Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Black mobs up to 100 strong terrorize Chicago on the weekend

This is insane.

I have never seen the like.

Last weekend, there were reports of "keeeedz", ages 14-29, in groups of 10-100, roaming up and down the Michigan Avenue and Navy Pier area.

This happened Saturday and Sunday nights.

To give you an idea, this is THE touristy and high class area of Chicago - Michigan street has the nickname "Magnificent Mile", and is packed of pricey shops, restaurants, and tourists and beautiful people.

In fact, the whole area has the nickname "The Gold Coast" - this is where Oprah used to live, this is where all the celebrities live.

And now we have an invasion of blacks.

Yes, I said blacks, and, shockingly, so did WGN Channel 9 local news channel last night!

This was a true horror show, the likes of which I have not seen in my lifetime.

Again, we are talking groups of blacks numbering into the hundreds!

Cops: Man beaten by group in Gold Coast neighborhood

A man walking home from work was attacked and beaten by a large group of people on the Gold Coast late Sunday, police said.

The 36-year-old man suffered a laceration above his right eye and bruising to his head and body during the attack at 10 p.m. in the 800 block of North Dewitt Place, police said, citing early reports.

The group of attackers was comprised of between 15 and 20 males and females, police said. Preliminary police reports indicated that they may have been teenagers.

Police are listing the attack as a battery and there is no indication that the man was robbed, said Chicago Police Department News Affairs Officer Robert Perez. The attackers did not appear to say anything to the man to indicate why he was targeted, Perez said.

He was targeted because he was White. There was no robbery - just blacks having fun.

Man, 7 teens charged in downtown muggings

An 18-year-old man was charged along with seven teenagers who were charged with mob action following a series of muggings carried out Saturday night by groups of attackers, including one that left a visitor from Michigan hospitalized with a broken jaw.

In the first attack, a group of young people beat and robbed the 40-year-old man in the 500 block of North State Street just before 10 p.m. The victim, who was in Chicago on business, according to a relative, was treated for a broken jaw at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

The juveniles, ranging in age from 13 to 16, have each been charged with three counts of mob action in connection with the attack.

A second attack, which police believe to be unrelated, occurred about 30 minutes later near the Lake/State Red Line station in the 100 block of North State Street. A couple was accosted by an unknown number of suspects near the Chicago Theatre. A male victim suffered minor injuries and was also treated at Northwestern.

Police received a report of a third attack near Navy Pier, but police couldn't provide the exact time of the attack.

Again, this is happening in the main tourist area of Chicago, the area with Armani, Louis Vitton, Disney stores, where Oprah used to live, and on Navy Pier, which is THE tourist trap of Chicago, with restaurants, sometimes the visiting Shanghai circus performances, and big, ultra modern cruise ships which one can take on a lovely sightseeing cruise on the Lake Michigan.

How bad are things?

The Red Line is shut down... on the South Side (pop quiz: White people live on the North side - who lives on the South Side?).

No, no, if you are not a Chicagoan, you do not understand the gravity of this.

Mayor defends Red Line shutdown:

5-month closure for rail renovation, augmented bus service 'the right set of choices,' Emanuel says'

That's right, the Red Line is shut down for 5 fucking months (on the South side)!

Now, let me explain this whole Red Line thing.

In Chicago, we have the "El" trains, (the letter "L" stands for elevated), with several lines going out into the far Chicago fringes and then all meeting downtown.

It is a great public transportation system, as a person living in the Chicago area without a car can make it to almost anywhere in the city, and especially into the offices downtown for work.

I used it myself when I was "carless" for a year.

The Red Line is THE main line going from north to south (and vice versa), with people from the near north and far north, the Lakeview, Edgewater, Wilmette areas are able to take the train into downtown to work.

It has a stop at Addison, with the lovely Cubs stadium standing in all its glory right outside the window.

It has a stop at the White Sox stadium (the Southsider's baseball club) also.

