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Europe first nativists dealt a crushing blow from which they will not recover

You are all familiar with the scum, Anders Behring Breivik, who (it appears singlehandedly) killed 76 people, including children attending a political youth camp for ages 15 and up.

What are his views?

TIME article,

Breivik's final Facebook entry was a massive 1,516-page document and a link to a video on YouTube. He created the manifesto and the video long before the attacks in order to control what would be said about him in the media after he committed his slaughter and was free to post no more.

The document, 2083: A European Declaration of Independence, is something of a template for right-wing terrorism, a rambling manifesto that at times rails at "cultural Marxists" and "multiculturalism" and blames them for the destruction of Western culture. Elsewhere he offers detailed instructions on Web-based self-publishing, comments on his TV habits and provides tips for building a successful terrorist cell. With the exception of some highly personal descriptions of growing up and his pain over the divorce of his parents, the document is eerily reminiscent of the jihadist instruction manuals that have been widely distributed over the Internet since the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks.

"It is a complete mirroring of al-Qaeda, a cut-and-paste image of a jihadist manifesto," Magnus Ranstorp, a terrorism expert at the Swedish National Defense College, tells

This is fascinating, at least to me.

This man is against multiculturalism and "cultural Marxists", which is a not so secret code word for being against immigration of Arabs and Africans into Europe.

In another question, Breivik asks how he would describe his ideology; he says he is part of an indigenous-rights movement whose ideology is cultural conservatism. "I am very proud of my Viking heritage. My name, Breivik, is a place name from Northern Norway, dating back to before the Viking era," he wrote.

The secret society Breivik describes aims to re-create the Knights Templar. Known by their trademark white mantles bearing a red cross, the Knights Templar were skilled fighters during the Crusades who wielded enormous political and economic influence during the Middle Ages. Breivik wrote that there was a secret meeting in London in April 2002 to rebuild the order and that nine people representing eight European countries attended.

Maybe all that happened — or maybe it didn't. "It could all be in his head," Thomas Hegghammer, a terrorism expert at the Norwegian Defense Research Establishment, tells "The document mirrors al-Qaeda ideology in a few important ways. The principal aim is to expel Muslims from Europe, just as al-Qaeda wants to expel Westerners from the holy lands."

He is delusional.

A nutcase.

Think about it - he is proclaiming to be against immigrants; in fact, he hates them so much that he is willing to kill.

To commit unspeakable, mass murder.

And which immigrant area did he choose to plant his bomb in?

What Arabic ghetto did he go on his rampage in?

Strangely enough, this "Europe first", lets face it, racist, blew up a government building in Oslo and then went on a rampage on an very small island on which was held a political (ruling left wing party) meet up for youths and young adults.

All white.

This man is clearly a nutter, a delusional, highly dangerous idiot who can't add 2+2 together.

After all, after proclaiming his hatred of immigrants, he kills, in incredible numbers... his fellow Norwegians.


Another thing - manufacturing a bomb of that force, adding in a timer and a detonator is not that easy.

Remember - when the bomb detonated, he was not nearby - he was ready to start shooting children on Utoya island.

That is a lot of mayhem for an untrained amateur acting alone, with no training, no contacts, no support, no contacts in the shady world of terrorism and/or arms merchants.


And now, after this mass murder, after this appalling act of senseless (yes, incredibly senseless) slaughter of completely innocent, ordinary people going about their business...

NOW the police of Europe will take even a closer look at the "extremists", such as the Geert Wilders Freedom party in Netherlands for one.

He is making a (to me) valid point that perhaps having a moslem population close to the 20% mark is not such a good thing for the rest of the very liberal, freedom loving Dutch citizens.

Germany has the National Democratic Party, a very fringe group which is busy protesting Holocaust day of all things (yep, a real, honest to goodness nazis... sigh).

In fact, each country has a pro Europe party, which sometimes, unfortunately, stinks of swastikas and bald heads and, shall we say, not too intellectual demeanor.

But organizations like the one in the Netherlands are the second wave - they are NOT linked to the extremist idiots who read "Mein Kampf" and give each other the nazi salute.

They are led by normal, every day people - for example, Pim Fortuyn:

Describing Islam as a "backward culture" which would persecute him as a gay, he opposed immigration and was set to have a key role in shaping future government policy.In the May 15 elections, his newly formed Lijst Pim Fortuyn party was eyeing a place in a coalition government, at the expense of the socialists.Fortuyn was part of a new wave of Dutch politicians. But he insisted he was not like Jean-Marie Le Pen and wanted nothing to do with the French far-right leader.Fortuyn's platform seemed out of place in the Netherlands, which has a reputation for liberalism. He argued that the Netherlands was full up with 16 million people.

