Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Anaughty Mouser makes you think

The arrest off the plane just 1 hour and forty minutes after the 'chamber maid' reported it. The chief administrator of the hotel's only comment was "we are cooperating with authorities".

DSK supposedly forgot his cell phone and according to police "looked like he left in a hurry". Would a real police spokesman say that to a reporter even before such a high ranking zionist was found guilty? How did they get the arrest warrant so fast - it would be needed to get onto the plane to remove DSK?

And perhaps occam's razor, this:

Chambermaids don't usually have the clout or power to have zionist oligarch IMF lackies like DSK detained or charged without months or years of lawyer litigations where the accusee is usually bought-off or suicided.


Anaughty Mouser said...

"Accuser" not accusee.

Dominique Strauss-Khan (Cohen) resigns effective immediately from the IMF.

This was a take down sanctioned at the highest level by godfather Rothschild himself.

This was a set up honey-trap, an inside (b-) job

Why? Somehow Rothschild and his counterfeiting oligarch cronies are planning to try to implement a private fractional-reserve-usury global currency.

How they will try and how DSK's take down factors into it is presently unclear.


Mssr. Queue said...

You can see a picture of the accuser if you scroll down the page here:

Was DSK Stitched Up?