Monday, July 11, 2011

Black people

After discussing endlessly at work Chicago's baseball teams, it slowly downed on me that something just did not add up.

We have two baseball teams in Chicago - the White Sox and Cubs.

The White Sox are a very successful franchise, with a recently won World Championship (as a European I have to laugh a bit at that grandiose title), top players and usually a winning record.

On the other hand we have the Cubs - probably the sorriest bunch of pro athletes ever assembled, year in, year out. They usually have a losing or .500 record (indulge me - am not a baseball fan), almost never get into the playoffs and are generally considered a joke (rightfully so).

But they are beloved by everybody I have come in contact with.

Which is very strange, as there is a saying which I find a truism in this country: "Americans love a winner!".

Witness the Blackhawks (Chicago hockey team) who won the Stanley Cup in the 2010-11 season.

I have never seen so many caps, shirts, stickers on cars with the Blackhawks colors and logo.

Everybody was a fan.

It got a bit... ridiculous.

On a local radio station (B96 - don't hate), two DJ's were having a quiz "Are you a real Blackhawk fan?".

A caller, an obviously confused latina, was asked on air the question "Who is the head coach of our beloved Chicago Blackhawks?", to which there came the predictable answer of "Uhmmmmmm...".

Americans love a winner.

So what gives then in the baseball loyalties?

Is it geographical?

Cubs are from the northside, the Sox from the South.

But people coming to work from Wisconsin, from other states just loooooove the Cubs, while there is nary a word spoken about the much better White Sox.

The Stadium is better?

The White Sox is a montstrosity, the Cubbies stadium a much more homely, friendly feel affair - perhaps that's it?

But I felt it didn't add up... Until I listened, REALLY listened to what people were saying.

"I took my elderly dad to the Cubbies, we had a great time!".

"I took my whole family to the ball park, it was great. Expensive though, but we had a blast!"

"Did they win?"

"Of course not!" (laughter).

North side and South side...

Traditionally the south side is always considered a black area, and rightfully so.

While the recently (well, relatively) White Sox stadium is super modern and safe, the area around it is noticeably less so.

It can be OK in the daytime, but I would not recommend anyone to stay there past 9PM, at least of my hue.

There are not really many places to hang out after a game.

On the other hand, a Cubs game is an excuse for hordes of chubby men and women wearing loose fitting Cubs shirts and baseball caps, to walk from beer garden to beer garden, to pour in their thousands onto the streets around the stadium.

They are obnoxious, they are smelling of beer, they are lazily walking around, they are flirting, smiling, peeing on people's lawns (eeeeew) and, well... being obnoxious.

They are also pretty much ALL white.

All of them.

Go ahead, check it out yourself.

Prove me wrong.

Go to a Cubs game, stick around after 10PM soak in the atmosphere.

Then go to a White Sox Game, stick around till after 10PM, soak in the... bullets...

Then it hit me - this is about safety.

No matter what convoluted logic is used, when you get down to it:

"I took my elderly dad to the Cubbies, we had a great time!".

"I took my whole family to the ball park, it was great. Expensive though, but we had a blast!"

It is about safety.

And safety, in America, means not going into a predominantly black (or latino) neighborhood.

Check that - I personally feel safer in a Puerto Rican hood than in a black hood.

Personal preference.

Observe this forum discussion - note that there are NO questions about safety at the Cubs neighborhood...

Moving right along...

Nothing opened my eyes to how central the question of race was to Americans as this (admittedly silly) Cubs vs White Sox issue.

Then, once I realized that, it hit me.

EVERYTHING in this country is about race.

Not just one thing, or one aspect of our lives - literally EVERYTHING.

I tried to pick an area of our lives that our race awareness had nothing to do with.

I keep failing.

Choice of where you go to your sports?

Covered this of course in the beginning of this piece, but answer yourself this question - if you are white, do you follow the NBA? If you are black, do you follow the NBA? Asian, Latino, Samoan?

One of the most important decisions for a family with kids is where to live.

That decision is influenced by what main factor, exactly?

We ALL know this.

Come on, don't be shy - this is you thinking for yourself, not saying anything,

You want to feel safe, and you want your kids to be safe and have the best school possible that your tax money can buy.

Having said that, where do you want to live - an all white neighborhood, a mixed neighborhood with asians and whites, a mixed neighborhood of whites, latinos and blacks, an all latino neighborhood, an all black neighborghood?

If money was no option?

Answer this for yourself, without telling anybody, if you are White.





Bit of a hard choice? Some of these sound OK, you would have no qualms with the majority of neighborhoods?

Now ask yourself, in your innermost secret thoughts (shhhhh! thinking in America can be daaaaangerous!) this question: what neighborhood would you NOT want to live in if you had a wife and a kid(s)?

Answer this for yourself, without telling anybody, if you are White.





Time's up; put down your pencils errr thoughts.

Personal Safety

I have never felt less safer than now.

I have lived in the Chicago north side for over a decade.

I repeat - I have never felt less safer than now.

Walking through downtown Sunday night (don't ask), the farther you get from the Lake, the more dodgy the feeling gets, the more shady characters abound.

Before, the bums (black) were asking, usually in a pleasant, quiet voice for your change.

Now they accost you, even try to grab you.

No fear of a response from the (white) target, more, the other white people start to run/walk really REALLY fast away from this situation, away from you (I pushed the bum away and walked away rather quickly - I am a tall, scrawny, athletic guy).

"Oh, this white boiiieee is proud!".

Walking proud (i.e. normal speed, not looking afraid) is starting to draw attention to myself.

I can already see comments from black people who read this article - "You are seeing things, you are afraid for no reason".


I am afraid.

The feeling of hatred is palpable in the city.

Personal experience again - Clark street, where all the pubs and bars are, middle of the weekend day, me walking around, enjoying the day, around me very much an all white crowd.

