Wednesday, August 8, 2012

New joke in America

So, a 7 year old, 10 year old and 12 year old walk into a woman's house and ask for cookies.

Just kidding!

They proceed to beat the shit out of her, until she was begging for her life!

Hahaha, isn't life in America funny?

Philadelphia local CBS:

Police say it happened around 3:30 p.m. on Monday in the 1200 block of Luzerne Street.

Middle of the day.

Authorities say a family friend found the victim in the backyard, on her knees, crying and begging for her life to be spared.


When police arrived, they found her room ransacked, cabinets emptied and the victim, an Asian female with mental disabilities, beaten and robbed.


“They hit her in the face with a rock, they used rope and also sticks and a potted plant,” Lt. John O’Hanlon explained.


Police say the three suspects, described by the victim as black juveniles, ran away with the victim’s purse. Police were eventually able to identify the suspects as 7, 10 and 12-year-old boys.

But it's OK, because we will get all those medals in the Olympics for our nation's glory.

Off to watch the trampoline event.


AmericanGoy said...

"It turns out, the 10-year-old suspect was a neighbor of the victim. He was arrested almost immediately."

A neighbor.

"Lt. O’Hanlon added, “The mother knew something was wrong when she saw the police and she basically came outside and said, ‘Here he is.’”"


"By law, we are told, the 7-year-old is too young to be charged with a crime."

So nothing will happen to him.

I think the next evolution of the American negro will be child armies, armed and ready to rape and torture for fun.

Africa really is ahead of the game here, people.

Anonymous said...

Racist piece of shit, do you just ignore every violent crime that white people are involved in? Or do you rationalize that as "just crazy people" whose race has nothing to do with their actions? You fucking retarded hick, you cant be serious. Its obvious why you dont use your real name. I mean, besides the cowardice.

AmericanGoy said...

"Racist piece of shit"

Oh, hi there!

"do you just ignore every violent crime that white people are involved in?"

I am not noticing too many stories of White kids entering houses and beating up women for fun.

Neither am I noticing groups of White kids, numbering 30+, entering stores and stealing things en masse.

AmericanGoy said...

"Its obvious why you dont use your real name."

Says anonymous poster...

"I mean, besides the cowardice."

Well, having realist views in America would make me unemployable and perhaps the target of racist black people who would want to do violence to me and mine.

Anonymous said...

The perp being a neighbor makes perfect sense. They're the ones in the best position to note the comings and goings of people in the area, who is away at work, how many people live in some dwelling, etc etc. Having blacks living in your neighborhood increases one's chances of burglary a hundred fold. It's often something of an inside job and info gets passed on to the career criminal relative if the "neighbor" doesn't want to do it personally. In this case the sadism is readily apparent and seems to be the main thrill inducer.

Anonymous said...

So you admit that you're a giant pussy unwilling to live by his own convictions? Typical of your kind. I'm not running a blog, thats the difference you fucking clown.

Oh, and since we are comparing crimes. How many major serial killers are black? How many are white? Explain. How about kiddy rapists? Why are most of them WHITE? Explain. Oh, and the biggest crimes of all, false flag terror and Wall Street,banker crimes. Mostly whites. Explain. You fucking idiot.

Anonymous said...

2 can play your lowest common denominator game. Now make excuses you pathetic piece of shit, like I know you will.

Anonymous said...

43 men arrested for a child porn ring. As usual, most if not all of them are white. Unlike yourself though I dont take this to mean that all whites are savages. Simple minded morons like yourself fall for that divide and conquer crap. Weak minds are easily manipulated, you prove that. FEAR and ignorance is what drives hicks like you. Its clear.

Anonymous said...

The vast, vast majority of child molesters, population percentage-wise, are black. This can be easily demonstrated. All that's needed is for anyone to go onto the online sex-offender registry which is available to all. Check by zip codes for the city of Chicago or any big area with substantial black-brown-white populations. The black zip codes yield pages and pages of registered black sex-offeders. The predominately white zip codes have hardly any listings and of those that are listed, many are black and brown offenders living there. Do the research. Rape, molestation, incest are amazingly high in the black-brown societies, as cops or any outsider who gets a peek into their cultures discover.

Anonymous said...

You would really think that on a blog that exposes Jewish involvement in politics and crime that the mouthbreather whining about Wall St., Banking and false flag terror would have a fucking clue.

Not to mention the "divide and conquer" strategy aforementioned. I wonder who it is doing the dividing and conquering and to what end.. hmm.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and since we are comparing crimes. How many major serial killers are black? How many are white?

Actually the reality is that blacks are overrepresented among serial killers. Blacks are more likely to be serial killers:

Anonymous said...

Well of course there is media blackout on reporting stuff like this. You wouldn't want whites worrying about their future in an increasingly diverse America?

Besides, I've seen enough Allstate ads to know that white men are the only irresponsible, sociopathic, or block-headed people. Fortunately we have sane, sober, wise black men to lead us out of the unfolding chaos.

Anonymous said...

if you look through sex offender registries you will find that there are more black child molesters than white. yes more whites get busted for computer crimes involving minors but that is simply because white people can afford computers, internet service and are smart enough to figure out how to use them. black men molest children at the same if not greater rate as white men. stop trying to hide behind that lie darkie.

Anonymous said...

Bunch of monkey apes should be deported to Africa or given an early scholarship to NU.
Oh yea, I'm not white. Asians and all other races hate niggers too. Fuck them

The Realist Report said...

LOL, this is hilarious, the same kosher clown trolling AmericanGoy's blog is the same clown trolling my blog and kenny's blog, figures. They are really monitoring kenny's blog, aren't they?

These clowns are probably a bunch of Jews getting paid to troll the internet, what a bunch of losers.