pro-Iran, shia prime minister of Iraq, Nuri al-Maliki:
Maliki urges Iranian firms to invest in Iraq

BAGHDAD (AFP) – Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki on Friday urged Iranian businesses to invest in Iraq and help with the reconstruction of his war-ravaged country.

"We call on Iranian enterprises to come and work and invest in Iraq and to contribute to the construction process in the country, as we have already asked international businesses to do," he said at a meeting with Ali Larijani, speaker of Iran's parliament.

Maliki said his administration "wants to see relations with Iran make progress in all sectors," according to a statement.

Larijani said Iran is "ready to support the Iraqi government and to remain at its side to make the Iraqi economy grow."

Both Iran and Iraq, which was invaded by US-led forces in 2003 to oust the Sunni Muslim regime of the late Saddam Hussein, have Shiite majority populations.

So the sunnis stopped shooting and blowing up our soldiers, and were paid with our tax money to do so.

They hoarded their weapons and soldiers for the coming showdown with the shia.

From my Iran thanks the brave American soldiers! Part 2 article:

While public attention has been focused on Shiite-vs.-Shiite fighting in Basra and Baghdad, U.S. military leaders are taking a cold second look at the future intentions of the roughly 90,000 "Sons of Iraq" -- the locally recruited and primarily Sunni security forces that are armed and supported by the United States at $300 per person each month.

Got that?

There are over 90,000 militia - Sunni militia - in Iraq whom Americans pay $300 per person so they will not kill us.


Obama Sez Iraq Surge Success Beyond `Wildest Dreams'!

The TV propaganda pundits orgasm live on the air and jizz the cameras!

This then was the secret behind the success of the surge.

This, of course, did not go unnoticed by Iran and the shia power in Iraq, and they took action.

The Americans, the clueless country bumpkins, with no knowledge of local culture, religious branches, hell, anything really, are STILL not understanding the situation now.

The American authorities tried to push for the 'Sons of Iraq' to be integrated into the Iraqi military - but the idiots did not notice nor recognize that the Iraqi military is pretty much 90% shia.

Some of them are hard core Badr Brigade members, trained by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.

Now armed, trained and organized into combat units by the clueless idiots - us.

And now, the crackdown of the sunni by the shia while the bewildered American soldiers, still clueless and not understanding (much), look on:
US-backed Iraqi troops quell Baghdad uprising.

BAGHDAD – U.S.-backed Iraqi forces swept through a central Baghdad slum Sunday, disarming Sunnis from a government-allied paramilitary group to quell a two-day uprising launched to protest the arrest of their leader.

At least four people were killed and 21 wounded in the two days of fighting between government troops and the Awakening Council in Fadhil, a ramshackle warren of narrow, fetid streets on the east side of the Tigris River where al-Qaida once held sway.

The confrontation in Fadhil could be explosive if it leads to a split between the Shiite-led government and the Awakening Councils, made up of Sunnis who abandoned al-Qaida and joined forces with the Americans to fight the insurgents.

Distrust runs deep between the Shiite-led government and the Awakening Councils, which the U.S. calls Sons of Iraq, because many of them are ex-insurgents. There have been fears that some fighters may return to the insurgency if they feel threatened by the government.

Let me translate this, as the article from Associated Press is like something from an 'Alice in Wonderland' world.

This is a crackdown - the shia (pro Iran, anti American) government of Maliki arrested (blatant provocation) the leader of a sunni militia group (now allied with us).

The sunni militia in Baghdad seeing the writing on the wall took up arms and were promptly destroyed/cracked down on by the pro Iran forces.

You see, again, the so called Iraqi army is 90% shia, with Iranian agents of influence sprinkled throughout. They are armed with tanks, APC's and heavy weapons.

The sunni militia is armed with hand me down rifles.

No contest - Iran wins.

From the article:
Members of the councils maintain that they are being unfairly singled out and targeted by the Shiite-dominated security forces because they are Sunnis. But none of the past arrests drew the kind of explosive reaction that followed Saturday's detention of Adel al-Mashhadani.

"In our view, all these arrests and assassinations ... is part of Iran's plan to dominate Iraq," said Shogaa al-Aazami, commander of an Awakening Council in west Baghdad. "We think the arrests and the assassinations will continue."

Well, duh?

The real what the fuck moment is that the clueless, leaderless, looking to leave as soon as possible American military is allowing this Iranian takeover to happen so blatantly, so in the open.

Now all Iran has to do is bide its time and, thanks to America the Israeli patsy, it has won a great victory and will soon become an even greater regional power in the Middle East (while using American weapons, bullets, tanks, APC's to kill anti Iranian sunni).

I have to laugh at my adopted country, the Yoo Ess of Ey - we are too stupid to even be a good patsy.

And finally, a message to the neocons: Perle, Wolfowitz and other traitors, the so called "Americans" whose every action is to promote Israeli interests over American ones:

Was this what you hoped to accomplish?

Are you people really this stupid? (Note - USA being the patsy of these idiots speaks volumes).

Having read "Clean Break" and PNAC, I realized that you idiots wanted the USA to overthrow not just Saddam but also take on Syria, and, of course, Iran.

And it was unnerving to hear Perle, Wolfowitz, Wolf Blitzer and other zionists (read - Israeli patriots who happen to be American citizens) - shouting in shrill voices that this is us remaking the Middle East, that Iran is a danger, and we must bomb Iran and Syria... that we, the USA, must remake the whole (mother fucking ALL OF IT) Middle East (just... boggles the mind that these ravings of these pro Israel lunatics were taken seriously in American media).

But the plan got fucked up - we got stuck in Iraq.

And after all - look at the trouble Israel has occupying a teenie-tiny strip of Palestinian land...

Did you (we) really think that American boys would be occupying Iraq (Syria and Iran also, according to the great plan) indefinitely?

Or that suddenly, under American occupation, Arabs in those countries would start singing tikvah (Israeli anthem) and wave American and Israeli flags?

That American politicians send American kids to die for Israeli interests I can understand - we are Israel's bitch.

But I expected Israelis and their agents of influence in America - the neocons - to be a bit... smarter.


Anonymous said...

Goy here you go again, huffing and puffing about, tell me what do you intend to do about it. You were even fooled by the "Changer" himself. So pray please tell me what you gonna do!

zfolwick said...

"Both Iran and Iraq, which was invaded by US-led forces in 2003 to oust the Sunni Muslim regime of the late Saddam Hussein, have Shiite majority populations."

I believe that you are wrong on this point. . . Iran-- and most of the muslim world-- is primarily Sunni.

So that confused me with reading the rest of the article.

AmericanGoy said...

zfolwick, the Arab world is majority sunni, but Iran (and Iraq) has a shia majority.

syria, saudi arabia, jordan etc etc are majority sunni.

hope that clears the confusion.

Anonymous said...


Has it ever occured to you that the present situation is exactly what the neo-cons might have wanted, so that we HAVE TO ATTACK IRAN. By intentionally leaving Iraq to the Shia, this guarantees that Iran will try and dominate it, and possibly INVADE IT if there is a civil war on the Shia side. If that happens, since we messed the place up, we will be almost COMPELLED to come in on the side of the Sunni. Iran and Iraq will both be wrecked for a generation physically if this happens, bombed to you-know-what, many of its young men dead, and divided as never before.

All neo-cons are not dumb. Nathan Sharanksy for example isn't dumb. Evil yes, dumb no.