Since all the lines meet in the downtown hub, it is possible for people from almost anywhere in Chicago proper and far to make it anywhere they want in the city limits.

The Red Line is also called "The Party Line", as all the northsiders take it into and back the bar districts downtown and on Rush and Division, get shitfaced and then make their way, usually as happy drunks, back into the north (speaking from experience here, did it many a time).

And now this whole line, in my opinion THE main line of the whole "El" system, is shut down, supposedly for "renovation".

And it just so happens that it is shut down during the hot summer months, but golly, only on the South Side, from where the animals niggers black people ride the CTA to downtown and beyond, to where I live, and then congregate in groups and randomly start attacking White people, at odds of 30 to 1.

The Red Line, as I said, runs from north to south and vice versa, with the north being where White, Jewish, Asian (Viet) people live, and the south being where the animals niggers black people exist.

So, the timing of this "renovation", but golly, only on the South Side, during the hot summer months, for 5 whole fucking months, is unheard of.

Of course, my theory is that our esteemed Zionist mayor, Rahm Emanuel, is being prepared to become our president farther into the future, because an figurehead non-Jew like Obama or Romney will no longer be felt to be necessary.

If you don't know much about Rahm Emanuel, the mayor of Chicago, please note that he is the son of former ultra-nationalist Israeli militant, a member of the Jewish terrorist group which committed mass murder during the war of the birth of modern Israel, the Irgun.

Israeli media - "Our man in the White House!" (via goy).

Article about Rahm and Irgun terrorism, (via goy).

So, Rahm is the son of an Irgun terrorist.

How bad were the Irgun?

Listen to the testimony of a Ha'aganah member, which was the more regular Jewish militia which later morphed into the regular army, the IDF:

Eliahu Arbel's eyewitness account: Eliahu Arbel arrived at the scene April 10. He was an Operations Officer B of the Haganah's Etzioni Brigade. He reported:-

"I saw the horrors that the fighters had created. I saw bodies of women and children, who were murdered in their houses in cold blood by gunfire, with no signs of battle and not as the result of blowing up the houses. From my experience I know well, that there is no war without killing, and that not only combatants get killed. I have seen a great deal of war, but I never saw a sight like Deir Yassin.

Testimony of a French-Swiss Red Cross worker:

Jacques de Reynier's eyewitness account: Jacques de Reynier was a French-Swiss Representative of the International Red Cross. He came to the village on April 11. He reported:-

"... a total of more than 200 dead, men, women, and children. About 150 cadavers have not been preserved inside the village in view of the danger represented by the bodies' decomposition. They have been gathered, transported some distance, and placed in a large trough (I have not been able to establish if this is a pit, a grain silo, or a large natural excavation). ... [One body was] a woman who must have been eight months pregnant, hit in the stomach, with powder burns on her dress indicating she'd been shot point-blank.

Yes, the mayor of Chicago is the son of a terrorist.

Amazing, ain't it?

But how dare I call our mayor a Zionist?

Oh, I dare.

I went one better, and am calling him an Israeli agent of influence.

Indoctrinated, trained and now groomed as THE ultimate agent, the president.

Second, during the 1991 Gulf War, Emanuel was a civilian volunteer in Israel, "rust-proofing brakes on an army base in northern Israel." (Wikipedia, New Republic). This is peculiar on two counts. Here the U.S. goes to war with Iraq, but Emanuel, a U.S. citizen, volunteers not for his country, but for Israel. Moreover, here is a well-connected Illinois political figure with a father who had been in the Irgun, but he is assigned to "rust-proof brakes" on "an army base." Maybe.

Oh, I apologize - this powerful Chief of Staff at Obama's, and now mayor of Chicago, the second most important city in America, and soon to be president spent the first Gulf War as a volunteer American in the Israeli Army (yes, he was a member of the Israeli Army) nailing nails to roofs at some Israeli army base.

