Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Biggest gang in America?

Seriously, read this.

It is Lew Rockwell - but even if you are a liberal (like me) who hugs trees and farts rainbows while riding unicorns to work (again, like myself), READ IT.

There are three law systems in America:

One for celebrities - they routinely get away with drug use and possession, and sometimes even murder (yes, him).

One for the police - they DO get away with murder, beatdowns, threatening civilians... I have experienced this myself, and I am the pastiest white among the pastiest whites, mid 30's male.

And last, but not least, for us - the soon to disappear middle class.

I was going to write that there is a fourth one - for the blacks and minorities - but that is not true ANY MORE.

We are ALL niggers to these people, and we will ALL feel their humours and choleras and moods.

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Anonymous said...

Forgotten Histories. The writer asks why NKVD troops were stationed near the Western Borders in June 1941?
To find the factual historical reason read:"Icebreaker" by Viktor Surovov, and you will find your answer.
You might also like to know why Soviet Communist Amerika and Soviet Communist Britain completely allied themselves to Soviet Communist Russia during WW2?
Part of the clue can be found in pictures of Stalin, Roosevelt & Churchill who formed the alliance between Soviet Communist Russia, Soviet Communist Amerika and Soviet Communist Britain.
You might also be curious about the more than strange relationship between ISRAHELL, AMERIKA and BRITAIN. ISRAHELL was established as a Soviet Communist colony, AMERIKA became communist in 1933, under Roosevelt and Britain, it is said, became communist sometime around 1923/25.
The connection between these three countries as the
alleged "International Community" is easy to see if a slight alteration is made which reads: "International Communist Rogue States."