An SUV rolls on the street, a man (black) shows himself through the sun roof and shouts, REALLY loudly:


No reaction from the white crowd, who just stood there, stunned, with one (white) girl whispering to another (white) girl: "What did he say?", followed by "Something about a cracka...".

The SUV rolled away as the light turned green, the black man got back down to sit in the passenger seat.

This was weekend (Sunday), in the middle of the day, perhaps around 1PM, on one of the safest streets in Chicago.

Personal experience - I am noticing on my North Side neighborhood a lot, a LOT of young black men (never women, I do not see black women) wearing those pants rolled down to their hips, proudly showing their boxer type underwear, baseball caps on their heads at all kinds of angles.

These black youths (all men) and young adult (men) are NOT from the neighborhood.

They look out of place, they do not BELONG.

Personal experience - recently, a block away from my house, a black teenage pimp was strolling, bobbing down, smirking, showing off, because right alongside him he had a heavily in a make up, black mascara eyes, shirt down one side to expose her breast, looking scared and looking around like an animal trapped, a white hoe ("ooohhh you racisss, it was a boyfriend and girlfriend" - nope, I am not stupid, you could tell).

Personal experience - a friend of mine lives even further north, and one assumes that the further north one gets, the safer (read - whiter) the area is.

No such luck - black youths are "dancing" on the street.

And by "dancing", what is meant is that the kids are stopping on the street in front of speeding cars, making a very unsafe situation.

This is not a very intelligent thing to do, I myself have no idea what would possess one to risk one's life in front of a speeding car...


Unless they know that the (white, suburban, coming from work, tired) driver WOULD NOT DARE to hit them.

To show utter and total CONTEMPT.

Then, it begins to make sense, doesn't it?

Lets extrapolate this line of reasoning a bit.

A man with a family, coming home to work to his wife and kids has a lot to lose.

Getting involved in an incident, he can be sued, can put his family in a spotlight, it is simply not worth it, better to swerve, better to walk faster, eyes down, be a (white) bitch walking fast past the (swaggering, smirking, black) kids.

Being a white family guy is a never ending quest to make enough money to move his kids and wife to a safe area, safe school, and then timing it just so he can sell his house before THEY come, property values plummet, kids get stabbed (or worse) at school, the neighbor calls the police on a home invasion...

Who are THEY?

Ask yourself this question - who are they, THEY who cause your neighborhood to "go down", who make schools and streets unsafe, who make you think of moving out?

Are they Chinese?




"Fuck you, you racist mother fucker!".

Ah yes - THEY.

Personal experience - I came here from Eastern Europe.

I was always taught (in a communist country) that the black people were downtrodden, oppressed by the very bad, evil white majority.

I have not met a black person in my life, other than seeing the (very sympathetic to them) documentaries about KKK, the 1960's marches, dogs being sicced on defenceless students.

I raged at the injustice, because those were American movies, not communist productions, and they were TRUE - black people WERE oppressed, kept down, dogs sicced on them, white police thugs beating them, activists (black and white) were murdered.

But it was not me.

I was not even alive back then.

I am alive NOW.

NOW it is different.

Now, according to my president from my party, we are a "post racial society".

Last question for y'all.

No matter what race you are - European white, black born in America, black immigrant who came over from Trinidad and Tobago, Africa, Cuba, Latino, Chinese, Japanese, Tongan, Samoan....

Ask yourself - who are the most feared, the most despised, the most ostracized race in America?

Samoans, right?

Catalogue of outrages

Knockout King

On the blustery morning of April 16, Hoang Nguyen and his wife, Yen, left their Dutchtown apartment to go grocery shopping, a Saturday routine. (...) Hoang, a 72-year-old retired schoolteacher and avid painter, immigrated with his wife to St. Louis three-and-a-half years ago from their native Vietnam. The couple wanted to be closer to their daughter, Lan, who'd married an American and settled in south county. Kenny joined his parents six months later. By now the Nguyens were fixtures in Dutchtown's growing Vietnamese community and active parishioners at Resurrection of Our Lord. Recently Hoang had begun taking English classes at the International Institute of St. Louis nearby.

When the Nguyens left the grocer at about 10:30, they took a shortcut home through the alley that parallels Chippewa to the south. They'd been taking this route for months; though it made Yen nervous, the alley's gradual slope made it easier for her elderly husband to maneuver their pushcart.

Midway down the alley, Nguyen's cart stopped suddenly — seemingly for no reason. "It was like it was a sign saying we shouldn't go that way," Yen says in hindsight. When Hoang got the wheels moving again, they looked up and saw two young men and two young women approaching.

Moments later, one of the men charged.

Hoang stepped in front of his wife to protect her, she recalls. The man grabbed Hoang's jacket as he pleaded for mercy, shouting, "No, no, no!"

"Jason" considers himself a typical fourteen-year-old. "I got a good family background," he asserts by phone from his mother's house in St. Louis County, on a morning when he decided to skip school after oversleeping.

Jason, who asked RFT to use a pseudonym, recently moved to the county from south city, where he attended Fanning Middle School, near Grand Boulevard and not far from the Nguyen household. It was during his middle-school years that he was introduced to Knockout King.

"I always hit 'em hard," he says. "If you don't hit 'em hard, they don't go far."

Sounds like a fun game, no?

Jason is talking about a ritual — those who participate call it a game — that has been adopted by young teens across the St. Louis area. Once an elusive phenomenon that flew under the local radar, the game exploded onto the collective consciousness with the media reports that followed the attack on Hoang Nguyen.

Along with a generalized sense of fear, there was befuddlement: What would drive a young person to sucker punch a defenseless stranger purely for sport?

I don't know.

What would drive a young person to punch and kill a 72 year old elderly man pushing a cart?

Do you have the answers?

Can you see White kids doing this?

Can you see Chinese kids doing this?

Can you see European kids doing this?

