Sunday, March 18, 2012

Three movies you should watch post haste

The first one is the KONY 2012, I won't put up a link here, it is all over the web.

The second one is this one (WARNING - NUDITY and SWEARING, NSFW).

New Jason Russell meltdown, from up close.

Jason Russell is the guy who made KONY 2012, you know, the one which postulates that our dear old Yoo Ess of Ey should invade Uganda and bring one Kony who uses child soldiers to commit atrocities to justice.

Because, he is the only african warlord EVER to use child soldiers to commit horrible atrocities (the italic text and the all capital letters text are used only to highlight sarcasm and snark).

The third movie which you should see is "Wag the dog".

If you have not seen it, nor have no idea what it is about, you should put as much of your life on hold as you can and make it your mission to see it.

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Occidentalist said...

Three posts on Kony that are a must read: