Monday, February 13, 2012

Some news from round the globe

The Israelis are assassinating scientists in Iran involved in their atomic programme.

No big shocker, this.

This has slipped in the US media; fortunately, not much shown on TV:

US officials confirm Iranian claim that Israel has funded, armed dissident assassins in Iran, NBC reports.

La dee da.

In response, the Iranians started doing exactly what the Israelis are doing - assassinating Israeli targets in retaliation.

Of course, the first instance - of a country assisting a terrorist organization to kill off a country's scientists - is NOT terrorism.

The second instance - of a country assisting a terrorist organization to kill off a country's scientists - IS terrorism.

Makes perfect sense to me.

Girl, 10, was a slave in the UK - a wonderful Pakistani custom... ain't multiculturalism greeeeeat (asks the immigrant blogger)?

Greece says bend me over and stick that baton up my ass, Germany;

the Greek Parliament passed a strict package of austerity measures, in an effort to meet demands by the European Union and the International Monetary Fund. The measures, which were prerequisites for a $170 billion bailout, included steep public-sector job cuts and a 20 percent reduction in the minimum wage. More than 80,000 Greeks reportedly demonstrated in the streets of Athens

Reduction of 20% to the national minimum wage must be hell-a popular with the young people, who are unemployed anyway.

There is no industry in Greece, the manufacturing is in Germany and Asia, so all that is left is finance, but that is in London or America, so all that is left is... well, tourism, and since the world economy was stolen by bankers who were punished by receiving the biggest bonuses in the history of investment banking, there is no tourism.

A country without any manufacturing nor finance will not survive and is at the mercy of the international banking cabal.

A country like that is not a sovereign nation - it is a pathetic, useless shell to whom the strong will dictate demands and expect them to be executed promptly and efficiently.

A country like that used to be only located in Africa or Latin America (the so called "banana republics") but now, lo and behold, those countries are in Europe.

What goes around, comes around.

Click on that Greece link; amazing pictures in it.

What else, what else?

At Fukushima, a thermometer recorded 285 degrees (Celsius), which means disaster, but don't worry, the official explanation is that the thermometer is faulty, so no worries, eh?

The Japanese definitely should not worry about their food becoming poisoned from the fallout - for example, some glow in the dark noodles.

The casually mentioned fact really made my hairs stand on end, the ones still clinging to my head, that is:

The Forestry Agency on Feb. 10 notified prefectures across Japan not to use ashes made from wood or charcoal in cooking if the materials were lumbered or produced in Fukushima Prefecture, Tokyo and 15 other prefectures following the outbreak of the Fukushima nuclear disaster in March last year (...)

What does that mean?

That the radioactive elements are ALL OVER the fucking place, that's what - and we are talking highly populated areas, some of the highest density on the planet.

This article sorta kinda proves it - High radioactive cesium levels detected in worms 20 km from nuke plant.

Radioactive cesium registering some 20,000 becquerels per kilogram has been found in worms 20 kilometers from the damaged Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant.

What is a safe level of radiation as measured in becquerels?

A fucking zero, that's what - no radiation is good for you.

But in a less ideal world, about 100 becquerels for infants and 300 for adults.

Worms root in the ground and eat all the shit in the ground -

A worm’s diet is based off of where they live and if they are surface worms or they live deep under the ground. Worms that are generally near the surface of the dirt can eat anything from dead leaves to cardboard all the way to melon rinds and sawdust.

Splendid, then - nothing to worry about, as the worms slide across and below the ground, and eat, oh, about 66 times the safety limit.

Which leads us to the shit that grows in the ground, like, you know, shit we humans eat...

Regarding the Japanese food supply, obviously there is nooooothing to worry about.

What else, what else...?

I don't know - you tell me.

I have been pretty busy with life and all the assorted crap - so fill me in.

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