While not advocating deportation, he criticised the country's estimated 800,000 Muslims for not embracing Dutch life and said government benefits should be restricted to Dutch speakers.

Though tolerant of such subcultures, Fortuyn's targeted a deep vein of suspicion of immigrants.

He said: "I'm not anti-Muslim. I'm not anti-immigrant. I'm saying we've got big problems in our cities.

"It's not very smart to make the problems bigger by letting in millions more immigrants from rural Muslim cultures that don't assimilate. This country is bursting. I think 16 million people is quite enough."

You caught the fact that he was openly gay, right?

You probably heard also that he was was murdered,

The Dutch right-wing politician Pim Fortuyn has been shot dead.

Fortuyn, 54, was attacked as he left a radio studio in the central Dutch city of Hilversum. He was shot six times and suffered multiple wounds in the head, chest and neck, and died shortly afterwards.

Police said they had arrested a white Dutch man in relation to the killing, but no motive has yet been established.

Yes, the assassin was a white Dutchman, not an Islamic immigrant.


Anyway, anyhoo...

He was killed off, but the right in the Netherlands did not die off - they thrived.

Big gains for far-right leader Geert Wilders as Dutch go to the polls, Guardian, from 2010.

Anti-Muslim Populists Make Big Gains in Dutch Vote, Spiegel, 06/2010.

What about other European countries?

Marine Le Pen poll rating shock for French politics, BBC, March 2011.

An opinion poll suggesting far-right leader Marine Le Pen could win the first round of next year's presidential election has caused a shock in France.

The survey for Le Parisien newspaper puts the National Front leader, who took over from her father Jean-Marie in January, ahead of all other candidates.

It gives her 23%, two percentage points ahead of both President Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist leader Martine Aubry.

However, some analysts question the accuracy of the online poll.

Online surveys are arguably less reliable than telephone polling, and Le Parisien's poll assumes Ms Aubry will be chosen as the Socialists' candidate, while the party has yet to decide.

Jean-Marie Le Pen was the shock runner-up in the first round of the 2002 election, only to be massively defeated in the second against Jacques Chirac.

How about Italy?

Pew Research, January 12, 2010,

More than nine-in-ten Italians (94%) considered immigration to be a big problem, including 64% who said it was a very big problem in Italy.

There is a link to a 49 nation survey on immigration and immigration.


Lets take a look! (dateline October 4, 2007)

"We should further restrict and control immigration".

Study this graph.

Notice that there isn't one country where there is a majority support for immigration.


Not a one.

Except for... South Korea, which I assume is looking forward to North Korean defections (perhaps). We will skip Palestinian territories - no explanation necessary.

But otherwise, you see 70% plus respondents being in favor of restricting immigration.

It is across the board - Asians, Africans, Europeans - DO NOT WANT immigration.

Or at least the current, mass, globalized version of it with movements of groups of peoples larger than during the times of Barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire.

No wonder there are political parties and organizations sprouting up all over Europe contesting the PC view of "immgrations is good" mantra.

In France, in the Netherlands, these were gaining momentum, poised to make (yet again) big gains in the polls, winning local and national elections.

No more.

This momentum is fully stopped.

This Norwegian nutcase, acting alone, acting against immigrants and for Norway and Norwegians by killing... Norwegians, has put a stop to that.

Now Europeans organizing in not far right, but centre right organizations will be hounded.



Reported on.

On NPR, American public radio, there was as Norwegian who called for (am paraphrasing) "an end to hate - and also they must understand that immigrants do not make Norway worse, if anything, they make it better".

Anybody in an official position who will dare to question the globalization steamroller will be dealt with in the press, TV, blogs - total media assault.

A European criticizing immigrants or immigration will be, no ifs and buts about it, called a "nutcase", "racist", and, you guessed it, compared to and tarnished with the example of the nutter, Mr. Anders Behring Breivik.

This second wave of pro Europe politicians, at pains to distance themselves from the nutty, fringe far, far right bold headed retards, has just been dealt a crushing, crushing defeat.

Absolutely no criticism of globalization, of mass immigration, of changing the European culture into some sort of a globalized third world village, will be tolerated nor allowed.

Immigration in Europe

About a decade ago I went to visit London and Paris.

This was in the days when one did not have to be sexually assaulted to board a plane... so long ago, a different era.

London was extremely cosmopolitan, with different kinds of people, all kinds of cultures, mixing together.

Interestingly, the same problems abound - I am sure Unamusement Park and SBPDL will not be surprised; Notting Hill Carnival hailed a success as crime falls, BBC, August 2010:

Notting Hill Carnival has been described as a success by police who said crime fell by a third this year.

Figures from the Metropolitan Police showed 230 people were arrested, but reported crime fell by 31% compared with last year.