Can you see Latino hard core gang bangers doing this? (Nope. La Ema, mexican mafia, has fucking RULES, and even other gangs, like Latin Kings - I just don't see a latin tatooed hood punching a 72 year old Viet guy for no reason).

"It was just a little game," says Jason. "We used to walk to where a lot of people be at and hit 'em. If one of the homeboys didn't knock him out, then the other would come. Whoever knock him out would be king."

The king.


What about this?

This white girl had it coming.


How about this?

W. Seattle teen beaten bloody in possible hate crime.

SEATTLE - A 16-year-old boy from West Seattle says he was held hostage and beaten for hours, all because of the color of his skin.

Shane McClellan says two men kicked and whipped him at gunpoint - and told him they singled him out because he is white.

Beaten for hours.

The attackers stripped off McClellan's belt and started whipping his back.

"They said, 'This is for what your people did to our people.' They were like whipping me with my belt, my studded belt," Shane recounts.

One of the men held a gun against the back of his head and burned his neck with cigarettes.

At one point they shoved McClellan's face into a hole with the gun against his head. They also urinated on him and poured beer over him.

By the by, this is not a hate crime.

You see, in America, if a victim is white, it is by default not a hate crime.

No hate here, just boys being boys, you know.

Goy, you racist, these are isolated examples!


MILWAUKEE - A group of friends hanging out at Reservoir Park in Milwaukee were attacked and robbed around midnight on July 4th, minutes after the looting of a gas station near the corner of North Humboldt and East North Avenues.

The victims have black eyes, staples in their heads and bruises throughout their body.

The victims said a group of nearly 50 teenagers came running down North Avenue early Monday morning.

50 teenagers.

That's a small army.

But minutes before a group of teens looted the BP gas station a block away at Humboldt and North.

The surveillance video showed boys and girls snatching chips, beverages and entire display cases before running out of the store.

The victims believe those same teens attacked them.

"They were beating up dudes and girls they were kicking my sister they kicked her head they punched me and it was guys and girls," explained a sobbing victim.

Another victim this time a 28-year-old man said he saw anywhere from 30 to 50 kids run at he and his friends.

"It was pretty scary just because it was so random," explained the second victim.

So random.

One moment you are safe, the next a group of 50 kids are beating you bloody while you writhe on the ground and hear them laughing.

But fuck those other towns, lets stick to Chicago, my kind of town.

My friend got robbed at knifepoint in his apartment in lakeview tonight. Be careful!, from reddit.

A friend of mine was robbed tonight at knifepoint. He lives by Nelson and Southport. A friend of his was coming over and the guys I guess followed, pushed the friend into the apartment and busted out the knives. The perpetrators were 2 black males. One was wearing a camo jacket and had dreadlocks.

Third Boystown Stabbing In As Many Weeks Caught On Video

The incident took place around 11:54 p.m. near the intersection of Halsted and Aldine, according to the Windy City Times. During the altercation, a 25-year-old man was surrounded by at least a dozen other people who stabbed and then kicked and hit him while he was on the ground. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that the victim was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in good condition, though a video posted on YouTube shows him enduring multiple stab wounds.

Oh yes, there is a video - go to the page and watch the laughing, happy crowd as they kick a (black, bleeding) gay man.

NBC Chicago:

No sooner had Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy been confirmed by the Chicago City Council, then he addressed the media about a crime wave affecting downtown Chicago.

He said the wild teens that have been running rampant through the Streeterville and Gold Coast neighborhoods are more complex than originally reported.

"There's a number of different categories that we're talking about," McCarthy said. "We're talking about shoplifting, we're talking about robbery incidents ... but they're getting lumped in to one category."

He asked for the media's help in separating each of these downtown crimes into their own category.

Let me help the "top cop", to whom we will get back to in this article, a bit.

The thing is, ALL of these incidents involve black youths.

ALL of them.

WITHOUT exception.

"The undercover agents -- who hopefully you don't notice will be our eyes and ears when big groups are streaming into the city," he said.

Think about it.

The city of Chicago is committing undercover - civilian clothes - police officers to observe big (black) groups streaming (invading) the city from other neighborhoods.

Oh wait, there is a link in that article, something about another attack occurring just after the press conference:

A man was assaulted and robbed of his iPhone and wallet aboard a CTA train on the Near North Side Wednesday afternoon.

The incident occured near the Chicago and Franklin station along the Brown Line, according to witnesses.

"People were screaming for help," said witness Andrew Webb. "One of the guys was bleeding, another looked like he had a black eye."

Webb said he was on the Brown Line train when he noticed the five males approached three victims.

This is the NORTH side.

The "white" part of town, the "safe" part of town, the "yuppie" part of town, the...

The playground of black thugs who invade it without any fear.

The paradise of black young criminals who come here to get their jollies.

Well, shit, lookee, lookee, there are more links in THIS article about more "incidents":

Lets click the first one,

Mob Attacks Two People Downtown:

A mob of about 15 to 20 youths reportedly beat and robbed two people downtown, witnesses told NBC Chicago.

The attack happened near the intersection of West Chicago Avenue and North Wabash Avenue at about 8 p.m.

"When we saw the first punch thrown at the kid, me and my friends took off our uniforms and just darted over there trying to help," said witness Cory Bynum. "We get there, [the victim was] coughing up blood, his face is like really bloody and he's all, 'Oh, they just stole $350 from me.'"

The thieves then ran toward the nearby Chicago Red Line stop, at Chicago and State, another witness said.

This is Chicago downtown.

This is where the expensive shops are, where the tourists come to gawk at the skyscrapers, walk around, see the sights, soak in the athmospehere, go back to their small towns with memories of Chicago that will last them a lifetime.

Memories that will last them a lifetime...

In my neighborhood, in front of the "El", the Chicago local train service which is very handy zipping in to downtown and our neighborhoods, there are now some shady, dodgy characters, parked there, it seems, 24/7.