Third, immediately upon his return from his desert sojourn, Emanuel at once became a major figure in the Clinton campaign "who wowed the team from the start, opening a spigot on needed campaign funds."

The man, after being a handyman in the IDF trained as an agent of influence in Israel becomes a powerful figure in the Clinton and then the Obama White House, and the Jewish powers that be money comes pouring in to the democratic party...

(...) after leaving the Clinton White House, he decided that he needed some accumulated wealth and "security" if he were to stay in politics. So he went to work for Bruce Wasserstein, a major Democratic donor and Wall Street financier.

According to Easton, "Over a 2 1/2-year period he helped broker deals-often using political connections-for Wasserstein Perella. According to congressional financial disclosures, he earned more than $18 million during that period.

Not bad for a guy who nailed some roofs in Israel, no?

As I said on my blog before:

He made $18 million in two years.

His previous experience - a lost in the crowd Democratic politician and then carpenter, in Israel.

And later:

Next Emanuel won a seat in Congress in 2002, and by 2006 he was chair of the DCCC. Another near miraculous rise.

This man's career is amazing, a stratospheric rise, and I believe it will continue into the highest level of American government.

But the Zionist agent has hit a snag, so to speak, because Chicago is a basketcase of racial quotas (with White and Mexican people working construction, and nigger black man showing up in the guise of a City inspector, "inspecting" a road crew or a building, usually by parking in the special designated spot for the "lord", kept clear just for him, then being wined and dined, then taking a quick walk through so that his fat ass cannot be accused, then a quick hop back into his government provided car - all in all, not a bad job).

Chicago also has a corruption problem.

As in, there is no money, because the patronage system, with Whites and blacks, have stolen it all - and they keep stealing.

What is not stolen goes to help out poor black people, in handouts programmes such as the LINK cards free food or Section 8 free housing (oh, and there is a prominent poster at my local Dominick's store for a programme for free cellphones and calling plan, for poor blacks).

The problem is so bad that we do not have enough police on the streets.

That teachers' union (mostly black) just took a vote to be able to strike for getting paid.

Speaking of teachers, Rahm has had a revolutionary idea for the Chicago education system:

Emanuel backs 7-hour school day after parents protest longer plan:

Instead of requiring elementary schools to shift from the current 5.75-hour day to 7.5 hours, the mayor backed off and ordered a 7-hour day for elementary schools, beginning this fall.

High schools will stick with the mayor’s original proposal for a 7.5-hour day, but it will be limited to four days a week. On the fifth day, students will be dismissed 75 minutes early to give teachers more preparation time.

The surprise compromise followed a burgeoning revolt by parents concerned the 7.5-hour day would leave young kids exhausted and older kids unable to participate in after-school activities.

This is, of course, to help the kids get better educated, right?

Or, if you are a Chicagoan, you realize that the CPS (Chicago Public School system) is akin to 90% black, and that this longer school day is so that the animals niggers black "keeeedz" do not take joyrides into the Whiter northside and Downtown area and attack normal people in groups of 100+...

Oh wait - the longer school day, which aim was to leave the little darlings "exhausted", and the shutting down of the what used to be know as the "Party Line" or "Cubs Express" but now perhaps will be named "Nigger Express" "Southside special" is all related.

The Jewish media here cannot cover whole hordes of black "keeeedz" attacking people en masse in the richest, glamorous districts of Chicago, with even Channel 9 WGN calling the kids - black (I know, I am still shocked).

Because there is no money for more police (who are busy hiding in the bushes on LSD to write the maximum number of tickets anyway) Rahm has hit upon the longer school day and shutting down the Red Line.

Give the man his props - he does think out of the box, and he does it with what he has (a corrupt, venal, unworkable system of patronages, handouts and racial politics).

He is actually not that bad, considering he has to toe the "politically correct" line.

