Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The outrage missing over the Romney tape

So a yahoo got into a Romney (current presidential candidate in the Yoo Ess of Ey, if you have been living under a rock and don't comprende) cool kids party, and taped the whole shebang, the noise of clattering forks and knives and all that... oh... my!


Apparently Romney said something oooopsie that he shouldn't have said.

What is our mainstream media so much in a tiffy about?

Lets take a peek at the controversy, nay, at the incredibly juicy, giving and giving more gaffe, as showcased by America's bestest Action Gay Pundit Man! (What gravitas on that noble face; wow!).


Whoa! People will vote goodies for themselves!

That is definitely NOT how American "democracy" works!

There is absolutely NO pandering in our politics, perish the thought!

(Note that Mitty speaking in front of this audience is not pandering, it is campaigning, you knave! Big difference!).

Again - Whoa! People will vote goodies for themselves!

This definitely does not explain why Republicans are the party of millionaires,  and Democrats are the party of black people.  It's all a mystery and definitely needs more research by our crack head university professors - especially those in the Afro-is-best departments nationwide!

(Now, I said that Republicans are the party of millionaires, NOT billionaires, but that idea is way too complicated and I am too much of a moron to figure it out, and it makes my head and brain go ouchie, so nyaaah).

What a big boo boo this speech was! What a huge gaffe!

CNN Action Opinion blogger man: What a gaffe!

CBS Political Hotsheet, oh my, what a gaffe!

NPR, snicker, snicker, gosh, that sweater sure itches my neckbeard here in the hot LA studios with broken air conditioning, tee hee hee, gaffe!

Gaffe!  Gaffe!  Gaffe!  Gaffe!  Gaffe!  Gaffe!  Gaffe!

You should know by now that our media is obsessed with sound bites - short, juicy statements by a big guy (tm) that they can latch onto, to either promote or destroy him.

The media's representatives chose to latch onto this specific part of the Romney super sikrit tape.

But the man spoke before and after this little tidbit.  Perhaps he said something else that could be a gaffe, to be milked, made fun of, highlighted and showcased to our ADD mass-media-addled brains?

Why, he said something like, about, the, umm...

This question and answer segment was not highlighted, showcased (or even showed) by our mass media.

Therefore, this is

Not a gaffe!  Not a gaffe!  Not a gaffe!  Not a gaffe!  Not a gaffe!

(and definitely not that important).

Bonus Content is a bonus, bonus

This dinner shindig was not in Israel, nor in Palestine (huahuahuahuahua), so why would an American concerned citizen be asking about the Middle East - specifically the Palestinian Israeli conflict?

Of course, when I go to talk to my friends about stuff as our families mingle, THE HOT TOPIC of conversation is The Palestinian Israeli conflict- both in the women group, with the kids on their knees (and all over the floor) and the men group, with their (our!) beers (and other adult beverages), standing together and forming a circle (the men, not the alcoholic drinks, although one time a few weeks ago...).

Yes, some douchebags talk about Romney, how they like him over Obama, some retards talk about Obama being a great man, others talk about losing their jobs and crying, about wanting to kill themselves, but, really, THE HOT ISSUE is the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

This is THE most pressing, most talked about problem in America today.

Interestingly, and totally intruding with the flow of the blogpost - who was that man asking "Romney the CEO Action Man!" (who promises no taxes to the top 0.1%; his voter base); and, really, what was that incredibly fun party that we were privy to watch?

Well, lets start that the dinner at this party was somewhat pricey, reportedly in the range of

"$50,000-a-plate" (Wall Street Journal Blog) and that it took place in Florida (Wall Street Journal Blog).

There will now follow a trademarked, incredibly insightful, eye opening, life changing

American Goy Analysis (tm!).

Apparently, in America, specifically in Florida (or at least willing to travel there to not be square), there are some very rich people, able to pop $50,000 the same way that you spring $1 for that delicious Snickers bar that has been in that machine for a few good months (Mmmmm! Really satisfies! OK, your 1 minute lunch break is over, now back to work, slave!).

And these people, the VERY rich Americans, specifically in America, Americans living in America, are very, VERY, VERY concerned about the Palestinian Israeli Conflict; it is THE issue for them.

It's a mystery (why that is)!!!!!1111111

I am sure some of you intrepid readers have figured it out and will clarify for my dumb, Slav dumbass (Borat was right about us Slavs, oy... we dumb and anti semitic, grunt).


Chomsky is my rebbe said...

It must be those Bible thumping Christian Zionists he is speaking to.

They are the real power in politics and have a HUGE influence on policy. Just look at their success on other issues like abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, opposing 'counterculture' and debasement of western traditions, etc...

Anonymous said...

Why are Slavs so fucking stupid and gullible? And ugly to boot. Sucks for you man.

AmericanGoy said...

VERY good point, Chomsky. An incredible GOOD comment, one that just hit me with the force of the following comment's author stupidity.

Anonymous said...

You should just delete comments like the second one of 4:57. Why bother with trolls whose only purpose is to disrupt a blog? If someone argued a point then that would be one thing but that's just an attempt to sabotage someone else's blog.

AmericanGoy said...

I do delete these kinds of comments, but for some reason this one amuses me.

Anonymous said...

It must be those Bible thumping Christian Zionists he is speaking to.

They are the real power in politics and have a HUGE influence on policy. Just look at their success on other issues like abortion, gay marriage, school prayer, opposing 'counterculture' and debasement of western traditions, etc...

It's good to emphasize that Jews and not Christians are the ones calling the shots, but Christians definitely do support the Middle East wars 100%, and as much as they may oppose things like gay marriage they will always run cover for the Jews who are promoting these kinds of things. Christians are definitely the Jews' biggest accomplices.

Anonymous said...

How can he delete it when he engages in such simplistic talk himself daily? That would look HIGHLY hypocritical of his stupid Slav ass.

AmericanGoy said...

Oh my, anon, so much bile in your system.

Make sure to PURGE.

That seemed to work in Europe for untold centuries.

And Slavs ugly?


You must be blinded by hate.

Basileus Megas said...

Obama re-election is a good thing, America deserves a accelerated decline... The jews are understanding that the population change is not 'good for the jews'.

Maybe White America will get together again one day... but i'm not holding my breath.

Vito said...

Seems like you the only one talking about the Middle East here. I'm worried about America, that's why I'm voting for Romney. Don't knock the guy. He's a welcome change to what we got now.