Bums (black), both men and women.

In the middle of the day, with gorgeous weather, I would expect this "crew" to go out onto the beach (literally a few blocks away), or onto the local street with all the bars and pubs, to enjoy the sun on their faces, the breeze, the invigorating wind and smell of the water...

No, they choose to park their butts in front of the station, to hassle, glare, mumble "cracker", "whatcha lookin' at!" at the white people, who keep their heads down, walking fast, ever faster, walk faster...

"Don't take the train, take the bus, it is safer".

Mobs Attack on City Buses: Police

In two separate incidents, as many as 15 teens have stormed Chicago Transit Authority buses, attacked their victims and darted off with cell phones and other electronic devices, authorities said Tuesday.

Both incidents were near the University of Illinois at Chicago campus, prompting city and campus authorities to issue community alerts.

In the first attack, near West Roosevelt Road and South Loomis Street at about 11:40 p.m. Saturday, a victim was struck multiple times before the thieves ran off with his cell phone.

About 25 minutes later, near South Racine Avenue and West 13th Street, a student said he was sitting on a No. 12 bus when as many as 15 black boys and young men boarded the bus without paying. The student was hit in the back of his head with a glass bottle and was robbed of his iPod, said UIC police.

The young thieves were described as being between 14 and 20 years old, standing between 5 feet, 5 inches and 6 feet, 1 inches tall, and weighing between 140 and 180 pounds. They were last seen wearing baseball caps, shorts and T-shirts. Some of them had braided hair and others had short hair, the alert said.

Sorry, mom, nowhere is safe now.

THEY are brazen, they are unafraid, they act as if they have nothing to lose, THEY DON'T CARE.

Anybody else wants to bring out that tired "isolated incidents" line?

How about "oppressed minorities"?

What about "misunderstood" and "they need our help"?

So how is our local media reporting these stories?

Chicago Tribune:

his week the Chicago Tribune published several news stories and related columns about assaults by groups of youths in the Streeterville area of downtown Chicago. More coverage appears Sunday.

A number of readers have asked why we have not included racial descriptions of the assailants and the victims in these incidents.

Indeed - why?

We take these matters seriously and reach decisions about them after careful consideration. This is a good opportunity to explain our approach to issues like these.

We do not reference race unless it is a fact that is central to telling the story.

Of course.

The race is not relevant to the story here - there is no reason to report that ALL of these young criminals are black.

In fact, in about 300 years, when Star Trek Enterprise will be flying around, historians will research articles about our civilization and muse "Boy, these Tahitians who invaded Chicago en masse and made all this trouble - dangerous bunch, those Tahitians!".

In fact, I implore you - all joking aside - be on the lookout!

When you see a bunch of Chinese kids in a group as small as 5 - ages 12 to 17 - turn around and run!

Run away!

Those thugs come in all colors, crime knows no race (right?).

The Tribune continues with the slavering, politically correct bullshit:
By all indication, these attacks were motivated by theft, not race. Further, there is no evidence to suggest that the victims were singled out because of their race. Therefore we did not include racial descriptions in our initial news reports.

The media is craven.

But fortunately there is the last line of defense, the police.

Surely they... are not... politically correct and will... arrest the thugs... and protect law abiding citizens.....

Please, I cannot take my cynicism.

If you have a high blood pressure, stop reading.


Chicago Top Cop Blames Sarah Palin & Racism For City’s Gun Violence (Video)

We meet our good friend, "top cop" (cue Car 54, where are you dramatic music!) Garry McCarthy.

Click on the link, there is video for your enjoyment.

Rahm Emanuel’s top cop Garry McCarthy blamed Sarah Palin and institutionalized racism for the gun violence in Chicago’s black and Latino communities.

Here is the transcript of the "top cop" of Chicago, hand picked by Rahm Emmanuel:
The pervasion of illegal guns in America’s black and Latino communities is a result of “government-sponsored racism,” akin to “slavery, segregation, black codes [and] Jim Crow,” Rahm Emanuel’s new police chief, Garry McCarthy, told parishioners at St. Sabina’s Church earlier this month.

“This is sensitive. You know, because everybody’s afraid of race. Have you noticed that? Everybody’s afraid of race. I’m not afraid of race,” said McCarthy, who told of growing up in the Bronx with guns, gangs and drugs plentiful.

“Let’s see if we can make a connection here. Slavery. Segregation. Black codes. Jim Crow. What, what did they all have in common? Anybody getting scared? Government sponsored racism.”

“Now I want you to connect one more dot on that chain of the African American history in this country, and tell me if I’m crazy: Federal gun laws that facilitate the flow of illegal firearms, into our urban centers across this country, that are killing our black and brown children,” he said.

Wait, wait, it gets better (I am crying now, of shame, of helplessness, of rage):

And he told an anecdote of just one night with the New York Police Department. After returning home from investigating a pair of shootings, he said he flipped on the television to relax, only to find “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” being broadcast.

“She was caribou hunting, and talking about the right to bear arms,” he said. “Why wasn’t she at the crime scene with me?”

It's that fucking retard's from Alaska, Sarah fucking Palin's, fault, that white people are being hunted in previously safe neighborhoods.

I feel safer already!

And to back up my feeling of total safety in Chicago ("my kind of town!"), I have official, super dooper truthy statistics to back me up;

Police: Chicago crime down for 30th straight month, from Monday, Jul. 11, 2011:

CHICAGO -- Police in the nation's third largest city say overall crime was down 4.2 percent last month compared with a year ago, making it the 30th consecutive month that most categories of crime have dropped in Chicago.

Preliminary data released Sunday shows that homicides fell by 14.4 percent last month compared with June 2010. There were 31 fewer killings.

Aggravated batteries dropped by 14.2 percent and robbery was down nearly 4 percent.

Isn't it great?

Don't you feel safe?

