Sunday, April 29, 2012

Policeman confiscates cameras, because he was told to

Here, watch this:

Police confiscate cameras from the public video 1.

Police confiscate cameras from the public video 2.

The thing is, the nice old lady says, correctly:

"It's not against the law to film here".

And the retarded cop, states,

"Yes it is. That's what I've been told".

Which means that in America, a policeman will obey the order of a VIP, somebody who is important, like a politician, and totally tramp over the rights, dignity and common sense of everybody else.

First, the policeman has no right to touch a taxpayer who is sitting there, quietly listening to the political speech.

Second, the policeman has no right to take someone's fucking property because he was told to do so.

Thirdly, look at the sheep in action - yes, sheep, moronic sheep that are American "citizens".

When someone lays hands on you and tries takes your stuff away - whether it is a thug, or a policeman, or a stranger, TAKE ACTION.

Don't try to be nice and not make a scene - you are under attack.

Defend yourself.

Scream, loudly for the whole room to hear: "What the fuck are you doing, get your hands off me! Police! This man is an imposter!".

Push the retard away and scream more. Do not let them take your private things which you own and which they have no right to take from you, while everybody around you is watching your humiliation.

Ah, who am I kidding, most of us are cowards anyway...

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