After all, during a stormy meeting with a teachers' union representative (a disgusting, frog like black woman troglodyte), he told her to her face "Fuck you!" no, really, he did).

I... I know he is an Israeli agent of influence, but I do have a soft spot for the guy.

And it is predestined, just like Obama, that he WILL become a president, so...

Could have been worse.

We could have the retarded Zionist Biden as president (shudder)...

Sorry, no link to the video of Channel 9, but here is the story:

Victim describes mob attack:

The 23-year-old west suburban man was beaten by a group of teenagers after they took his wife's iPhone on a CTA Red Line train near State and Lake around 10:30 Saturday night.

The comment describes the TV piece:

Saw the segment on the 9 o'clock news tonight. Somewhat graphic as they showed the young man's broken teeth (to go along with the other injuries he sustained). It was reported his spouse dropped her iPhone on the floor as they were leaving the train (wonder if she was trying to hide it when that happened). Talk about a shark feeding frenzy. Sorry to hear about his injuries and his wife's lost phone. Plenty of good people still left in the city- too bad they had to run into some of the trash.

Here's NBC Chicago, showing the victim's teeth and mouth injuries, and one of the "keeeeedz":

Man Charged in River North Mob Attack:

A man charged in connection with a weekend mob attack has been ordered held on $75,000 bond.

Mitchelle Cordarrowe, of the 5900 block of South Indiana Avenue, is charged with felony mob action and aggravated battery, police said.

He and seven other teens were arrested after three people were beaten shortly before 10 p.m. Saturday in the 500 block of North State Street, police said.

The seven other juveniles -- two 16-year-olds, two 15-year-olds, two 14-year-olds and a 13-year-old -- were each charged with three counts of felony mob action, police said.

Two of the victims -- a 36-year-old tourist and 44-year-old local -- were taken to Northwestern Memorial Hospital after the attack. The tourist suffered a broken jaw and the local had a cut lip that required stitches.

Another incident occurred about a half hour later when a man and a woman near the Red Line Station at State and Lake were approach by a group that beat the man, police said.

No one was in custody Monday afternoon but police said they're still investigating.

"You know, this is something that happened last year and we got on top of it right away and we knocked it out," police Supt. Garry McCarthy said Monday morning. "We're going to make sure that our deployment is accurate so that we can prevent these things from happening."

On Sunday evening, a man was beaten and robbed of his iPhone as he walked in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

Local CBS News:

Eight Teens Charged In Mob Attacks Over The Weekend:

Eight teenagers have been charged with mob action, after four people were hurt in at least three mob attacks in and near downtown over the weekend.

CBS 2’s Mai Martinez reports the most recent attack happened Sunday night in the 800 block of North Dewitt Place in the Gold Coast neighborhood.

A 36-year-old man was walking home from work around 10 p.m. Sunday, when police say he was robbed and attacked by anywhere from 10 to 20 people. The man was taken to the hospital with a head injury, but he was able to walk on his own after the attack.

Let me part with this quote to sum up the Chicago hot summer days from the CBS article:

People living in and near downtown said it seems like every year, when schools let out for the summer, they see an increase in these kinds of mob attacks by teenagers.

The Red Line shutdown and the longer school day do not work... what else can you do to restrain and control these animals niggers black people, Mr. Mayor?

The ball is in your court.


Anonymous said...

The blacks are coming! The blacks are coming! Hasbara much? Or genuine racist dickbag?

AmericanGoy said...

"The blacks are coming! The blacks are coming! Hasbara much? Or genuine racist dickbag?"


Just a guy who has two eyes and notices things around him.

Anonymous said...

2 eyes and a lot of fear. Poor thing.

Divide and conquer. You do "their" job for them with your fear.

AmericanGoy said...

It is all connected.

"Can't see the forest for the trees", indeed.

to discern overall pattern from details.

It is all connected.

Anonymous said...

