Thursday, January 27, 2011

The neocons wanted democracy in the Middle East?

The neocons wanted democracy to bloom in the Middle East.

The neocons wanted to use the American invasion and occupation of Iraq as a deus ex, a catalyst for the whole region to change.

They wanted, using American money and power and our soldiers' blood, to remake the whole region.

Iraq was supposed to be just a start, there was a list of countries America was supposed to hit and "transform".

Careful what you wish for, realpolitik amateurs...

Tunisia is in the advanced stages of "down with pro Western patsy and real democracy" outbreak.

Now comes Egypt (which, dear neocons, is really close to Israel, and Mr. Mubarak was so pro Israel that he is keeping up the blockade of fellow Arabs - Palestinians - as much as the Israelis are).

Egyptian Revolution Jan 25th 2011 - Take what's Yours! from JoeChaban on Vimeo.

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Anonymous said...

Wow! I'd love to be listening in to the three way video conf going on right now between The White House, Mubarak and The American Israeli lobby HQ. Mubarak, a crazy old man is despratly holding on to power while The White House and the Isrealie lobby are trying to negotiate to a new, pro-Isreal rulling party that the people will settle for.