Tuesday, July 17, 2012

I see the campaign is in full swing...

As we all know, all the cool White women just lub Obama

All the black women vote for him anyway, because, well... well... he's black (and if you dispute that, well... actually, I do not think anybody in this country would dispute that).

And to capture the nice, touchy feely White women vote, here's a totally not a political campaign non-commercial on TV which is not political because it is against men beating up women (which is, of course, an epidemic in America these days, isn't it?).

We have the chief hunk of the white house, leading the pack of alpha males athlete "role models", with Beckham (soccer mom swoon), some other black and White dudes (apologies - I only watch soccer, so am unfamiliar with the mugs in that TV non-campaign non-commercial, other than the sellout Zionist Joe Biden):

It's not like a synchronized campaign push for White women voters...

Barack Obama intensifies focus on women voters at economic forum, Guardian, Friday 6 April 2012.

Why Obama Needs to Win the White, Middle Class Women Vote, Huffington Post, 07/11/2012.

My view: I agree with Noam Chomsky; we have two wings of the same party in America.
My own addendum: one wing panders to the "Section 8", illegal immigrant, LINK/EBT free food cards and welfare, the other wing is for the same things, except for the uber billionaires, less taxes for the super rich, more outsourcing, more illegal immigration from hell holes for the bottom line.

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