The only way I see to prevent Chicago from becoming a Detroit is to send the groids out into the surrounding suburbs and surrounding States. You know give them some of that vibrancy that we know so well.
If Rahm can somehow get the Feds to pony up some some section 8 money and send the groids out than this would reduce murders, rapes, assaults and improve school test results to boot. I think he can do it, he can turn this city around but it would take a massive effort to make the city 70% white. If he does this than the presidency is his to claim. Look at what the fool Arne Duncan was able to do, become fed education minister!
ITZ a sinister plan all right for us peasants.

AmericanGoy said...

"The only way I see to prevent Chicago from becoming a Detroit is to send the groids out into the surrounding suburbs and surrounding States."

This has already happened under Daley - Cabrini Green was blown up and the human floatsam was joyfully sent to the suburbs.

I think Rahm has more clout than that...

But it is happening all the time - the "joy" is sent to the northside (lots of Section 8 where I live, there is even a "pantry" for the poor with free food).

"I think he can do it, he can turn this city around but it would take a massive effort to make the city 70% white."

That is not necessary at all - notice that any news about black mob attacks STAYS LOCAL.

Outrages and racial attacks that happen in DC stay in local news, same with Detroit, same here... unless of course it is the ever whitened in pictures on TV Peruvian...

So of course Chicago will be a model city - no matter the reality here on the ground.

Right now the crime statistics are reported just like in the old Soviet Union (or communist Poland, etc), i.e. they are getting lower all the time, despite our own lying eyes.

What's ITZ?

So as long as the NATIONAL media reports

Anonymous said...

According to the linked story the Crime Line won't be shut down until next year. So, no relief for this summer. The CTA Crime Line will continue to deliver thousands upon thousands of predators to the white areas.

An0nym0us said...

The news report you linked to advised people that "you just have to be aware of your surroundings" to avoid being attacked.

I wonder what this could possibly mean? Do the skies become overcast just before an attack? Is there a stiff breeeze or the sound of dogs howling perhaps? What is it in your surrounding you need to be be aware of to avoid falling prey to a random attack.

I sure wish the media would be somewhat more clear about what it is I need to be aware of. Apparently there is something you need to be aware of that tips you off to the impending peril, but I just have no idea what it could be.

Btw, I remember having dinner in the building where Oprah lived. It was a nice French restaurant, directly below the penthouse of that building. The place looked like a residential address with a few town cars in front of the building but no other signs that there even was a restaurant there. Swanky place.

I also remember having cocktails with a wealthy Egyptian in some Asian themed restaurant/club that you walked down below street level to enter. Beyonce Knowles had a booth in the VIP area next to ours and we were supposed to feel privileged to be in the VIP area at the same time. I didn't care much for Beyonce or her 'posse' though. Other than that it was a nice place Quite chic and trendy. What a pity.

Anonymous said...

Keep the good work AG! There is people listening you.

Anonymous said...

Chicago Intifada - Chicago's Unreported Race War

Anonymous said...

Chicago Intifada - Chicago's Unreported Race War

Anonymous said...

Boy - you know I can't find fault with your views on Zionism and 'liberalism' - but why the racism? And having hundreds of poor people(balck or white) giving it to rich crypto-Jews is something I find enjoyable...

I love my people - but I don't hate others. I want to live with my people in my culture -but I don't hate others. I don't blame blacks or Asians or homosexuals for a system controlled top to bottom by fanatical Zionist Jews(and their supporters)...You lose support and lose ears when you let your personal bias about race get in the way of what is a very important topic. And mostly you are on the ball - but racism doesn't help anything...stevieb

Anonymous said...

There are some people out there who might seek to discredit the anti-Zionist American movement by linking it to racists - which, given recent history, might prove to be pretty effective. One might even brag about getting hundreds of thousands of hits, when, given the nature of the times, a blog with a positive message about ending Zionist control over America could potentially be getting millions.

Anonymous said...

This shit so racist and ignorant