Saturday, January 14, 2012

Forgotten Histories 2

After watching countless WW2 war movies, I have come to the realization that American troops effortlessly mow down enemy soldiers, the more elite Wehrmacht troopers and Viet Cong Sappers the easier it is for them.

For something completely different, watch perhaps the greatest war movie of all time,

Platoon 317 (full movie, this is part 1).

Please note that if any shithead says something snarky about the French army, I will be... miffed. The French Union forces (French, Algerians, Moroccans, Senegalese, Legionnares) fought in Vietnam, ALL of it... aaaaaand Laos, aaaaand Cambodia. With much less technology and air cover than the Americans in the 60's.

They fought heroically and stoically, and this conflict (perhaps my favorite area of study, of modern history) gave rise to such prominents as Bernard B. Fall, Marcel Bigeard, Lucien Bodard and De Lattre (well, that last one was already famous), Pierre Schoendoerffer.

This was a war of road bound convoys, of wide open spaces, of extremely long range patrols, of isolated outposts crewed by a few french guys and some natives (Lao, Cambodian, Viet) fighting against overwhelming odds, sometimes winning, sometimes losing and having to sneak away to friendly lines 300 miles away, 50 men against 10,000...

This is their story.

Perhaps the greatest war movie of all time, by someone who was there - Pierre Schoendoerffer.

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