Friday, August 31, 2012

Small reorganization

Added "Can't See the Forest for the Trees", an aggregation of what I consider my best and most hard hitting articles , on the right tab.

Added the documentary movie "March of the Liberators" to the article on Icebreaker and Barbarossa: Unknown World War 2.

Well worth watching, full documentary.

Reorganized and basically cleaned up the lists on the right hand tab, which should make it easier to find articles for topics that you are interested in.


Peter said...

Both were planning to stick a knife in the other at the right moment. The Germans struck first after lulling Stalin to sleep. He was also playing for time as the officer class needed to be rebuilt after the monstrous purges (nice name for murder) removed much talent and experience. Then there is always the need to further build up the industrial base; it's never enough.
The tragedy of so many people's lives being destroyed is incalculable. What is really remarkable is that both systems promised a new, better world. Both were utopian schemes. Beware the utopians.

AmericanGoy said...

Correct on all points, Peter.

In my view, he vast, vast majority of politicians, dictators, congressmen, presidents, are narcissistic psychopaths.

They won't blink at mass murder, theft on an international scale, lying and cheating is par for the course.

They are psychopaths.

If they come and promise you, the public, nice things, for which you won't have to pay, or, worse, freedom and equality and goods to everyone (communism), then it is time to either run or fight.