Our local government would never, eeeeeeeeever lie to us to cover up their craven PC, their incompetence and fear of lawsuits from race hustlers.... I mean honorable Al Sharpton and Reverend Jesse Jackson (what religion is he the reverend of, exactly?).

The Wire, HBO, perhaps the greatest TV show of all time (ahead of HBO's Rome and Babylon 5 even):

Scene: an obviously tortured, eyes stabbed out, wounds in the back, young male is on top of a car, police discuss:

That's the worst case of suicide I've ever seen.
That's him.
You see?
That's him, right there.
That's Omar's boy.
-What the fuck can I tell him? -Whatever the man wants to hear, Jimmy.
Prodigal son.
Major, we got a good shot at clearing a couple of cases here.
-One-- -We're not here to talk cases.
I don't care about your cases. Sit.


We're not here to take cases.

The more "incidents" - murders, rapes, thefts - the police have, the worse their bosses look.

The bosses - local politicians - then bring the hammer onto the police, who are made to understand and encouraged to NOT report cases.

Clearing murders, arresting suspects is secondary to downgrading violent crimes into more "acceptable" categories.

I know cops.

I am told "stories".

Dispatcher: "In progress, gang fight with knives, weapons at such and such (south side, black) neighborhood!".

Cops (on the scene): "We know, we are here, we are observing it!".

Dispatcher: "... Won't you intervene".

Cops: "Nope".

Also was told that Chicago cops have quotas on exactly how many black folk they can arrest.

Write traffic tickets to.

Don't you feel safer already?

But fortunately, this palpable hatred of blacks towards youths is isolated to black young punks, the upper class black folk are...

You are asking yourself now, getting agitated - goy, are you fucking with me? This cannot get any worse!?

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you,

Patti fucking LaBelle!

Daily Mail, UK (I know it is tabloid trash, but it was the ONLY one publication NOT afraid to run the pictures of the victim, which is important):

Two people in Patti LaBelle's entourage have been slapped with assault charges in connection with the attack of a military cadet at a Texas airport.

Norma Harris, 63, and Efrem Holmes, 43, were charged this week for allegedly pushing West Point cadet Richard King into a nearby pillar, giving him a concussion and several head injuries.

Both are charged with misdemeanour assault in the incident which happened on March 11 at Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston.

The original police report named King, 23, as a suspect after it was filed by officers who can be seen on airport surveillance video taking photographs with LaBelle, 67, after the incident happened.

Wait, wait, wait, wait, fucking WAIT.


Lets see how the police who arrived at the scene of the assault acted:

The two HPD officers, who did not respond to the incident or were assigned to investigate it, later asked the singer to pose with them for a photograph.

So who is this thug who threatened the R&B diva so much that she ordered her bodyguards into action?

Lets delve into this story a bit, this is fascinating...

CBS Sports:

Army cornerback Richard King found himself in an altercation with singer Patti LaBelle's bodyguards at an airport in Houston, and wound up with a concussion. A scary situation for King, as he missed his entire junior season after suffering multiple concussions during his sophomore year.

Making matters worse for King, the punishment he has received from West Point for the incident is a year suspension from the football team, which ends his football career. Though that's not nearly as bad as the fact he's also being sent into active duty.

Lets sum up in convenient bullet points, as I was taught in my college:

* A star white football player with a promising career is assaulted by black thugs err bodyguards "guarding" big shot star Patti LaBelle

* He is beat bloody and receives a concussion

* Police arrive on the scene and pose for pictures with the R&B star, with the blood of Mr. King still on the pavement...

* Mr. King is then punished by being thrown from the Army football team, ending his sporting career

* Mr. King is busted down in rank (thrown out of West Point) and ready to be deployed to die in a war (Afghanistan)

Don't you feel safer already?

Interestingly, when I first got wind of the story, the race of Mr. King was NOT written about, and the tone of the article made the claim that Mr. King was standing too close to the diva's luggage.

After reading about "American football", I imagined a big, hulking black guy...

Imagine my surprise when...

Lets hear "the white boy's story":

King, who was home from spring break, filed a lawsuit this week, suing LaBelle, saying she ordered her bodyguards to beat him up as he waited for a ride home outside a terminal at Bush Intercontinental Airport. The lawsuit, which was obtained by the Associated Press, says LaBelle believed King was standing too close to her “(no doubt expensive) luggage, even though he was oblivious to her presence and the danger he was in.”

Yes, there is "action" video of the pummeling of the offending white man who stood too close to the luggage on

Obviously this white guy was a threat and needed to be taken down and smashed against a concrete pillar by a rather large individual (or two), no?

No, no - I implore you, watch to the end as you see the fast response of the Houston police, who, star struck, chat up the gospel music star, to hear how she was slighted by the offending white boy (whose blood is still on the concrete pavement and on the concrete pillar, but the officers are not interested in such details - tut! tut!).

To Black Women
This will be totally unexpected, and perhaps shock you more than the previous contents.

I have dated black women.

I have dated one stunning black/white mixed woman who made everybody on the street - male and female - turn their heads.

I have dated a Cuban black woman who was charming, witty and great fun to be around with.

I have dated an African-American woman who was the best sex I ever had, as well as boisterous, fun and well read and learned.

I see you on the buses, on the CTA - obviously intelligent faces, reading high culture books by black poets, by black authors, in business suits, smiling to me and others, conversing easily with all peoples, all races.



Sexual beasts (I mean that as a compliment, ladies, you know what I mean).

Learned, read more books than I do (and I read a lot), able to hold conversation on any topic.

I have to say...

I am sorry.

Sorry about the black thugs walking around with their pants around their ankles, baseball caps at odd angles, duck walking, always afraid of being slighted (black male aggression comes down to a lot of being EXTREMELY insecure around others, especially whites whom they are jealous of their success while looking down at them for our white "bitch walk", eyes down, walk faster, don't look!).

