Thursday, July 23, 2009

... including Rabbis

I was in shock today.

For the first time ever in my memory I heard the phrase "including rabbis".

I was listening to NPR as I made my way home from work and was dumbstruck., dateline July 23 2009:

The mayors of Hoboken, Ridgefield and Secaucus, New Jersey, and five rabbis were among 44 people charged by the U.S. with public corruption and money laundering.

This is the first time I have ever heard anything bad said about rabbis.


It might sound strange, but I challenge you - when was the last time you have ever read anything bad said about rabbis in the national media?

And every time this story was told, on NPR, on TV, it always included the phrase "including rabbis!".

As if a threshold was passed, as if the forbidden was suddenly allowed, as if somehow it was naughty, strange, and exhilarating to say anything bad about them.

So what the hell happened?

Hoboken Mayor Peter Cammarano, 32, Secaucus Mayor Dennis Elwell, 64, and Ridgefield Mayor Anthony Suarez, 42, all Democrats; Jersey City Council President Mariano Vega Jr., 59; State Assemblyman Daniel Van Pelt, 44, a Republican from Ocean Township; and Assemblyman L. Harvey Smith, a Jersey City Democrat, were charged today in an FBI complaint.

Heavy hitters.

The corruption probe, based in Hudson County, netted many public officials accused of pledging assistance for bribes. A cooperating witness in that probe also infiltrated a “pre- existing money laundering network” that moved “at least tens of millions of dollars through charitable, non-profit entities controlled by rabbis in New York and New Jersey,”

Re-read that.

An organized network of money laundering organized by rabbis.

The cooperating witness laundered $3 million through the rabbis and also made bribe payments to public officials, prosecutors said. Investigators made hundreds of hours of audio and video recordings of illicit transactions, according to prosecutors.

The witness, wearing a wire, himself laundered $3 million.


Think on that, and think about the amounts of monies involved, and about the size of this operation.

So who is that mysterious cooperating witness?

The cooperating witness is Solomon Dwek, a real estate developer in Monmouth County, New Jersey, who was charged on May 11, 2006, with scheming to defraud PNC Bank out of $50 million, according to three people familiar with the matter. Dwek is a rabbi’s son who was vice president of the Deal Yeshiva School in West Long Branch, New Jersey.

A rabbi's son.

Caught trying to defraud a bank out of $50 million.


So, how many rabbis - names, please.

And where did the money go?

The rabbis were Saul Kassin, 87, chief rabbi of Sharee Zion, a synagogue in Brooklyn, New York; Eliahu Ben Haim, 58, the principal rabbi of Congregation Ohel Yaacob in Deal, New Jersey; Edmond Nahum, 56, of Deal Synagogue in Deal; Mordchai Fish, 56, of Congregation Sheves Achim in Brooklyn; and Lavel Schwartz, 57, Fish’s brother.

The rabbis were charged with laundering money that often was sent to Israel.

Why did the rabbis launder this money to Israel - what was in it for them?
Lets go to another article, just for this part (from
The rabbis are accused of money laundering using charitable nonprofit groups they or their synagogues controlled, and taking 5 to 10 percent for themselves.

But it gets worse - much worse.

Goy has several meanings - one of them is a "non-Jew", a nigger, if you will.
A goy is also a sort of cattle, to be used and abused by it's betters.

Lets drive this point home (from Bloomberg again):

Levy-Izhak Rosenbaum, 58, of Brooklyn, was accused of conspiring with others to acquire and trade human organs for use in transplantation. Rosenbaum, who was “purportedly” involved in real estate, was approached by a cooperating witness and an undercover FBI agent about buying a human kidney from a human organ broker, according to the complaint.

Rosenbaum said it would cost $150,000, with half payable up front, according to the complaint. Rosenbaum said some of the money would go to the donor and some to doctors in Israel, according to the complaint.

“One of the reasons it’s so expensive is because you have to shmear (meaning pay various individuals for their assistance) all the time,” according to the complaint. “It’s illegal to buy. It’s illegal to sell.”


How do you feel about things after reading that, fellow cattle?

I'll keep it short and sweet.

The American intelligence people are pissed, both in the CIA and the FBI.

Make that EXTREMELY pissed off.

After seeing Israeli spies get off scot free (if you haven't, please read The AIPAC Treason Trial: Larry's Story), again and again, after seeing Cheney's Office of Special Plans, staffed with Israeli agents of influence, cherry pick American intelligence to lie to America to justify the Iraqi invasion, they have had enough.

These arrogant men, speaking heavily accented English and wearing cheap cologne strolling through newspaper bureaus, FBI offices, Congressmen offices, as if they own Washington (they do...) have pissed off too many people.

American patriots in the intelligence organs tried to build a fool proof case against Israeli spies operating in America, Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman and Larry Franklin.

Hundreds of hours of wiretaps, of movies, of incriminating evidence - and the case was dismissed by a judge whose professional career will surely now take off as a reward for treason.

This is a second salvo in the now open war that elements of the American intelligence have declared on Israel.

The funny thing is that American intelligence targeted the international (Jewish) mafia in this probe, and the cooperating witness (the rabbi's son, remember) was used. They did not dream of netting the mayor of Hoboken or the other such high level officials in their net - they must have been shocked at how their investigation has turned out!

