Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Sweet nightmares, America, and the world

No, seriously.

What the fuck is this shit - "lets scare the shit out of people for the lulz" day?

First, the presidential plane circles around New York accompanied by fighter jets - this is explained away as a photo opportunity.

NYTimes: Obama Orders Review of Jet Flyover

And of course, the swine/bird/human flu (a triple cross species flu, so rare in nature that... well, it's impossible to occur) is on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, your water cooler discussion, etc.

If I was a paranoid I would combine this accidental flyover (which dominated the news) alongside the swine / bird / human flu strain (also dominating the news) which does not occur in nature (as far as we know) and read The Shock Doctrine.

It is all obfuscation, all filling TV screens with "tragedy de jour", all the more we lose sight of what's going on.

Specifically, the bailout money - where is it going, actually, specifically, to whom and in what amounts? I dunno...

The soon-to-be-forgotten torture investigation, which media will not remember in a few days. Obama, Democrats move to block torture investigation

So war in Iraq, Afghanistan, is not enough to mask the wholesale theft of the middle class money, of the destruction of what's left of the middle class, of the shock doctrine in action - this time in motherfucking Yoo Ess of Ey itself, finally - is not enough, now we need a (manufactured?) swine flu (shades of the Army lab anthrax letters, n'est ce pas?).

Even - shock! - Obama the magic Public Relations figurehead may not be enough, as Americans (the nerve of us!) are still not over the fact that the "bailout" money amount is larger than World War 2, Vietnam War, Korean War and every American war in between - combined. (Yes, you read that right).

So, if the "war on terror" is not scaring us enough, if Obama's undoubtable charisma is not swaying us to nod in stupified purple haze emanating from our TV boxes, if the unnatural swine-bird-human flu is not scaring us enough, what is left?

Indeed, what is left for the elites to do to take our attention away from what's going on?

Dunno, the American elites seem to like September 11 for some reason to activate their plans.

Well, g'night all, sweet dreams.

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