Thursday, August 6, 2009

So I was watching Gangland on TV and...

I decided to google.

Chicago gangs came up, go to forum, first post and...

What can I say, life is cheap in this country.

12 st players, read it all the way through and tell me what reaction you have to this bullshit.

I pity the young black kids in the ghetto, they truly live in a fucked up situation...


Nationalist said...

It reminds me of the site Detroit Is Crap.

If you had attended school in a diverse neighborhood in America, it would not surprise you to learn that the disparity in IQ is so great that even white kids who come from families that earn less than $20K per year regularly outperform the children of college educated blacks making more than $150K per year.

Here is a great discussion on why we don't have many minority spacemen (or nuclear physicists, or mathmeticians, etc):
Why Don't We Have More Black Spacemen?

Nationalist said...

Life in da 'hood.

Anonymous said...

I don't pity them. I grew up in Baltimore city where the demographic of my area was 96 percent black. I didn't end up gangbanging, selling drugs or any of the other typical "product of your environment" bullshit.

I ended up in fights (usually 2,3,4 vs 1) almost every single day growing up for no other reason then being white in an all black neighborhood.

I'll tell you who I feel sorry for, the old suburban liberal white people who see this garbage on television and believe that this is from whitey keeping them down.

I would challenge any of them to live in Detroit, Atlanta, Baltimore etc. for a single year and see if they can maintain their heartfelt feelings for them afterward.

Anonymous said...

Welfare funds polyamory...........polyamory marginalizes the majority of men, who turn very violent to gain the attention (and bling) to attract women, and a communal matriarchy is born.

Simply put, black underlcass women don't need nice repsectful black men, but award their favors to the socially dominant, thuggish-'connected' black men, and have their children out of wedlock. The cycle repeats itself with their daughters and sons. Underwritten by white taxes, we have basically seen the destruction of black underlcass independence and created a dependent class of people who cannot function in our economy unless they are hired soley on the basis of their race or given transfer payments.

Black music was full of romantic songs and sophisticated instrumental arrangements and multiple backing vocals even as late as the seventies and early eighties. Now, like England's white underclass, the young males "thug it up" to win the favors of the young females. Testing 99 (Sailer's) has written a great deal about this. I dont agree with Testing 99 about some foreign policy things, but it does not mean he is wrong about this.

White liberals have done more damage to blacks than even the most mean-spirited Republicans have done with the welfare checks. Not getting those checks (and reasonable divorce and child support laws) would have FORCED black women to be faithful wives of decent, law abiding black men, and would have promoted families. We have a "big man" subculture going on in the ghetto as it stands now. Without some new manual labor jobs that pay decent money (factories or construction), I dont see any way for hordes of young men with 85-95 IQ's to really have much success.

Some of these same processes are happening in the white, laotian, and hispanic underlcasses now also.