Sorry about the whole ghetto image you are tainted with just because you were goddamn unlucky to be born black and intelligent.

Those are your husbands - with pants around their ankles.

Boyfriends - thugs.

Well, not really - the intelligent black ladies will never, NEVER go out with a thug, pants around ankles idiot.

Hence the sadness.

Hence being alone.

Sorry ladies.


Black women bemoan shortage of black men in college

The strip through the campus of Clark Atlanta University looks like a fashion runway, even at 8 a.m.

Young women walk by in tight skirts, designer tops, high heels and makeup -- looking like they're going to a club instead of calculus.

But when you're at a school with nearly 3,600 women and only 1,500 men, some women don't want to miss an opportunity to look their best and catch the eyes of some of the campus' high-demand males.

"It will for a lot of guys," acknowledges freshman Naqwanna Taylor, "but I don't think those are the ones you're looking for."

Around the country, colleges are becoming increasingly more female, but the imbalance is even greater at historically black colleges such as Clark, which is 71 percent women.

Clark students find out early about the female-to-male ratio.

"During orientation, they had us in the multipurpose room," says freshman Chantel Runnels. "They had males sitting on one side and females sitting on the other side. The females were going all the way back. The males went to like the fifth row.

"That was scary," she added. "What are black men doing?"

Black males are graduating from high school at rates equal to whites, but many are choosing not to enroll in college. Many join the military or go straight into the work force. And others get caught up in the criminal justice system -- where they make up 47 percent of the prison population.

Those are facts.

Historically black colleges:

Clark Atlanta (Atlanta) -- 71 percent female, 29 percent male

Morris Brown (Atlanta) -- 61 percent female, 39 percent male

Xavier University (New Orleans) -- 70 percent female, 30 percent male

Howard University (Washington) -- 64 percent female, 36 percent male

Spotted the problem yet?

Black males are idiots, statistically speaking.

Black males follow black hip-hop "culture", act macho, commit stupid criminal acts and/or act the fool (slap whitey around for fun) and get arrested (or worse).

This is the popular culture of black males - Reuters: Stars with criminal pasts honored at BET Awards
(fun little article, I advise you to read it fast before the PC police take it down).

Look at the prison population for god's sakes!

See the problem?!

I feel sorry for the intelligent, well learned, fun, great black ladies.

All I can say is - if you haven't already, consider interracial dating, and leave "the brothas" with the white stupid, vapid, low class bimbos they so desire.

Go figure.

I never thought I would write an article like this.


Anonymous said...

You should read some more White nationalist material. A lot of liberal types "get it" about Jews, but don't get it at all about race, much less understand how the two problems fit together. You fit that pattern pretty well (though with this post you're moving in the right direction).

AmericanGoy said...

Oh fucking fantastic.

I get praised by a nazi I guess.

I need to find Buddha, or a bud, and chill me thinks.

Anonymous said...

If you write nazi stuff, you'll get praised by nazis. And you'll lose non-nazi readers.

Deleting the rss feed right now. Enjoy your new friends.

Anonymous said...

Black people- you should know them better.

Anonymous said...

I guess you want to have it both ways. You want to complain about the problems, while simultaneously condemning everyone else who works to raise awareness of these problems as "Nazis". You complain about being called racist, yet you call others racist for saying the same things as you. At the end of the day, I guess being able to get up on your moral high horse is the most important thing to you - typical liberal bullshit.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations and keep enjoying the company and sex with Black Woman. Statistically speaking White Males are idiots too, you one of them. Your article is a bullshit.

AmericanGoy said...

Yeah, I knew this was going to be very controversial.

I call them how I see them, sometimes I can't help myself.

M said...

Like it or not, buddy, Jews are the enablers. Across the board.

Nothing to do with the eeevil Germans. Well, everything to do with them.

Just another taboo to keep you a timid goy punishing your own for asking more poignant questions.

Unamused said...

Well, I dunno about all this Jew stuff, being half-Jewish myself, but I have written extensively on the subject of this post. You may be interested in these:

- a flyer about the Carter Strange lynching
- a flyer about the Milwaukee flash mob
- original reporting on the Independence Day violence in Baltimore
- original reporting on the recent flash mob in Cleveland Heights
- coverage of the week of violence in Chicago in early June
- a series on the Chicago Tribune's censorship of race (this is the most recent post)
- a series on flash mob violence (this is the most recent post)
- a series on race and crime in Florida (this is the most recent post)
- a flyer which provides the data to back up these anecdotes

Anonymous said...

Well, I dunno about all this Jew stuff, being half-Jewish myself,

I don't get it - are you saying "all this Jew stuff" isn't, or can't be, true simply because you're half-Jewish? Or that you don't, or can't, believe it's true simply because you're half-Jewish?

Unamused said...

I mean that Jew conspiracy theories seem particularly stupid and delusional to me, since I do more for white rights & racial consciousness than anyone named "anonymous" ever will.

Aoirthoir An Broc said...

If you knew it was going to be controversial, why be upset when people respond?

And I'm not WN either. But if I point out the fact that most race hate is black on white (more than 50% of the time violent black men choose white victims compared to violent white men choosing black victims only 3% of the time), why should I become offended if a WN agrees with the factual statement I just made?

Indeed why should you be offended?

Anonymous said...

Unamused, isn't your argument similar to a black guy pointing out that he's law-abiding, without a criminal record, to refute black crime statistics? Pointing out that Jewish people tend to be overwhelmingly be liberal and that they are over represented among the academic and entertainment elite who are hostile towards whites and Western civilization does not mean that there are not Jewish people who identify with whites and Western civilization and thus want to defend it. I also notice you have TOO on your blogroll. What are your opinions regarding Kevin MacDonald's theories?

P.S., your work for race realism and white advocacy is extremely valuable and anyone who doesn't recognize that for any reason is an idiot.