More than one million people attended the three-day street festival in west London, police said.

But Ch Insp Jo Edwards said the event had been largely trouble-free and for the fourth year there were no firearms incidents.

The festival was a success, because the British police learned from the 2008 festival; again, not a surprise to learn the same pattern of "yoof" behaviour,

Blacks Riot at Notting Hill ‘Carnival’


That was London... but Paris.... Paris was something else.

During the night, loud African drums were being played next to the Eiffel Tower (close to the Trocadero).

Gangs of yoofs walking together in packs.

I saw a black guy repeatedly punching an Arabic looking, nicely dressed gentleman in the face as they were riding an escalator in the Metro.

Hundreds of people around, no police, no one did a thing.

Punch... the Arab guy's head snaps back. Fist raised, the Arab flinches... the black guy smiles, enjoying himself. Crack!

Wait, the guy was too pasty for being an Arab...

I saw a woman whose face was covered in blood, crying to a gendarme about being mugged.

The gendarme could not give less of a shit to her.

This was a normal, everyday night in Paris.

During daytime, moslem men praying in a side street, completely blocking it...

I met a Moroccan girl, whom I talked to a lot about Paris and France.

She clued me in - no go areas for white boys (like me), she does not go out during the evening or night - too dangerous for a woman, especially a MOSLEM WOMAN.

All in all, a very interesting trip.... an eye opening trip.

This was not Europe where Europeans lived and worked - this was... something else.

Muslims in Europe: Country guide , from the BBC, 2005.

Lets stick to the Netherlands - PBS, Frontline dateline 2005,

Muslims number about 920,000 in a total Dutch population of approximately 16 million.

This is a rather substantial chunk of the population, wouldn't you say?

Holland daze December 27, 2004, The Dutch rethink multiculturalism.;

Wilders has focused on Turkey, crime, and the unsustainability of high immigration. He has warned that many of the more than 1 million Muslims who live in the Netherlands "have already opted for radical Islam," and has urged closing extremist mosques.

Wait, wasn't the number from 2005 920,000 moslems?

What's the real number?

The Netherlands, with a population of 16 million, has about 2 million foreign-born. By some estimates, a quarter of them do not speak Dutch.

And who exactly is promoting this multi-culturalist attack upon Europe?

What's going on?

What's more, the public has been told for two decades now that they ain't seen nothing yet, that this is only the first wave of a long era of immigration, which they'd better learn to love. The immigrants the country now hosts have been difficult to manage. Part of the problem is the interaction of high immigration and what was for years a generous, no-questions-asked welfare state: As many as 60 percent of Moroccans and Turks above the age of 40--obviously first-generation immigrants--are unemployed, in the only major economy in Europe that has consistently had unemployment at or below American rates.

So, they come to Europe, which has a fantastic, generous socialist welfare state system (I am a left wing, socialist, and I ADMIRE the European version of socialist and capitalism mix, which is now being DESTROYED by - you guessed it - immigration).

They come to Europe and... don't integrate, cannot find work, get radicalized...

This will end well, n'est ce pas?

Most of these immigrants are Muslims. Muslim immigrants had begun to scare people long before Pim Fortuyn, the charismatic populist, turned himself into the country's most popular politician in the space of a few weeks in 2002, by arguing that the country was already overloaded with newcomers. (Fortuyn was assassinated by an animal-rights activist in May of that year.) Already in the 1990s, there were reports of American-style shootouts in schools, one involving two Turkish students in the town of Veghel. This past October, newspaper readers were riveted by the running saga of a quiet married couple who had been hounded out of the previously livable Amsterdam neighborhood of Diamantbuurt by gangs of Muslim youths. There were incidents of wild rejoicing across Holland in the wake of the September 11 attacks, notably in the eastern city of Ede. The weekly magazine Contrast took a poll showing that just under half the Muslims in the Netherlands were in "complete sympathy" with the September 11 attacks.

I predict a brilliant future for Holland and the rest of Europe.

Full speed ahead on globalization and mass immigration!

The question naturally arises: If immigrants behave this way now, what will happen when they are far more numerous, as all authorities have long promised they will be? It has been estimated that the country's two largest cities, Amsterdam and Rotterdam, will be "majority minority" very soon (Rotterdam is today at 47 percent), and already 65 percent of primary and secondary students in both cities are of non-Dutch parentage.

This is from 2004 - I can only imagine how glorious Rotterdam is today!

Thursday, June 04, 2009, Islam in Europe blog,

Rotterdam: Immigrant groups overrepresented in crime

Of the Moroccan-Dutch boys in Rotterdam aged 18 to 24, almost 55% have gotten in trouble with the police on suspicion of offenses. For Antilleans and Surinamese that's 40%, for Turkish-Dutch men 36% and for ethnic Dutch Rotterdam residents 18.4%.

