Thursday, May 17, 2012

Suvorov: Icebreaker

Just in case you haven't read it yet, here is PDF - all 331 pages of it (you've been warned, look out in case your connection is pants):


Here's another one, full book:

Inside the Soviet Army

And another one:

Inside Soviet Military Intelligence

And oh yeah, the documentary about Suvorov's theory, made in Poland:

(It has English, easy to read subtitles. Watch it; it's really good; highly recommended!).

Happy readin' and watchin'!


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What I especially like about Suvorov is his pointed, insightful commentary about the Soviet system; even the so-called expert historian miss or hide the simple truth about for instance the 1937 Purge. All bemoan it but only Suvorov, to my understanding, explains it. The Purge wasn't strictly a result of "paranoia" as we read continuously. Rather, it was part of a change in policy. As Suvorov says, different eras need different leaders; the Civil War era needed bloodthirsty types unafraid to sacrifice their own people. However, the Aggressive Era, which was to commence with the attack upon Europe in summer 1941, needed new types. Soldiers wouldn't follow leaders with a history of mass murder of their own people. Stalin wanted generals untainted by such a history. Generals like Tukachevsky, previously valuable, were distinct liabilities in the Aggressive Era. What Westerners never understand, it seems, is the total commitment to expansion of the Communist World that Stalin had. The "Socialism in one country" was a slogan only and believed by Western dupes only.