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Iranian youth vs corrupt, decrepit, lazy old men

Iranian youth is out in force, rioting because of a blatantly fixed elections.

Iran is a system wherein decrepit, lazy, corrupt and quite stupid old men are holding on to power and masquerading it as a religious system.

This reminds me of my experiences of communism, where it was also a system where decrepit, lazy, corrupt and quite stupid old men were also holding on to power - and it was hidden behind a so called communist system, which in theory made everyone equal.

The elite in any country do not want to let go of power.

The elites in any system do not want to let go of power.

Usually the rulers try to hide themselves behind a facade of a just system, but in the case of Iran, the stench of corruption is just too much.

The Revolutionary Guards are a misnamed organization. They were basically the elite's guardians, and now they have morphed into the elite themselves, with their families and themselves effectively ruling the country, chiefly to better themselves and their families - just like every elite in every country has done.

Nothing "Islamist religious fanatic / terrorist" in that definition, is there?

Blown your mind?

Hard to think of these bearded (so called) religious fanatics as akin to our country's elites? Or, any country's elites? I mean, they have beards and they dress strangely - they are soooo different.


They are exactly the same as elites who get into power in any country, of any religion, of any system - buddhism, islam, christianity, "democracy", communism, or any mix and match of those.

It is exactly the same situation - every elite wants to hold on to power no matter what, and will use more and more force to do that until something gives.

It is systemic - you MUST be able to see that by now - and whether the elites wear suits and ties, or sport robes and black beards and turbans, the game is always the same - how can I screw the common citizen so that me and mine get more.

You doubt me?

Washington Post:

But almost three decades after the 1979 revolution, the Revolutionary Guard has also become a leading political and economic force in Iran. One of its veterans, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, became Iran's president in 2005. The force and a network of current and former commanders have also moved into Iran's oil and gas business, won bids on major government construction contracts, and even gained lucrative franchises such as Mercedes-Benz dealerships, the sources say.

Do not be fooled by their black beards and turbans and proclaiming themselves to be religious fanatics (which plays into the hands of the Washington neocon - i.e. pro Israel, mostly Jewish - ruling cabal).

These are business thugs, out for themselves, just like the Bush family in this country.

The Guard's ties and the widening corruption in Iran have increasingly led its commanders, companies and connections to bid on and win government contracts, including for recent oil and gas projects, for which they are not qualified, U.S. officials say. The result, they add, is that key projects are either poorly done or farmed out to other contractors, for a commission.

Lets learn some more of these so called religious fanatics,

Bay Ledger News Zone

They own car factories and construction firms, operate newspaper groups and oil fields and increasingly, serve in parliament or become provincial governors.

the group formed to safeguard Iran's 1979 Islamic revolution has pushed well beyond its military roots: Current and former members now hold a growing role across the country's government and economy, sometimes openly and other times in shadow.

The election of a hard-line president two years ago sharply accelerated that influence, recent interviews here suggest. Supporters of supreme leader Ali Khamenei and his protege, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have sought to consolidate power by putting allies in key positions, potentially shaping Iran for years to come.

"We don't support it," Mohsen Mirdamadi, who leads Iran's largest pro-reform party, said of the guards' spreading influence. "It can be reversed with a change of government _ but slowly."

Publicly, the guards now own or control numerous companies that receive lucrative, often no-bid government contracts in the oil and gas industry, farming, and road and dam construction. Their winning of deals is often announced outright in Tehran newspapers.

Other times, the group's business deals are shrouded in mystery and merely whispered about.

In one example, the guards are thought to run a network of unauthorized docks and trading firms importing consumer goods, tariff-free, into Iran, said Mehdi Khalaji, a researcher at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

That would be a lucrative business in Iran, where Western goods are harder to obtain.

Did you catch that?

For these thugs, the US embargo on Iran is good for business - because guess who is guarding the borders from smugglers?

That's right - they are!

So, if, say, a "revolutionary" "guard" (notice the '"', now used in both words) let slip a shipment of western goods, such as a bunch of DVD players, or western movies, or clothes - guess who makes big money?

Hint: not the ordinary citizens.