Frank Bovenkerk presented these 'absolutely frightful numbers' on Wednesday during his departure speech as professor of criminology at the University of Utrecht. Until now the link between crime and immigrant groups was measured in a standard way, and Bovenkerk says that the data then looks better.

According to the criminologist, for years crimes were counted up wrong.
By linking the police files and the data from Statistics Netherlands (CBS) suspects from the first and second generation immigrant groups could be brought into the picture. This shows indeed that Antilleans, Moroccans, Surinamese and Turkish-Dutch are overrepresented in the crime statistics.

Quick show of hands - who here is surprised by this?

I, for one, am shocked, SHOCKED at these statistics because according to WORLDWIDE campaign for globalization, immigration and political correctness, immigration (from Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Mexico, Guatemala, Mars) is always, ALWAYS a good thing.

Full stop.

No discussion allowed or you are a "nazi, racist, bigot".

The Dutch minister for immigration and integration is Rita Verdonk, a woman, as it happens. In late November she went to the town of Soesterberg to speak about "Dutch values." There she was introduced to an imam named Ahmad Salam. He refused to shake her hand.

Of course, things are very, very different in France, Italy, Germany, where moslem immigrants and minorities are surely not overrepresented in the crime statistics?


This massive wave of immigrants with completely different cultural norms and values, completely different world viewpoints is helping Europe in the globalization stakes, right?


I will let you google that for yourselves.

Do your own damn research.

"I cannot shake hands with a woman," the imam explained.

"Well, then," Verdonk replied, "we have plenty to talk about."

This will end well...

Disclaimer - Irony Overload!
I am an Eastern European immigrant who became a naturalized American.

Make of that what you will.

Bonus: I was wrong!

In my previous article, Where's the maid?, I was speculating on the Dominique Strauss Kahn incident.

Namely, that A stunningly beautiful woman, fluent French speaker, assigned to our dear ole friend "DSK"... I was speculating in option A that she was an escort.

I could not have been... more... wrong.



A.Mouser said...

The Mossad did Norway.


AmericanGoy said...



Anything on that, A.Mouser?

Other than your hunch?

Anonymous said...

Anti immigrationists were already defamed with charges of "nazi" and "racist" long before this incident. Character assassination is always easier then actually refuting someones position.

If you had read his manifesto you would see that he is self admittedly non racist. He also shared a deep seated hatred for Hitler and the Nazis as well. So your claims of him being racist are rich, especially after that gem you just published a few columns back.

This was the last act of a deranged man. Party members of the NDP, BNP, National Front, Vlaams Belang, etc. aren't committing terrorist acts.

Another question you might ask along with where did he get his bomb making skill, is how did he acquire fully automatic weapons in a country with extreme gun restrictions.

Anonymous said...

He didn't just randomly target children, but the next generation of left-wing antifa Labor politicians. It was a calculated political strike. I guess the media is downplaying this to try to prevent copy-cats.

Anonymous said...


I wonder whether Breivik's "anti-racism" was merely a front.

Breivik IS a race realist. I suspect that he has at least 150 pages in his manifesto on race. I also suspect that he read HBD blogs.

Go to his manifesto and do a search for 'genotype' or 'nordic' or 'race-mixing' or 'genes'. He defends ethnonationalism.

This from his manifesto suggests he cared about race:

“In any case, we need to get over this taboo as soon as possible because it is estimated that the Nordic genotypes will be extinct completely within 200 years. This is mainly due to intermarriage between Nordics and non-Nordics. Multiculturalist doctrines have speeded this “indirect extermination process” up further in many Western European countries so the extinction might happen sooner. F example the Norwegian cultural Marxist government has created a vast network of asylum camps all over the country
(and in historically isolated small towns and villages) which will contribute to accelerate this process substantially. The Nordic genotypes might be wiped out within 200 years and yet not a single counter-measure has been employed to prevent this from happening due to the fact that it is considered politically incorrect.”

Regarding Breivik's zionism, was it merely a front?

From email:

Was Breivik's "zionism" merely a front?

So says blogger Conservative Swede:  "Any [European] white right-wing group critical of MC/PC/Immigration/Islam must protect itself from Nazi charges by putting the support of Israel and the Jewish people among its top objectives."


Anonymous said...

Change is good for business. In my areas when the ghetto people move in then real estate gets business and the displaced have to sell and buy somewhere else. If there is static business then no one can prosper/sell/buy or business is very limited.
Can you imagine if they limited the distribution of drivers licenses?
The result would be less cars sold, less insurance bought, less auto repair shops less of everything.
This change is good for business all around.

An0n said...

Right on cue:
Defending Breivik: European Politicians in Hot Water for Norway Comments