Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wedge issues

Elections season is coming up.

Therefore it's definition time.

Wedge issues - phrase; issues of no consequence picked by both American political parties to differentiate themselves from each other, see abortion, 10 commandments, lifestyle choices, gay marriage.

Opposite of

Geopolitical issues - phrase; issues that affect the majority of American population and/or the rest of the world; see helping of terrorists in Syria, invasion of Iraq, massive immigration from Mexico, Haiti, rest of the 3rd world.

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Anonymous said...

They are all as one on the main issues. It's a plutocracy and nothing that harms their interests will get by no matter the party that's in. The wedge issues are there to shed more heat than light and get folks excited over relatively minor things, just like a pickpocket distracts you while stealing your wallet.
The beauty of the American system is in brainwashing all the peons out there so that they are on their hands and knees begging : please take away my Social Security, don't give me any health care, I don't want any job security, lower my wages, cut off all governmental services, etc etc. That's all "socialism" and we don't want any part of it.