It looks like the goal of these revolutionary (haha - religious fanatics my ass) guards and Washington neocons is the same... Keep the Iran embargo up, keep up the state of the cold war between USA and Iran, so that the Iranians focus on the external enemy and pay no attention to a bunch of smug, bearded, fat and obscenely rich men living in palaces while the lot of the Iranian common Joe Schmoe gets harder and harder...

We were always at war with Oceania!

Say, how did it work out for the Soviet Union, you fat fuck Khomeini number 2 (or 3 or 4 - can't keep track of Iran's "holy" men anymore).

So why then did the government of these (if I catch you labeling them as religious fanatics I will bitchslap you, so make it a habit to NOT call them that) thieves act so brutally and forcefully when Ahmadinejad (surprise! he was a Revolutionary Guard too!) lost the election?

Home in on the quiet, hidden parargaph, the one in which Mr. Mohsen Mirdamadi perhaps said too much - in 2007! (the date of the article).

"We don't support it," Mohsen Mirdamadi, who leads Iran's largest pro-reform party, said of the guards' spreading influence. "It can be reversed with a change of government _ but slowly."

Simply put, this election is not a vote pro or anti America, or pro or anti Iran foreign policy - this is simple a case of the country being sick of the corruption having finally reached the levels of the old communist Soviet Union under Brezhnev in 1970's.

You might be too young or not know history enough to remember or even have heard about that regime - but the level of corruption was so vast that there was no activity whatsoever that the lowest Joe Schmoe on the street could do without paying some kind of a bribe to somebody.

Even when going to a store and buying some toilet paper.

This is Iran in the very near future if the "revolutionary" (snort!) "guards" (heh!) are allowed to operate and cement their power more.

And people (especially the intelligent, educated young people shut out from the system because ALL THE POSITIONS OF POWER AND BUSINESS are staffed by decrepit, corrupt, stupid old men and their stooges) have had enough.

This is exactly parallel to what I saw in the communist system.

This is why Solidarity exploded in the 1980's.

The level of hipocrisy and corruption was greater than the level of oppression - jailings, torture, state sanctioned murder.

Simply put, the communist government of Poland got queasy, got cold feet, and did what the Iranians tried to do (and successfully pulled off of for many years) - they tried to mask the corruption by introducing limited reforms and freedoms (tightly controlled and regulated).

The similarities of the two historical situations - Poland in the 1980's and Iran now - are striking.

No matter if the corruption hides itself behind a slogan of "freedom and equality for all!" or Islamist religious theology.

It is just a cover for lazy, corrupt, stupid, venal, clueless, fat, obscene and finally useless leeches, parasites at the top.

Iran, just like the elites in communist Poland, tried to mask the system of organized, blatant corruption with an outward show of voting, some form of democracy and some bon hommie.

But now they have let the situation - like communists in 1980 Poland - get out of hand.

The people are not scared anymore, because the level of oppression does not outweigh the crowds' anger over the blatant, from the top to the bottom, corruption.

And they do not want to let a candidate who is a reformist (read - will halt and possibly roll back the corrupt practices of the - snort - "revolutionary" guards).

Here are some pictures of how the elites act - in ANY country - when their hold on power, riches, official positions and their status as pigs at the trough is threatened.

Blog link here contains pictures as well as youtube videos


Cartosys said...

Well. Done. Definitely a more informed and impassioned piece than mine! Thanks for the work and the comment!

alibi said...
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alibi said...

American Goy: <…No matter if the corruption hides itself behind a slogan of "freedom and equality for all!" or Islamist religious theology.

It is just a cover for lazy, corrupt, stupid, venal, clueless, fat, obscene and finally useless leeches, parasites at the top…>

Ok the Iranians are on the streets against their own fat leeches. Good for them. I wonder what the Americans are gonna do about theirs. And when and if they go on the streets what would be the American leeches' respond. Really what would that be?
Probably new elections… probably fair too… probably there will be no antiriot police. No - I’m sure there will be no violence. Who needs violence in their own country.
Just give them a new president and they'll go home happy. Important thing he must be a good man and has no connections with the leeches. But that's not a problem of course. Not in the US. This good new man will sure fix everything.

Those dumb Iranians can't even get themselfs a good man for president.