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Black shoots unarmed white hispanic; police refuse to arrest black

Taco Bell Shooting Victim was Holding Leash, Not Weapon,

LAVEEN - Police are saying more about a shooting at a Taco Bell Tuesday night in which one man died.

They're also identifying the victim as 29-year-old Daniel Adkins.

About 7:30 p.m., a 22-year-old man and his girlfriend ordered food at the Taco Bell drive-thru and were told to pull up while their order was prepared.

At the same time, Adkins stepped around a corner into the path of the vehicle and angry words were exchanged between he and the driver.

They got into an altercation and Adkins was shot once by the driver. He died at the scene.

The driver, a 22-year-old black male, called police but has not been arrested.

At first, the couple claimed that Adkins had a metal pipe that he swung at them -- but it turns out he was holding a dog leash with his yellow lab on the other end.

Family members want that driver arrested, but he's claiming self-defense.

"He needs to be behind bars. I'll never see my brother again," says sister Marina Reyes. "If he felt that my brother was threatening him, he could have easily just rolled up the window and called the cops."

A metal pipe or bat was never located. An independent witness did say Adkins swung his fists in the driver's direction.

“He swung his fist towards the driver window, and at some point the driver shot him,” says Phoenix Police Sgt. Tommy Thompson. “Just because we don’t book a person immediately does not mean we don’t charge a person at a later date.”

The dog, Lady, stayed by Adkins' side until the Humane Society came. Adkins lived with his mom and dad. He's 29, but his family says he's mentally disabled and has the mental capacity of a 12-year-old. He didn't drive, and walked wherever he went.

"This person is still on the loose and I don't agree with that. So he's saying self defense, then where's the weapon? Where's the pipe? They didn't find anything on my brother," says Reyes. "He was just too aggressive, you don't need to go that far."

The shooter's name has not been released. The investigation is still ongoing.

This is a complete mirror of the Trayvon case, except there is no national outcry, no marches by angry men, no beating up of elderly 78 year old men for revenge:

Trayvon Martin case looms over beating of 78-year-old Ohio man, from Fox News.

A 78-year-old Ohio man says he was a victim of a hate crime when he was severely beaten by group of youths -- who allegedly said "this is for Trayvon," referring to the unarmed black Florida teen killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

The man, Dallas Watts of East Toledo, told police he was walking home Saturday afternoon when he was confronted by six youths, both white and black, ages 11 to 17, reports. One of the youths allegedly said "take him down."

Watts said he told the youths, "Why me? Remember Trayvon." He told that he meant it in a "peaceful way," since he had nothing to do with the Florida killing. But police suggest the youths may have misinterpreted Watts' words as threatening.

"[Get] that white [man]. This is for Trayvon ... Trayvon lives, white [man]. Kill that white [man]," the boys are quoted as saying in a police report cited by the Toledo Blade.

Three of the six youths have been charged in the case, but police interviews didn't yield enough evidence to support hate crime charges, reported.

I said it is a mirror of the Trayvon case, where a shooter kills an unarmed victim for no reason.

Except that is probably not true.

You see, I tend to believe Mr. Zimmerman more and more as he tells his version of events.

He claimed to have been set upon by the youth, and as they struggled, and as his head was being pummeled into the pavement, he shot the black youth in self defense.

Enhanced video of Zimmerman in police station appears to show injuries; Fox of course; video is in the webpage - see for yourself.

In case you have seen the coverage and articles about the case on the MSM (in case, you know, lived in America) you have noticed that Trayvon was an angelic young man showcased in the pictures which showed him as a smiling young boy.

A few days later, the facts emerged which the MSM is still busy diligently ignoring.

First, Trayvon was suspended from school three times for various offenses.


Trayvon Martin, the teenager whose shooting death has sparked a national uproar, was suspended from school last month for having a baggie that contained marijuana residue in his book bag, a family spokesman said Monday.

The Miami Herald reported that Martin was suspended two other times from school. The first time was for missing school or being late.