AmericanGoy said...

For the record...

I am a VERY left leaning, hug a tree, liberal socialist guy.

With a few libertarian and fascist tendencies mixed in (depending on issues).

Unamused, I read your blog.


I was shocked as I was researching this article how many mobs of black kids there are JUST in Chicago land area.

This is not a post of a nazi (in my biased opinion).

This is a post of a mid age, SCARED white guy.

Unamused said...

AmericanGoy: You so racisssss. Just kidding. No, you're not a Nazi -- but that may not mean much, coming from someone who would rather live next door to Nazis than black people...

Anyway, hey, now I read your blog too.

Anonymous: I seem to have misunderstood your position. Sorry. Therefore I am about to argue not against you, but against the good ol' "every single [part-]Jew is the enemy"-type of white nationalist (and there are quite a few):

A black guy pointing out that he is law abiding does not refute black crime statistics, of course, because they are just that: statistics. Group traits. More to the point, I (raciss though I may be) don't claim that blacks are conspiring to commit crime, just that (for whatever reason) any given black person is more likely to be criminal.

On the other hand, many white nationalists believe in conspiracy theories -- literally -- in which most or sometimes all Jews are working together to destroy Christianity or the white race or something. This is not the same as saying: "Jews, on average, are more liberal/more anti-Christian/more anti-White/more whatever."

It is the kind of thinking that has led people to explain to me that, since I got that Jewish blood in me, the only way I could possibly help white people is by moving to Israel.

Such a conspiracy theorist will point to the over-representation of Jews in positions of power and see Zionist conspiracies. This seems to be the same form of reasoning that leads people to see racism in black under-representation. Jews score high on intelligence tests, on average; we should expect them to be over-represented. Anything else and you're going to have to construct an argument, and frankly no one has ever argued their case against the Jews to me, the way I argue my case against anything to anyone.

PS i liek kittehs

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, many white nationalists believe in conspiracy theories -- literally -- in which most or sometimes all Jews are working together to destroy Christianity or the white race or something.

Many white nationalists don't believe in conspiracy theories. Many believe that there certain emergent phenomena that appear as though conscious conspiracies when they aren't. The behavior of bees for example appears to be a kind of conspiracy but each individual bee isn't engaged in some conscious conspiracy. An individual bee isn't likely to be sufficiently conscious in the first place.

Anonymous said...

It is the kind of thinking that has led people to explain to me that, since I got that Jewish blood in me, the only way I could possibly help white people is by moving to Israel.

Are you opposed to any and all white nations or communities that exclude Jews?

I have no problem with white nations or communities that wish to include Jews (or any other group, provided other white nations or communities with alternative inclusionary or exclusionary policies are allowed to form), or to exclude Jews or any other group, or with white Catholic nations or communities that wish to exclude white Protestants and vice versa, or with Swedish nations or communities that wish to exclude French, etc.

Do you think any white nation or community should be allowed to exclude Jews?

Tom said...

the intelligent black ladies will never, NEVER go out with a thug, pants around ankles idiot.

Black males are idiots, statistically speaking.

Black males follow black hip-hop "culture", act macho, commit stupid criminal acts and/or act the fool (slap whitey around for fun) and get arrested (or worse).

This analysis is ignorant. Black men behave this way because they have been selected for this behavior by black women for thousands of generations.

Unamused said...

Frankly I don't know why we're on the topic of Jews, but fine. Those who are not interested can ignore this part of the comment thread.

Also: I'm losing track of the anonymous commenters.

"Many white nationalists don't believe in conspiracy theories."

Okay. My problem is primarily with the ones who do. (For the record, I'm a white nationalist.)

"Many believe that there certain emergent phenomena that appear as though conscious conspiracies when they aren't."

Okay. It remains to identify those specific emergent phenomena not requiring conscious conspiracies. I'm waiting for someone to do for me what I do for race denialists on a daily basis: spell out the reasoning behind the beliefs.

"Are you opposed to any and all white nations or communities that exclude Jews?"

Only insofar as the reasons for excluding Jews are stupid reasons, indicating a stupid nation or stupid community full of stupid people.

"Do you think any white nation or community should be allowed to exclude Jews?"

Sure, I guess. I don't understand their reasoning for this exclusion, but whatever. I'll stay out. Hey, at least in this hypothetical scenario, there are white nations and communities.

However, currently there aren't white nations or communities. The white separatist/nationalist movement is in its infancy. Therefore it is at this juncture fucking suicidal to take on any kind of "Jewish question," so the point is moot.

I'm a practical man. In the simplest possible terms: if you want to kick me out of your country when I'm done building your white separatist movement for you, fine. Until then, leave me alone. I got work to do.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for someone to do for me what I do for race denialists on a daily basis: spell out the reasoning behind the beliefs.

Which beliefs in particular?

Only insofar as the reasons for excluding Jews are stupid reasons, indicating a stupid nation or stupid community full of stupid people.

So you're opposed to any white nation or community that excludes Jews, if you personally determine the reasons for exclusion to be "stupid"?

Therefore it is at this juncture fucking suicidal to take on any kind of "Jewish question," so the point is moot.

Why would it be "suicidal"? I thought whites were "committing suicide" already?

I'm a practical man. In the simplest possible terms: if you want to kick me out of your country when I'm done building your white separatist movement for you, fine. Until then, leave me alone. I got work to do.

You should make yourself clear so we know what exactly you mean.

Are you suggesting that you're single-handedly building a white separatist movement, and that one of your aims is for this movement to have authority over all whites and to try to prevent or discourage any white nation or community from excluding Jews?

What if those white nations or communities that wished to exclude Jews, couldn't exclude you? That is they couldn't exclude you personally, but they could exclude every single other Jew. Would that be ok? If not, why not?

Anonymous said...

For clarification's sake, I'm Anonymous @ July 20, 2:47. That post and this post are the only two comments I have made on this article. Uhm, I supposed I'd be "Anonymous #7."