There are still (and it is heartening) patriots in the CIA, in the FBI, in the Justice Department and they notice how this country has been hijacked.

Don't get me wrong - we will not see dead Jewish Americans mysteriously "faint" and die right before they enter an Israeli embassy, and the arriving police finding materials marked "Pentagon - Ultra Secret" in their briefcases.

This is all going to be done legally, with evidence, bulletproof, irrefutable evidence, and criminal cases.

LOTS of criminal cases.

But if recent modern history is any guide, this second salvo will also sputter and die as paid off judges dismiss this and many other, upcoming ones.


Then all bets are off.

You can only push American intelligence so far.

There is only so much LAKAM and Office of Special Plans spying a country can take before there is a response.

On the other hand, this story shows how Israel is tied very much to the Russian (in reality, Russian/Ukrainian/Chechen and definitely Jewish) international mafia.

In fact, I would venture to say that Israel at this point is basically a mafia country, what with ex gangsters in their government (euphemistically called "a bar bouncer"), with tens of thousands (50,000... more?) trafficked Eastern European women kept as slave-prostitutes in brothels for Orthodox Jews to have sex with on religious holidays (they pay extra for sex without condoms), with the global Extasy drug being a 90% controlled by Jewish mafia from Israel.

Go grab Slave Hunter by Aaron Cohen.

Interestingly, almost all chapters are previewed online, EXCEPT, OF COURSE, THE PART WHERE HE DISCOVERS HOW PERVASIVE WOMEN SEX SLAVE TRAFFIC IS IN ISRAEL (imagine that, hmmmm?). That chapter is, er, missing.

Of course, you will not hear stuff like from our wonderful media.

And if you think that I am crazy, do your own research.

Go to your local bookstore, and ask for that book "Slave Hunter".

Read up on Israel.

Make up your own damn mind.


Anonymous said...

so young, so cynical..............damn that rap music! (just jerkin' your chain goy) : )

"It might sound strange, but I challenge you - when was the last time you have ever read anything bad said about rabbis in the national media?"

Agri-processors was the first in the mainstream media for me, but that wasn't mentioned much.

I remember Benjamin Sheinbein escaping to Israel after murdering someone, and the Israelis not wanting to extradite him back, but there was no rabbinical angle there.

I DO remember a story years ago about "homophobia" in Orthodox Judaism, and rabbis were drug in the story for their biblical denunciation of being gay, but that wasn't some extensive probe.

Goy, I dont know if I'd read this as "U.S. Intelligence is fed up, will now go after foreign agents of a particular middle eastern country". This was a legitimate case of rakateering and money laundering using religous figures to help get away with it. Tony Alamo (I know, he's really Jewish, its ironic), just got busted for pedophillia and obviously has been hiding behind religion to get away with it, some Muslim charities have obviously been getting away with shenanigans but have been facing scrutiny from law enforcement, and plenty of pastors and churches have been on the wrong side of the IRS. Since donations to religious organizations are tax-deductible, there is no doubt some opportunities for financial whizzes to figure out ways to launder and barter some wealth with their cooperation, hence the feds always keeping an eye out in this area.

It really IS a shame that rabbis (kind of like church pastors or priests in catholicism) would be involved in a systematic, organized scheme like this. Makes you think they aren't reading the good book as much as they should around that "though shall not bear false witness" part.

Culture Warrior said...

E Michael Jones doesn't speak about rabbis but he does have a lot to say about their religion here, and here. And of course there is always the inimitable Kevin MacDonald who weighs in here & here.

Anonymous said...

See this blog (25 July entry) for some fascinating connecting of the dots on the kidney-theft ring, including purported evidence of backing by Israeli officials:

Anonymous said...

I managed to keep from retching in the above post, but this one made me gag. Nevertheless, good work AG, your blog is for me and anyone else who cares about the world a must read.

iridescent cuttlefish said...

As if a threshold was passed, as if the forbidden was suddenly allowed, as if somehow it was naughty, strange, and exhilarating to say anything bad about them.

So what the hell happened?

To the reverence or deference, etc, that we normally extend to rabbis, or (more likely, methinks), to the calling/profession of rabbi in the light of such revelations? Here's the problem with this kind of rhetoric:

it's racist and therefore stupid.

Sure, there's a nefarious pro-Israel lobby in the US and a dangerously right wing political climate in Israel itself (fostered, if one cares to look, by the same whitebread nabobs of industry who've always called the shots, all the way back to when Jews weren't even allowed in their country clubs), but not all rabbis are organ-stealing, money-laundering Zionists.

Read Michael Lerner's Left Hand of God, for example, and tell me that he's just like your villians here. Yeah, Lerner, the guy that the Right hates, calling him Hillary's Rasputin. (And Hillary is no better than her counterparts in the duopoly, btw.) Or read The Pity of It All, by Amos Elon, or even this fond farewell to the great man which talks about it briefly, with further links:

Better, I think, that you stick to what's really wrong with people (and your clue is that it probably doesn't have anything to do with their race, ethnicity or religion, unless, as we've so often seen with the immoral minority advertizing itself as the opposite, a group either gets a head too full of itself or simply pretends to virtues that it in no way practices.)

In any case, beware the Stormfront...

Anonymous said...

American media is owned by jews. Therefore the public will not be informed of the criminal activities of these scum rabbis.