Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Different laws for different folks

We all should be familiar with how "justice" in America is done.

If you are black and young, and you have the misfortune of being nearby a crime scene, chances are a cop car will come, break, and police officers will swoop down and take you in... for "questioning".

Hell, these days, if you are young and white, cops will swoop in and take you in.

And if you are brown and moslem - man, I feel sorry for you.

But what happens when you are a 250 pound (or more) drunk white guy at a bar, and, upon being told by a petite woman bartender that you drunk too much and should go home, beat her.

Beat her so that she falls down.

Beat her as she writhes on the floor.

Kick her.

Then beat her some more.

And kick her again.

And again.

Oh, one caveat - you are a cop.

You should know the answer to this question, of course - nothing happens to you.

This is how "justice" is done in America.

Look at this piece of shit, all smug and a GW Bush patented smirk on his face, walk away from the court as if he owned the place.

As if he owned my city - Chicago.

And, you know - he is right.

He is obviously above the law, and if this piece of shit stopped me at night, and proceeded to beat me, I, all bloody and clothes in tatters, would be taken to jail for "resisting arrest".

After all, a cop's testimony in court is sacred, and I happen to be a young guy...

And, if this piece of shit walks around as if nothing can touch him (he's right), and as if he owns this city (he does), and as if that woman, you and me are vermin whom he can abuse at will (he's right about that too, even if he is out of uniform), imagine how smug the people who REALLY own this country must feel.

People like the CEO of Goldman Sachs, people like Rahm Emanuel, people like Geithner or Bernanke.

If this fat piece of shit is untouchable and can beat a woman on camera, with lots of witnesses, imagine how above the law people like that are.


Anonymous said...

He used the "self-defense" defense, which is funny because he went over the bar into her work area...............so how is that self-defense?

Honestly Goy, you shouldn't be all that suprised. Chicago is a notoriously dirty-politics city.

You know what really gets me personally is this........If you were there personally that night, and seen him beating her, and you jumped the bar and went back there and started whipping his drunk ass, and he called the cops: you'd be in deep deep shit. First, the cops would likely insist that you "resisted arrest" and pummelled the living shit out of you, and tasered you before/while doing so, then you'd be arrested for assault on their fellow officer. If it werent for that tape absolving you, they'd probably wind up breaking your life by putting you in prison. Upone your release, good luck on getting any kind of good job.

Its a shame, but thats the way it is.

A writer I used to read once wrote (on visiting the former Soviet Union) that the only people who consistently "looked happy" were the police. "Of course", he concluded, "they are the police in a police state".

malcontent said...

Yet another example for your file... Drsg racing at 150mph on a public highway is also OK if you are a cop.