Unamused said...

"Which beliefs in particular?"

You tell me.

"...if you personally determine the reasons for exclusion to be 'stupid'?"

Uh, yeah: I personally judge things to be stupid or not. I don't trust anyone else to do my thinking for me.

"Why would it be 'suicidal'?"

Because normal white people aren't going to listen to you.

"Are you suggesting that you're single-handedly building a white separatist movement..."



Anonymous said...

You tell me.

You're the one who apparently wants the reasoning spelled out for certain beliefs. What exactly are those beliefs?

Uh, yeah: I personally judge things to be stupid or not. I don't trust anyone else to do my thinking for me.

I didn't ask whether you personally judge things or not. I asked whether you're opposed to the existence of certain nations or communities simply because you think they're "stupid".

I think Scientology is "stupid", but I'm not necessarily opposed to their existence as an exclusive community.

Because normal white people aren't going to listen to you.

Normal white people are quite open to the idea of free association.

Anonymous said...

The irony of writing a blog mostly complaining about Israel and Zionism and then calling others "Nazis". But there isn't much to expect from a self admitted "liberal socialist with fascist tendencies".

Be sure to stay in your ivory tower conveniently located in your gated community. That way you can avoid the reality of the wonders of multiculturalism. We all know what type of laws get passed when your ilk "get scared".

AmericanGoy said...

"Be sure to stay in your ivory tower conveniently located in your gated community. That way you can avoid the reality of the wonders of multiculturalism. We all know what type of laws get passed when your ilk "get scared". "

You got it babe!

I was musing about a post about where this lawlessness and the second great depression was going.
@ last anonymous

After all, it happened before in 1930's Italy...



I only hope that it will be a very mild one, like Guiliani in NY City.

And not, say, the Austrian kind...

Silver said...

Lol. You lived in Chicago for ten years and it's taken you this long to work out the basic social realities of having THEM -- those "people" -- in the vicinity? Quick on the uptake you are certainly not.

Geezus, kiddo, I was at least as indignantly anti-racist as you were (and for likely many of the same reasons) before I came to America, but within a fortnight I was avoiding negroids as reflexively as the most seasoned kluxer. That is: see them around, groan internally that the risk of this pack of so-and-so's ruining your day is extraordinarily high, and do your best to extricate yourself from the situation posthaste; subsequently marvel at the reluctance of the average white American nitwit to discuss what is screamingly obvious.

Anonymous said...

My background is similar to yours. I was born in Yugoslavia and came here as an immigrant.

When I attended school in NYC there was mandatory bussing and integration - meaning that blacks were bussed into my school. So I am well-acquainted with blacks.

Everything in my school was in a state of decay or disrepair. There was graffiti and broken glass everywhere. And a lot of attitude problems. Blacks and Puerto-ricans are especially likely to fly off the handle and go nuts over a minor slight that might earn little more than proverbial 'fuck you' from a white person.

One thing you notice immediately is that blacks are much dumber and demonstrate much less self-discipline than whites. Neither of my parents ever studied English formally. Even so, I could read at a much more advanced level than the blacks- even at a very early age.

All the classes for underachieving students were composed almost entirely of blacks and Puerto-Ricans. All the classes for high-achieving students were entirely composed of whites, East Asians, and South Asians. And this was in a huge shool that was more than 50% black. Don't think it's because the teachers were racist either. They were often radical, left leaning middle class Jews who wanted nothing more than to see minorities achieve on a level equal to that of whites.

Not one black kid made it into the high achiveing classes.

Anyway, I can attest with certainty that what appears in the IQ table of this blog entry is correct:

IQ distribution for US-resident Blacks: 85.0 ± 12.4
IQ distribution for American Whites: 103.0 ± 16.4

Averages are from Jensen and Rushton, "Thirty Years of Research on Race Differences in Cognitive Ability" (PDF), published in Psychology, Public Policy, and Law, 2005, Vol 11, No. 2, pp. 235-294.

In a society composed of equal numbers of US-resident Blacks and American Whitesthere would be:

15.3 times as many whites with an IQ of 110 for every black with an IQ of 110

63.0times as many whites with an IQ of 120 for every black with an IQ of 120

350times as many whites with an IQ of 130 for every black with an IQ of 130

2619.5 times as many whites with an IQ of 140 for every black with an IQ of 140


In short, there are NO highly intelligent blacks. My anecdotal experience confirms this. There were no blacks in high achieving classes, no National Merit Scholars, no black chess masters or grandmasters.

Also, if you have helped out your college admissions office by interviewing students and get a chance to peak at their SAT scores you'll see the same thing.

Between myself and my siblings my family members have attended Dartmouth, Stanford, MIT, and CalTech - and in each of these schools you can see that the blacks are nowhere near capable of performing on par with their peers in mathematics, science, or engineering.

And if you have ever held a managerial position, where one of the chief metrics of your success a manager is your ability to 'develop' (recruit, hire, & promote) employees from underrepresented groups, you will quickly learn that blacks are hands down the least reliable people in the world.

And as for white privilege, the notion is laughable. If my parents or I had been black I would certainly have enjoyed far greater advantages.

Btw, Jewish privilege is real. Being Eastern European and having lived in New York, a lot of people assumed my Dad was a Jew. He often found himself working in professional settingswhere he was literally the only gentile around. It took him a while to realize that his peers took him to be a fellow Jew.

I also dated a black woman in college, and I used to feel guilty about observing these differences, but they are real.

AmericanGoy said...

Thanks for posting, Anonymous from old Yugoslavia.

We share very similar backgrounds.

I also attended the lower classes with "minorities".

I noticed that many white kids tried to attend "honors' courses simply to not get harassed (sometimes physically) by blacks.

Of course, there were no black people in ANY honours courses, and this was in a school that was at least 50% black...