In October, Martin was suspended with friends for writing “W.T.F.” on a hallway locker, according to a school report obtained by the Herald. A security guard looking through his backpack for the graffiti marker and instead found women’s rings and earrings and a screwdriver, described by the staffer as a “burglary tool.”

So Trayvon was a thief.

We ALL AGREE on that, unless one's name is Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton or Obama.

We AGREE that he was a thief, right?

Police investigated Trayvon Martin over jewelry, please note the "innocent young boy from few years ago" profile picture.

This undated file family photo shows Trayvon Martin.


We'll get back to that issue in a moment.

But first,

The Miami Herald obtained a Miami-Dade Schools Police Department report that showed the slain teenager was suspended in October for writing obscene graffiti on a door at his high school.

The report says that during a search of his backpack, security officers found jewelry and a screwdriver that they felt could be a burglary tool. Martin told them a friend had given him the jewelry, but wouldn't say who.

And now lets see a "dated", more recent picture of Saint Trayvon.

Trayvon Martin “gangsta” pictures.

Then of course, there is this one:

A poster at stormfront, a racist organization (duh!) claimed that he broke into Trayvon's facebook account and gleaned his facebook and twitter posts and pictures.

Here, take a look at forum.

Apparently his twitter nick was NO_LIMIT_NIGGA.

But of course, if you notice the similarity of the pictures of Trayvon "innocent young boy" and NO_LIMIT_NIGGA you are a racist, bigot and... well, lets see.

Well, I will let the experts take over.

Trayvon Martin: No, That's Not His Facebook Page Showing "Gangsta" Photos UPDATED, By Gus Garcia-Roberts.

If you haven't come across the photo to the right, you probably will in the next day or two. Gross racists and assorted other morons are claiming that it's from the Facebook page of Trayvon Martin (snip)

The photo linked to on the page indeed does not look like the dead Trayvon... it is clear even to this gross racist and assorted moron.

HOWEVER, the photos I linked to here and here and here DO.

But it is full court press now to control the damage - this case STILL has the potential to not just tag all whites (even though the shooter is latino/hispanic from Peru) as racists who shoot poor black boys for no reason but also, even more important, to assault the right to carry guns for self defense and, even more important, to make the case against "stand your ground" laws in many states where a law abiding citizen does not have to run from a thug but can actually defend himself/herself and his/her family.

If that last attack on our freedoms is successful, if "stand your ground" is taken out and shot and face stomped, then any white person who shoots a (race not needed to be mentioned in article as it has no bearing on the case, per typical MSM mindset) youth in self defense will be arrested post haste for murder.

You see, he did not RUN from his assailant.

These people want to make us into slaves, into pussified feminine Swedish men who cringe and piss themselves when a black or arab enter their personal space.

That is why the shooter is "white" despite being latino, that is why Trayvon is saintly despite being a thief, and that is why noticing his pictures posted by "that racist site" look very much like him is only done by "gross racists and assorted other morons".

So now we have a choice for president - a "he looked just like my son" race baiter and non entity with a superb PR machine working overtime to present this non entity, narcissistic men and his bitchy, abrasive, difficult to deal with wife (a typical self entitled lower class black woman, you know the type - OMG, a racist statement by me!) versus an obvious Israeli "agent of influence".


Just super.

Bonus Bonus


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Spoken like a true zionist hasbara controlled op shill "AmericanGoy". Complete with victimhood(poor whites right?) and yes, blatant racism. Both very major zionist traits. You are too obvious "AmericanGoy".

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"white victimhood part of the zionist routine?"

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I think the Anonymous(es) accusing American Goy of being a shill are the actual shills here.

What scares the Zionists to death is the idea that the "far left" and the "far right" might realize that they actually have a lot in common, and could learn a couple of things from each other. They usually call this the "red-brown alliance" or something like that, though unfortunately it doesn't exist much in practice, mainly since Zionist efforts of playing off left against right have generally been successful.